8. Waking up

Jinx awoke slowly. She was in her bed, the one she shared with Cyborg. Glancing around, she saw bright decorations, no sign of destruction. Was it all a dream?

Getting up, she walked slowly to the kitchen. Everyone else was there, smiling and laughing, like nothing had happened. She sat down, trying to wrap her mind around what was going on. Looking down at herself, she knew the time had passed, but...did she miss it somehow?

She felt a feather light touch on her mind. She felt not words, but a psychological sensation of emotions. In the depths of her mind and heart, she understood what it meant.

'Mother,' the mind that touched hers said.

She placed her hand on her belly, eyes wide. It wasn't a dream...not if her baby was using sorcery in utero.

Cyborg's hand rested on her shoulder. *It wasn't a dream,* his voice said in her mind. *But it's better for the others if they remember it as such. They remember the past two months as being quiet, peaceful, with no villain activity.*

*All of them?* Jinx thought, shocked.

*Raven knows the implanted memories are false, but they are happy ones, and she prefers them. Rose suppressed her own memories of events. Jericho chose to remember, but he's not talking.* Cyborg's mental chuckle relaxed her.

*But...why do I remember, then?*

*For the same reason I do...because we bear the burden of Truth. For this Timeline to maintain itself, the memory of what happened must be kept. Someday, when I shut down, my CPU will preserve the memory indefinately...and I would not play with your mind.*

Jinx placed her hand on his. *Do...do you think you can show me...what I missed? The memories I should have?*

Cyborg smiled at her. *They will come to you on their own, in dreams...now that time is whole once more.*

Jinx nodded. Then she smiled at Cyborg. *Listen,* she thought simply.

Cyborg felt a touch on his mind, feather light, and just like Jinx, he received a message from the as yet unborn child.


THe End