Title : Chance

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Summary : Gray fall in love with Lucy, but he knows that he never have her as his because Lucy already set her eyes with a certain dragon slayer. What happened when he confessed ? One sided or not I haven't decided yet.

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Chapter 1 : Gathered Courage and Confession

-with Lucy-

"Hhh" Lucy took a deep breath and exhale it slowly. Frustated because of a certain dragon slayers, Lucy decided to take a walk around Magnolia, who knows if she can clear her mind from thinking of him.

Ugh, Why am I so stupid ? Why do I keep asking him to go to the festival with me tonight ? I should know from the start that he would go there with Lisanna and Happy. I mean, I didn't hate Lisanna, who will hate such a nice girl like her, but I can't help myself not to feel jealous. Moreover with their relationship in the past.

Lucy take a look at the paper in her hands. The paper was an advertisement about tonight's summer festival in Magnolia. Lucy really wants to come and enjoy the festival with Natsu, especially since the boy loves festival so much. Maybe then she could express her feelings towards Natsu. Unfortunately, Natsu had promised to go with Lisanna first, when Lucy had gathered her courage these days just to bring Natsu out.


"Hey, Natsu." greet Lucy cheerfully. "Do you have a plan for tonight?"

"Yo, Lucy. Well, tonight ? What about it, Lucy ?"

" Ano, what if we come to the festival this evening together. There will be a lot of foods, and fireworks, and games, and ... Anyway, how about it ? You come .. with me ?" asked Lucy with sweet smile in her lips, though her heart was beating faster at that time.

" FOOD ! I'm definitely come Lucy !" Natsu jumped in joy like a child get a candy from his mother.

"Really ? Cool ! So, we meet there tonight ?" asked a very excited Lucy now. Natsu didn't turned her down. But how wrong she was..

"Natsu, I thought you said yesterday that we're going there with Lisanna. " said Happy munching his fish calmly. Lucy's smile vanished instantly.

"Oh shoot, I forgot. I thought this was a different festival. Apparently not." Natsu said as he tapped his forehead. " Anoo, Lucy, I'm sor ... "

"It's okay Natsu. You promised Happy and Lisanna already. It's not good for violating your own promised. I could go with Erza and Levy afterall. Or maybe Juvia, or Mira, even Evergreen." Lucy interrupted with a fake smile on her lips. But being as dense as a rock itself, Natsu didn't realised it.

"Oh, alright then. But once again I'm so..."

"Yeah, it doesn't matter. Maybe next time Natsu. I should go now. I have to clean up the house." After she said that, Lucy turn around and run out from the guild. Her cheerfull face immediately became a sour face.

"Yeah, next time I'll go with you Lucy !" yelled Natsu waving his hands. But Lucy didn't hear it.

I should have known that...

-End Flashback-

Lucy take a path leading to Magnolia park. She was greeted by a very warm atmosphere. Lots of people going there trying to enjoy the sun. Parents and children, couples all have fun there. I miss the time when mother and I shared a picnic in the backyard of our house, Lucy thought sadly.

Lucy started walking around the park looking for a space to be alone. Maybe she can get an inspiration for next chapter in her novel. However, Lucy was stunned when she saw someone she knew, one of her teammate to be exact, sat in a bench quietly with a far away look on his face. His mind seemed lost. Lucy decided to approach him then.


-with Gray-

"Hhh", Gray took a deep breath and exhale it slowly. Gray was in his home, located in the outskirts of Magnolia. He did not really like crowds, just in the guild he felt the crowd and noisy people shouting nonsense things, but not at home because he thought that house was a place to rest and spend his time alone. Therefore, Gray decided to choose a decent home away from downtown and guild itself. His house consist of two floors, but it not too big either. The house is such a mess afterall. However, this house is the most comfortable place for Gray to relax besides Lucy's apartment.

Speaking of Lucy, a celestial wizard who Gray considered as a cute girl kept bothering his mind over the years. Her beautifull face, cheerfull attitude, even her crazy antics made her special in Gray's eyes. He had thought so ever since Galuna Island's mission, but he's still not convinced of his own feelings. In every mission he always felt a little jealous of Lucy's closeness to his friend-rival, Natsu.

Do they really have a special relationship like everyone talking about ? Is Lucy likes Natsu or vice versa ? But Natsu has Lisanna, didn't he ?

