Prologue: Ghost of Time Lost

The wind swirled and howled, and the air rippled. A bright red flash split the air, followed by several more. SUddenly, the air tore open, and a flaming hand reached out and grabbed the edge of something. Flexing, the burning arm pulled through a body. The face was living steel, and showed a face of inhuman cruelty. The body, garbed in armor, fell through, and the gate vanished. The burning arm and leg vanished, as the fire died.

Rose Wilson walked along the road, having finished her latest mercenary mission. After her father had left the family and everything fell apart, she had tried to figure out what had gone wrong and turned what was once a happy family into such a hell. In desperation, she had followed in her father's footsteps, becoming a mercenary. On one mission, she had lost an eye, and nearly her life.

Seeing the danger a mercenary lived with every day, she began to understand her father a bit better. He had done everything he had to protect his family from his lifestyle, making them stronger while at the same time distancing himself from them so no one would think to use them against him. In his own rather twisted way...what he had done was his way of showing how much he cared. Having reached this conclusion at last, she had made her decision. If ever she found her father again, she would try to patch things up with him, try to bring the family back together. Because...she still loved him.

She saw the body lying on the ground, badly damaged. Recognizing the armor, she ran up. "Father! Father, are you alright? What happened to you?" She lifted him into her arms, trying to help him. "DOn't worry, I'll help you, I'll get you fixed up-"

Suddenly his head spun around on his neck and locked eyes with her. On his left, his eye was still human. The living steel mask was twisted into a snarl. But his right eye...where the mask should have been solid to hide the empty eye socket...there was the unholy fire of an Eye-that-was-not. The fire seared into her brain, devouring her will. No one heard her soul's last despairing wail as all that she was and sought to be was consumed by the unholy flames. Her eye glazed, and she spoke calmly.

"I understand, Master. I shall do as you command...Kal Deathstroke."