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Chapter 13 - First Date

Twenty minutes before he came and knocked on the door of her apartment.


Lucy was standing in front of the mirror and looked at herself which is still wrapped in a towel. It was a mess. Why not? Twenty minutes is a little time for her to prepare. She hadn't even choose what clothes she's gonna wear later. How about her make up? Is it necessary for her to wear make up? Is it necessary for her to change her appearance today?

Of course silly. It's your first date with him afterall.

"What should I do? Oh, this is really a mess!" Lucy muttered, pulling her hair in frustation.

If this is just the sort go to the guild and chat with friends or pick a mission, Lucy will not confused herself like this. She wants to look special. Although she already felt special in his eyes, but still Lucy wants to look perfect, even just for today.

Fifteen minutes before he came and Lucy hasn't made any movement yet.

She can't think anything at the moment. "What to wear? ... What to wear?" Lucy groggily sorting clothes in her closet. Not that she hadn't been out before, but this date is more than that. She wants to show him her seriousness. She wants to show him that her words that night is not just a mere talk.

"Lucy ... about Natsu ... "

"Shhh," Lucy put her index finger on his lips to stop Gray speak further. "You say you believe me, right?" Gray nodded and tuck his head in her lap. They were in the room that Lucy shared with Titania, but Erza hasn't come back from where she is at that time.

"So... Lucy.."


"If now I ask you to go on a date with me, you're not going to reject it, right?" asked Gray.

"HUAAA! Somebody help me!" Suddenly a bright light blinding her eyes and when she opened it she could see her spirits – Loke, Virgo, and Cancer looked at her with enthusiasm.

"What are you doing here? I don't even call you!" Lucy pointed towards them.

"Of course your knight here comes to help his beloved princess that was confused because of her first date with the best stripper in the country," stated Loke.

Lucy swear if she wasn't panicked at the moment, she would kick Loke's face that show his silly grin. But right now she really needs his help.

"Well then, I want to see what can you done to this princess in confusion, my dear knight?" asked Lucy. Loke chuckled before snapping his finger. Virgo and Cancer nodded in understanding. They walk closer to Lucy.

"Leave it to the experts, princess."



"If now I ask you to go on a date with me, you're not going to reject it, right?" asked Gray.

"Alright. But on one condition," she said.

"What's that?"

"Don't you ever take off your clothes when we're on a date! Do you understand, mister?" said Lucy, caressing his hair.

It was a very tough condition for Gray. But want it or not, he must agree with her. "Fine. But don't turn your eyes away from me or I probably would have to go around in nothing again."

"Sure. Not a problem for me. "

Oh how hard the words 'Not a problem for me' for Lucy. She can't even see him without her face turn into red. He looked so handsome, even when just wearing a red polo shirt with dark black jeans and sneakers. He looks cool and simple. But Lucy can understand him, because she knew that Gray didn't like a complicated clothes especially in this heat.

"Hi, Gray." Lucy tried to say hello and open a conversation, but instead she saw his face staring at her from top to toe. Lucy felt like she couldn't breathe and move at once. Oh, since when Lucy Heartfilia become so nervous in front of a Gray Fullbuster?

"Er, is there something wrong?" She asked, bitting her lower lip. Gray chuckled, shaking his head. She felt her legs buckled into jelly on the spot. Could it be too much? Virgo dressed her in a black sleeveless mini dress chosen by Loke and clearly shows her curve that she always proud of. Cancer letting her hair loose and gave a light make up that make it more fresh and brighter.

"Hm, I can't believe that you can be as beautiful as this," Gray quipped. Instead of blushing, Lucy glared at him. "What do you mean? So I was never pretty in your eyes, huh?"

Gray smiled and stared at her angry face. "I guess I don't know. What do you want me to say?"

Lucy pursed her lips. "Of course you have to say that I'm always pretty, and so on. Isn't that what a person has said to the woman he loves?"



"Calm down, Luce. I don't care if you're beautiful or not. To be sure you're the only one that catch my attention from the start," joked Gray. "Let's go,Luce!"

"Ukh, sometimes you can be really annoying, Gray!"

"Hahaha, come on, I'm just kidding. You're always beautiful, Lucy." And he was telling the truth now. He can't help but smiled when he saw Lucy's face turning red and muttered whatever under her breath. She looks so cute when she is upset.

Gray took her hand and both of them walk down on Magnolia streets, telling stories about mission, or guild, or theirselves. But they avoid or even trying not to mention Natsu's name in every conversation. They are both not ready to talk about their relationship with him.