Gray shook his head. Maybe it was just his imagination. But nearly the whole guild member assume that they are perfect for each other. Lucy has always depended on Natsu, and vice versa. Until a few days ago, Gray finally realized her true feelings towards Lucy. He likes Lucy, no scratch that, he loves Lucy. But unfortunately she never saw him more than just her nakama.

"Hhh", Gray sighed once more. He rose from his bed and looked out the window. It's sunny day outside but Gray feels to lazy to go to the guild. Maybe going to Magnolia park is such a good idea. I need a place to shoothe my mind. One day out from the guild is not a problem, right ?, he thought.

Gray decided to take a walk to the park today. After changing his clothes and locked his house, Gray walked towards the city. During the journey he did not cease thingking of a certain blondie. Arriving there, Gray sat in an empty chair he saw. The park was so crowded. Just like what I want, a crowded place with picnic people !, Gray thought sarcastically watching couples, friends, families enjoying their picnic together. It was a pleasant sight to look at , but he didn't enjoyed it because of a person always invading his mind.

Why is Lucy always appear in my mind ? Fine I like her but that doesn't mean she likes me more than a friend. Isn't it just wasting my time ?

"Akh ! This is frustating !" growled Gray as he ruffled his black hair. Suddenly the ice-mage hear the sweet voice of his comrade, his favourite celestial mage calling. I must imagining things again. She should be in the guild on this hour.


-with Lucy and Gray-

"Gray..." Lucy called once again.

Gray turned to his left side eventually where the voice come and found that Lucy was bent down so close to his face for their noses almost touching, just a few inch more.

"Hoa Lucy you scared me !" Gray shocked and jump away to give a space between them. If you see closely you could see that Gray was blushing.

"Mou, you make me worried Gray. What are you doing in here anyway ?" asked Lucy. She's worried about me ?

"Emm... sitting ?" Gray answered innocently. He still felt the heat on his face.

"I know that genius ! I mean what the hell are you doing in here looking like a lost puppy, huh ? Are you okay ?"

"Huh ? Ah yes I'm fine Lucy. I was just thingking."

"Thingking ? Without using a clothes ?" Lucy grinning widely.

"Eh ? Since when ?" Gray said while looking for his shirt that laying near the bench. Lucy sighed and decided to sit beside Gray. She turned atound and watching Gray wearing his shirt and said, "Are you really thingking in a place like this ? Give me a break. I never seen you thingking before."

"Are you mocking me, Lucy ? I still have a brain to think of and they said that I'm good on it. Afterall I'm not a total idiot like Natsu who didn't know what brain made for," replied Gray joking around. But Lucy's smile vanished after heard the salamander's name. Gray thought that Lucy was upset because of what he said, so he changed the subject.

"What about you Lucy ? Are you okay ? Why are you here instead of hanging around guild ?" asked Gray worried. "I've been there this morning. I just wanted to walk and have a fresh air. Guild was boring today. Why are you here anyway Gray ? I know you're thinking about something that I don't know about. But I didn't saw you on guild earlier."

"I didn't went there today. I'm just being lazy. But it was strange to hear you bored on the guild, didn't Natsu and Happy there ?" Lucy sighed and her face darkened. Gray saw this and suddenly realized what had been disturbing her.

"Are you.." Lucy turned her face at Gray, "Are you angry with Natsu ?"

"Eh, why do you think like that ?" she asked in surprised.

"Well, I just saw your starnge attitude when I mentioned about Natsu. Did something happened between you two ?" asked Gray in jealousy voice, but of course Lucy didn't realized that. Her mind was too focused with Natsu and this morning event.

"Hn, it's nothing" answered Lucy flatly.

"You sure ?"

"Ukh ! Are you deaf or something Gray ? I said there is nothing. So it means everything's fine !" snapped Lucy with her high voice. She was standing and glaring at Gray now. She really in badmood after Natsu's rejection. Gray was shocked hearing Lucy's burst and backed away a little from his seat in defensive mode trying to stayed away from Lucy's anger.

"Er Lucy, you didn't have to shout. There are many people here and they started watching us. Nevermind, I will not asking you a question again then so please calm down," said Gray conceded. Lucy realized what Gray said about people watching them sat back immediately feeling embarrassed at herself. Silence occured between them. No one wants to start a conversation. Gray back to his expresionless face watching in the distance while Lucy looked at the ground feeling ashamed. She was trying to find a words to start a conversation when she heard Gray speak to her.

