Day 6:

"Come on!" Johnny hissed. Those idiots couldn't even get past the locks at the doors without his help, so why did he think that they could get past the fail-safe for the vault? "Maybe because that was what you brought them along for" he scolded himself.

This job was probably the most important one yet. GX Corp. was the largest business in Bellwood. Even if they got out with only half the cash in the vault, they'd still be set for ten lifetimes. Johnny went up to the vault doors, shielding his eyes from the glare of the acetylene torch. Rick was busy melting through the dead bolts, while York was on his laptop, trying to find the right code for the computerized lock.

"Hurry up, idiots" Johnny whispered. "We need to get in and get out before the cops get here."

"No one's here, so you can stop whispering" York said normally. "And stop whining like a little girl. I stopped the silent alarm, so no one and nothing is coming here."

"Rule number one of the movies," Rick said, "the cops always come even if you don't expect them to." With that, as if fate timed it, the last dead-bolt was melted in half, at the exact same time that York's computer broke through the lock. The three of them pushed the door open, and before them laid hundreds of stacks of fifty and one hundred dollar bills, all reaching for the ceiling. Johnny almost had a heart attack.

"We've got five duffel bags" he croaked. "You make absolutely sure that they're all filled to the zipper line, alright?" The two others nodded. The three of them went to work, stuffing piles of money into their bags, not caring if a couple wads fell to the ground. There were plenty to spare, and besides, they had plenty of time to grab them.

"Man, when we get to Rio we are going to be balling" Rick giggled. "We could buy half the city wi-" Rick never got to finish his sentence, because at that moment he was literally yanked up to the ceiling. York and Johnny immediately pulled out the pistols they had in their duffel bags, but the ceiling was so shadowy they couldn't see Rick, or what pulled him up.

"York, swing 'round back to the front window and see if anyone's outside."

York nodded, an began to shuffle swiftly out of the vault. He made it three steps out side of the vault when he was dragged upward, firing off shots in the direction of where he was going. Johnny knew he had to get out of there, and fast. He slung all five bags around his shoulder, and held his pistol out in front of him as he ran out of the vault, down the line of offices to the elevator.

He was no less then a meter away from the elevator when a thing came out of thin air in front of him. Johnny stopped dead in his tracks to avoid colliding with the creature, and pointed his gun at it. "Back off!" he growled, trying to sound threatening and not scared out of his brain.

The creature cocked its head, as if amused by the puny man. It was a man shaped creature, taller than Johnny. Its hands ended in pointed claw-like nails, and it had odd looking devices strapped all over its body; weapons, judging by how they look. Its head was obscured by a large green mask, shaped to look like a predatory beast, with a strange circle symbol on the forehead. It was muscular, with gray skin flecked with black spots. A large belt, shaped like an ammo belt, ran down its chest, connecting to a sort of leather kilt that hung on its waist. Dreadlocks ran down the back of its head, looking like they were made of shell.

A small, gun shaped machine on the creature's shoulder moved and whirred. Three red dots of light projected from the helmet, resting on Johnny's gun. FZZZZZAAAAN! A blast of energy shot from the machine (obviously a blaster), and struck the pistol, causing a mini explosion that made Johnny drop the gun in pain.

But Johnny was prepared. With the gun half melted on the floor, he reached into his pockets and pulled out a pair of brass knuckles. Slipping one onto each hand, he dropped the duffel bags of cash at his feet, motioning for the thing to come closer.

"Guess I gotta fight my way out of here, huh? Jokes on you, pal; I was a boxer once. So I gotta ask, You really want to do this?"

The creature made some strange clicking noises, then a a continuous choppy growl. It took Johnny a couple seconds to realize it; the thing was laughing at him! He struck a pose, and banged his brass knuckles together, hoping the action and noise would appear threatening.

The creature responded by taking off its helmet. God, it was ugly! A broad forehead gave way to beady yellow eyes, surrounded by blotchy skins punctuated by facial hair that looked like porcupine quills. The most disturbing was the mouth; four pointed mandibles circling a toothy hole of flesh. The creature imitated Johnny's pose, and, after a moment's wait, the two charged each other.

Johnny, for his apparent boxing finesse, was demolished by the creature. He kept his ground, throwing punches left and right. His opponent dodged most of them, and the few that connected didn't do anything; it simply shrugged them off. It flipped off of office desks and somersaulted over the tiny boxer/thief, landing bone-crunching punches and kicks and chops. When it seemed like Johnny could take no more, the fight finished with the creature with a three fingered knuckle-thrust between the eyes, knocking his opponent unconscious.

When the cops responded to a 9-11 call from the building just minutes later, they found the three thieves hog-tied and hanging from the flagpole in the front of the office building of GX Corp. What they didn't notice, or couldn't notice, was the camouflaged hero of the hour observing the scene.

Ben, for of course it was him, was giddy with adrenaline. "Grandpa was right," he thought, "this alien is awesome. I'll have to use him more." The alien hero stood up from his kneeling perch, and made a run for the roof adjacent to him. Soon he was jumping from rooftop to rooftop, with all the dangerous grace of an excited ninja.

"Man-Hunter, away!"