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Chapter One

Ally was sat on the counter, legs crossed, humming to herself as she wrote a new song in her secret diary/songbook when she first met him. The store had just closed, and she was waiting for her brother, Dez, to pick her up. It had been a long day and she was tired, hungry and angry because her brother was late, but writing songs always calmed her down.

"Excuse me?" she jumped as someone tapped her on the shoulder gently.

"Argh!" she jumped off the counter, dropping her book and pen on the floor.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." She scowled. She was not in the mood to be polite.

"The shop closed ten minutes ago. But if you come back tomorrow, I'm sure I can help you out." She said in a fake cheery voice, bending down to pick up her stuff.

"Oh, I'm not here to buy anything." She looked at him, eyebrows raised suspiciously.

"If you're a thief, I must warn you, I'm a black belt in karate." She rose her arms in what she thought was the correct position. He laughed, shaking his head. He has perfect hair, she thought unconsciously, before mentally scolding herself.

"No worries, I'm not a thief." She sighed in relief, dropping her arms and relaxing.

"Good, because I'm not really a black belt in karate. I went to one lesson, when I was seven, but I dropped out." He laughed, shaking his head.

"I'm Austin, Dez's friend. Is he around?" she shook her head.

"Nope. He's supposed to be picking me up, but he's late."

"Oh. Typical Dez. You mind if I wait with you? He was supposed to meet me by the fountain today at twelve, but he never showed." She snorted, rolling her eyes.

"How long have you been friends with Dez?" she asked him. He frowned, confused.

"A couple months, why?"

"That explains it. See, anyone who has known Dez for long knows never to arrange to meet him. He's, let's say, he's a little…"

"Scatter-brained?" she scoffed.

"I was thinking more along the lines of 'completely hopeless', but let's go with scatter-brained." Austin laughed, and Ally couldn't help but notice how nice he looked when he smiled.

"Any idea what time he'll be here?" she rolled her eyes.

"If he hasn't forgotten completely, I'd say anytime in the next ten-fifteen minutes. He's usually about half an hour late." Austin groaned and jumped up onto the counter. Ally caught herself staring as his T-Shirt rode up to show his toned stomach. She blushed, turning away to avoid embarrassment.

"Are you okay, erm…?"

"Ally." She told him, a little annoyed. Dez had been friends with this guy for two months, but he hadn't mentioned me?

"Yeah, that's right. Dez mentioned you a couple times." She smiled softly. Maybe he had mentioned her.

"Really? Oh, God, what did he say?" this time it was Austin's turn to look away, embarrassed.

"Oh, nothing." She snorted.

"Seriously, what the hell has he said about me?"

"Well, not a lot really…" Ally glared at him.

"Tell me!"

"Okay, okay! But you didn't hear this from me. He said you were…annoying, that you always wanted to know what he was doing, and you were really nosy. That's about it really, except for-no, that's it." She raised her eyebrow suspiciously, but didn't push it. She had a feeling she didn't want to know what else he had said about her.

"Oh, okay then. Well, I guess I am annoying, and nosy, so-"

"He said you always get really bad PMS, and that sometimes he wished you were a guy because of it." Ally blushed, utterly humiliated. She could not believe her brother had said that, especially to guys!

"He-he said that?" she stuttered. Austin nodded forlornly, silently berating himself for having such a big mouth.

"Dammit, I'm going to fucking kill him!" Ally half-yelled, just as her brother walked into the shop.

"Whoa, little sis', watch your language. Who are you going to kill?" he said, laughing as he walked over to ruffle her hair. She shoved him away.

"You! I cannot believe you said that to your friends, especially guy friends!" she shouted, making Dez step back a little. He glanced at Austin as if only just noticing him.

"Austin! You idiot! You told her what I said?" he looked at his friends wide-eyed. Austin put his arms up in surrender.

"Sorry dude, she's pretty persuasive. She has a black belt in karate!" Ally burst out laughing at her brother's confused face.

"Private joke, Dez. You wouldn't get it." Dez looked ticked off.

"Dude, you have private jokes with my sister? Whaddup with that?" Austin shrugged, but Ally answered his question.

"Well, since you were late, and we were both waiting for you, we started talking."

"About what?" asked Dez, frowning.

"Mostly about the things you say about me to your friends. I had no idea you thought of me like that! Oh, and by the way? If you ever mention my menstrual cycle," both guys winced at the words, but Ally just rolled her eyes, "I will kill you. Got it?" he nodded, afraid. His little sister was pretty scary when she wanted to be. That, and she had control of the TV for the next two weeks, and Dez did not want to be stuck watching '16 and Pregnant' or 'Teen Mom' for the next fourteen days. Not that Ally particularly liked those types of programmes. She would just put them on to annoy him.

"Okay, I shouldn't have said that, but I never said anything that wasn't true." She stopped to think about that for a second, before nodding in agreement.

"I guess it is true. But that doesn't mean you can go tell all your friends, okay?" Dez nodded, smiling slightly, and Ally grinned.

"Okay. Come on; let's go home, I have tonnes of homework and only a few hours to do it."

"Ally, you have the whole week-end to do your homework." She scoffed, shaking her head.

"Who does home-work on a week-end? I mean, except for geeks and stuff? Anyway, I have loads to do this week-end." He snorted.

"Like what?" he said disbelievingly.

"Well, I have to go shopping with Trish tomorrow to get a new outfit for the party. That should take until about one. Then we have to get ready, which should take us about four hours. Then we have to go to the party early to help set-up, and then the party will start. I probably won't get back from the party until early morning, and I might even stay at Trish's place, and then I won't get home until the afternoon, and then I have to get ready for my movie date with Dallas." Dez looked flabbergasted, as did Austin.

"Are all your week-ends this hectic?" asked Austin.

"Pretty much. C'mon, guys, let's go home." Said Ally, pushing past her brother and running out of the shop.

"Dude, why is she running?" asked Austin.

"To get to the car first." Replied Dez.

"Should we run after her?"

"You should. I'm driving; passenger seat is between you guys. Wait, what are you even doing here?" asked Dez, only just realizing that Austin wasn't supposed to be there.

"Well, you ditched me earlier today, so I came here to see if you were here, and your sister said you were coming, so I waited." Dez looked guilty.

"We were supposed to meet up today?" he asked.

"Yeah, at the fountain."

"Sorry, I must have forgotten. You wanna come over? We can play video games and stuff…" Austin laughed, punching him on the arm playfully.

"I am so going to beat your ass." They laughed, walking out of the store to go to the car. Unfortunately, Dez forgot to lock up...

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