I already had the feeling that this year was going to be amazing, or at least more exciting than the past ones. The morning has ended well and with the girls we have planned a lot of things to do in the weekend. They had thousand of things to tell me, at least that's what they said; but my summer had been kind of boring so I would only listen. I came back home walking. I couldn't stop thinking about the new guy. The girls had been talking all morning about him. Sebastian Kydd, Sebastian Kydd. I couldn't take his name out of my head. I arrived home saw my dad's car in front of it. My relationship with my father was … complicated. We listened to music together, but that's all. We don't talk that much or do other things together. But I have always loved the way my mum and dad look into each other eyes. After all the years that had passed, they still seemed so in love and happy together that I couldn't help but wish something like that for my life too. I wanted a man who wouldn't try to change me, who would accept me for who I am. I have always wanted a man to love me the way my father seemed to love my mother. I sat in the table with them and pretended to listen to their talk, but my mind was really, really far away, thinking about love and New York. I excused myself when I finished my meal and went to my room. I wanted this year to be totally new and different, but above everything, I wanted to write and write so I could go to New York at the end of the year and become a writer. I really loved Danielle Stell so I took one of her books from my shield and sat on the bed and started reading. I could spend hours and hours like that. There's nothing more exciting than starting a new book. And that's how I spent all day until I went to sleep, thinking again in Sebastian Kydd. Wearing a jean and a white top I made my way out of my home to get in Lali's car. Her parents had bought it as a present for her last birthday and it was really amazing. My parents had offered to buy me a similar one, but I wanted to save the money to New York. We drove fast, singing out loud and laughing. I had missed her so much! She told me about her holidays, the amazing beaches, the boys, the clothes. She knew I'd love to listen about the clothes. We were getting out of the car when I saw the new guy. Tall, dark hair, he was smiling, but I couldn't see perfectly his face because he turned around. "He's handsome, isn't he?" Lali asked, I nodded. So far, he seemed really handsome to me. I had Literature as my first class again and that made me feel even better. Like the day before, I was talking to Walt when the professor came in. Once again, I was in shock with her looks. Walt looked at me, and started laughing quietly. She looked so amazing I couldn't take my eyes off of her. It wasn't only about her clothes and shoes, it was her presence, the way she talked, the way she walked. I could bet she could had been a model if she would have wanted to. I was still overwhelmed when I heard my name. "Carrie, could you please read?" the professor said, looking at me. I looked around. "There's no other Carrie in the room, not even in the school" Walt whispered. I smiled. "Yes" I said, and started reading. "Terror made me cruel; and finding it useless to attempt shaking the creature off, I pulled its wrist on to the broken pane, and rubbed it to and fro till the blood ran down and soaked the bedclothes..." the book was giving me goosebumps. It was really amazing, as the whole class. The bell rang on time when I was finishing a paragraph. "Thank you, Carrie" the professor said to me, lovely. I smiled to her and saved my books in my bag. But I did it thousand of times more slowly that I usually did. I waited until everyone had left and I walked to the professor desk. I would never admit it, but I was totally nervous, almost shaking. "Do you need something, Carrie?" she asked to me, smiling again. "Mh, yes, actually" I told her, ashamed. [to be continued]