"...ry" Eh ? What did he say ? Lucy looked up and stared at Gray's figure. His eyes gazing far away in the distance and seems so lost and sad ?

"Lucy, I'm sorry if I said a wrong thing without considering your feeling." Lucy was shocked by what Gray said to her. Now Gray was watching her with a guilty face. She never heard Gray apologizing to someone before. Shouldn't I be the one who apologize ? I 'm frustated with Natsu but that doesn't mean I can pour it into Gray, right ? Finally, Lucy gave him a small smile and said with a low voice, "I'm the one who should apologize. I should not have yelled at you just because I'm annoyed with Natsu. I'm sorry Gray."

So she really was angry with Natsu. "It's okay Lucy. I understand. But what happened between you two ? uh- I mean you didn't have to tell me about it. I'm just trying to have a conversation in here. Isn't it awkward if we just sat in silent ? He-he-he," Gray said panickly, messing his hair again (he does this when he is frustated). Lucy giggled seeing her teammate's act.

"You're so funny Gray ! I never thought you would loose your cool attitude over something like this. Ha-ha-ha," Lucy laughed at her friend. "Hey !" protested a blushing Gray.

"I feel rejected Gray," Lucy said suddenly startled a blushing Gray. He looked at Lucy's face and see her sad eyes watching a couples in their picnic area. "I would like to invite Natsu to the festival tonight, but he already promised with Happy and Lisanna. They'll be going there together. I felt jealouse of their closeness, especially after hearing their stories in the past. It was like there is no place for me in Natsu's heart."

I knew it from the beginning I realized my feelings that she liked Natsu. But I neverthought it would be this hurt to hear it from herself. Do I even have a chance ? Gray shook his head from his thought. This is not about time to think about that.

"And I've already gathered a courage to confess these feelings to him tonight. To tell him that I liked him." Lucy said it softly, but Gray still hear it. His eyes widened. Lucy aware of his gaze to her finally realize what she just said to him. She covered her mouth with her hand. Baka Lucy ! How could you slip an important secret like this ? And more importantly towards Gray.

"So... do you like Natsu ?", Gray asked carefully. Please say no. Please say no, Lucy. Tell me that I heard it wrong, Gray pray with his heart beating faster.

Lucy knew that she couldn't take what she said. Afterall Gray heard it and it is no use to keep this as a secret to him anymore. "No, I don't like him ..." said Lucy. Gray who happened holding his breath finally exhaled it in relief. "But I loved him." Crash ! Gray's heart shattered instantly. "But please keep quiet about this Gray. There has been no one else except you who know this stuff. I'll try to get Natsu's heart and won't give up easily."

Okay, what the hell is happening here ? Why is the reality seems so hard for me ? Did I really have to endure this painful secret for the sake of her ? Didn't you see me sat in here listening to your confession about my best friend and get hurt inside ? Gray looked at Lucy with a painful expression. He didn't want to see Lucy sad like that, so he smiled at her.

"You know Lucy, even if you want this to be a secret, almost the entire guild thinks that you are a couple. I even think the same way. Maybe you two are going out or something. People assume that you make a great couple. " Gray said wearily still with his smiled. Lucy facing Gray with a deep red blush appeared on her face.

"R-really?" Gray nodded.

"It's not a big secret anymore Lucy. If you two started going out maybe it is not a big deal for the guild because you two always seen together." Gray added.

"Well I guess so. But.. but that just their assumption. They do not know how we feel. So I'm begging you to keep this as a secret Gray until I win Natsu's heart." Lucy said holding Gray's hand in order to make a promise with him. Gray couldn't help but nodded. Finally Lucy gave him a very big and sweet smile of hers. She let go of Gray's hand and facing the couple again. Now they cuddling at each others. Gray still staring at her.

"Gray, do you think I have a chance with him ?" Lucy asked out of blue. Gray can't answered her question. He knows exactly that Lucy have a chance with Natsu, but he didn't want to say it out loud. So he just keep silent. Lucy turn around and gave him her smile again. A smile that Gray loves so much. A smile that can makes all of his worries gone instantly.

