Well, I'm almost done. This should be the last chapter, alright. Morgan, I'm done torturing you. Cheza, Kiba, and Darcia will die!

When Darcia swallowed Cheza's blood, dizziness had taken him over. When he had defeated Kiba, joy over came him. Now all he had to do was get to Paradise.

"This is it…" he said to himself, gasping for breath as he went. "The entrance to Paradise…" he cackled to himself, but as soon as if paw touched the water, a terrible pain went through him and he cried out in agony. When he disintegrated, all that was left of him was him Wolf eye.

Kiba tried his best to stand, but he wasn't able. He collapsed right there in the snow.

"Kiba…" Cheza's soft voice spoke.

"Cheza, where are you?" Kiba asked softly.

A long arm reached out to him. He staggered over and landed in her arms.

"Kiba….life is ending fast now…the world will freeze over…" Cheza declared. "Soon…This One will disappear…" Kiba opened his eyes to look up at her. "This is not This One's true form."

"Your true form?" Kiba asked.

Cheza shut her eyes and let her head fall foreword. "Now this one…we become…"

He shut his eyes. "Cheza…"

"The world will close up for a while…" she explained. "and we will be apart from one another…"

"What should I do?" Kiba asked desperately. He embraced her tightly. "I don't have anything left to protect…"

"Have the flowers not protected you?" Cheza asked, arching her back as Kiba tore at her clothing. "Kiba, because you have protected This One, the flowers will return…and bloom once more." She swallowed. "So when the world is reborn, when Paradise opens, we will be together again." she tilted her head up to the sky. "This One…will be waiting for you…find This One…the next time…the Paradise you opened for…will be…" she started to dissolve into seeds in his arms.

"Cheza!" Kiba called, watching her fade away forever.

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