"Do you want to help me Gray ? I want to make him fall in love with me in two months. I think it's enough time for me , don't you think so ? Maybe I could asked him on another events, or maybe we could go on mission alone like we always do,..." Gray didn't hear what Lucy's said after that. Gray clenched his fist hard. He really didn't like this feeling. Hurt, pain, angry, dissapointed. He didn't know how to act in this situation.

"I-if in two months he didn't like you back, what will you gonna do ?" Gray asked silently. Lucy stopped her blabbering and looked at Gray with serious face. "I'm sure he would return my feelings."
That's it. Why won't you look at me, Lucy ? Why are you so sure about Natsu liking you back ?
Gray finally decided he had heard enough. He couldn't take another word anymore.

"What if I don't want to help you ?" Lucy looked at him as if he was a stanger who lost his mind.

"Eh, why not Gray ? Shouldn't we help each other as a teammate ?" asked Lucy in disbelief.

"This is not a novel that you can write. This is real life and we don't know what will happen later. Natsu was very naive. Two months until whenever not even enough because he is an idiot. Don't you ever think to move on another heart ? Give those two months for others who appreciate love more. Not someone as idiotic as himse..." PLAK ! Lucy slapped Gray. His eyes widened. She stood up in font of Gray glaring daggers at him.

"How could you say that ? Maybe Natsu is stupid, or idiot, or moron, or anything related to that you want to say, but he's actually more respectful of others than you. You are talking to much for a guy, Gray. Sometimes you have to filter out first what you want to say about. I think talking to you who also my teammate will make me feel better, but God how wrong I am ! I bet that you even didn't know what love is about, huh ? How could a person as cold as yourself could feel something warm like that !" Lucy shout at Gray's face. He looked at Lucy while holding his left cheek where Lucy slapped him.

Gray felt his world was destroyed on the spot. "Do not know love because I'm a cold person ? You're too quick in making conclusions, Lucy. If I'm that cold for you I won't sitting right here listening to your stupid love problem. I know we were teammates, but was I your friend as well if not in a mission ? In fact, you're more close to Wendy than me who have known you first." Gray stated coldly. Lucy was shocked to hear that. Is Gray my friend as well outside the mission ? I considered all member of Fairy Tail is my friends. But what Gray said was true, I'm more familiar to Wendy than Gray who has known me first. I rarely talk to him if not in the mission. In fact this is the longest conversation that might occur between the two of us.

"I know what love it is,Lucy." Gray said with a low voice. "I love this certain someone so much. I know if I would be rejected even before I could open my mouth. I always wanted to keep her safe, to make her happy, but she already has someone to lean on. I don't care if I was regarded as nothing, I'm just want her to know that I'm still there if she needs someone to cry on."

"Y-you love someone ? I never knew about it Gray. I'm sorry about what I said Gray. But who is it ? You never told me."

"It's you," said Gray blatantly.

"Naniiii ! Gray you're joking right ?" Lucy asked in shock.

"No, I'm not. I've liked you for a long time. Well, I even love you. But you never saw it right ?" Lucy's eyes widened. She stared at Gray as said that she didn't believed it at all. Gray saw Lucy's expression just sighed in defeat. "Do you see me now, Lucy?" Gray said gives her a sad smile. "Because if you do I want to tell you that I will always love you. I was serious about this. You can lean on me anytime. You can asked me to be your shield everytime you need it. If you have such a hard time, in a mission or not, just tell me so I can protect and help you out. If you didn't want me in your happy time then it's okay, I'm still be your friend and listen to all your problem." Gray poured all his heart out. He knew that he would be rejected only by looking at Lucy's face, but he couldn't resist the urge to keep his feelings any longer. Maybe Lucy could see him now, see him as someone who really cares about her well being.

"How could you Gray ?" Lucy was to speechless to respond on Gray's confession. He never realised that Gray has a feelings for her. Probably what Gray said was true afterall, Gray just her teammates, her acquaintances only, not one of her friends. Probably it is true that he never see Gray outside a mission. "You can't like me, Gray. Should not be ! Excuse me it's late already. I have to go home now." Lucy said in a panic tone and then run once again, left the park, leaving Gray.

Should not be like you ?

"But why Lucy ?" whispered Gray. His heart ached so much after hearing Lucy's respond. He just sat there in the park while watching the sun go down which leave her sky alone.

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