As she had promised before, Lucy never take her eyes off from Gray. It almost the tenth times she caught Gray ready to take his clothes off. Until finally she had threaten him by pretending to be angry and would cancel their date if Gray dare to open his shirt.

"Wow, look what I found! A stripper princess and bunny girl walk together hand in hand!" They looked up and saw Gajeel providing that cunning smile.

"Why? Jealous?" challenged Gray with a grin on his face. At that, Gajeel looking at Lucy's unusual appearance. She's too damn sexy!

"Gihiii, this is interesting."

"What are you doing in here, Gajeel?" asked Lucy.

"Accompany Juvia shopping. She was in there. Gihii." Gajeel widened his smile when he saw Lucy's smile dissapeared in a second. Lucy had no time to open her mouth again when the girl they were talking about walked out from the store.

"Gajeel-kun, let's go to ... G-GRAY-SAMA!" Lucy swear that she could see the flowers scattered around Juvia. Not to mention her eyes turn into love shape when she looks at Gray.

"Oh, hi Juvia!" said Gray. He was half concious about Juvia's feeling towards him, but so far he doesn't understand what's going on inside Juvia's head when she saw him.

"Gray-sama in here and Gajeel-kun instantly forgotten. Women!" Gajeel grumbled, seeing his best friend and her love interest standing not to far from him.

"Uh, oh. Is Gray-sama here waiting for J-juvia?" asked Juvia who began fidgeting in front of Gray. She didn't even notice that Lucy was there too beside Gray.

"Uh, actually.."

"Ehm, actually, Gray would accompany me today!" Lucy said with a bit emphasis on it. Juvia who had ignored her all the time finally looked up and glared at her.

"Where are Lucy and Gray-sama going?" asked Juvia. Lucy instantly fell silent. She didn't even know where Gray would take her. What should she say? Well, you see, Gray here asking me out and I don't even know where he was going to take me. If she said it, probably Gajeel and Juvia would laugh at her. Gray isn't helping her either. Seeing Lucy's hesitant face, Juvia smiled mischievously at her.

"How about we play pool together? Juvia and Gajeel have a plan to go there after this and they need the opponent to play. So, what about it?" Juvia asked hopefully. The three person who stood around her just looked confused.

Pool? I guess she means billiards. Well, its the same afterall. But I think she just wanted to go shopping? thought Gajeel.

"Juvia consider your silent as a yes then. Let's go Gray-sama!" said Juvia who woke Gajeel from his mind. Juvia draw Gray with her and walked ahead with her hugging Gray's arm.

"Whaa ..."

"Wait a minute! What did she think she's doing with him?!" yelled Lucy in disbelief. She glared at Juvia's back. Lucy can see that Juvia's body was too close with Gray who tried to break free his arm. Instantly, Gajeel's brain emits a click and then he know what Juvia's real intention.

"Gihii, I can see that she destroys your date, eh?" And immediately Gajeel walked after Juvia and Gray with enthusiasm in his eyes. As for Lucy, she just standing in there and blinked repeteadly, couldn't believe of what she had just heard.



"Come on, ice-princess! Only that much you can do, huh?" Lucy heard Gajeel screaming from the next table where they were playing. The said girl was so annoyed and gave a sullen look at Juvia who continue to stick with Gray. She just sat in her chair, shipping her soda, and saw his date taken away by another girl.

Gray could not free himself from the water girl. Almost an hour they played – although with him kind of lazy with the game – and Lucy showed no signs of interest in joining him on the game. He knew that the blonde girl was upset by looking at her face. He really wanted to stop playing, pulling Lucy and out of this place to continue their date.

This is supposed to be my first date with the girl I always love!

"Gray-sama, now it's your turn!" Juvia said cheerfully and looked at the young man beside her. Lucy slammed her glass on the table and off from the chair. She walked over to where they play together.

So, you want a war, eh? Well, prepare to lose then, Juvia! thought Lucy.

"Gray!" The said young man lifted his head to the person who called him. He looked at Lucy who already stands not far from him.

"What is it, Luce?" asked Gray. Oh please tell me that we'll be out of here now, he thought. It's not like he hates billiards. It's just that today wasn't the right time to play. All he wanted right now is to spend all of his time with Lucy.

"Your clothes."

"Whaa ..." Gray looked down and ... "Since when?"

Lucy brought Gray's red shirt and handed it to him. "I just turned my face away from you for a moment and you're already stripping."

"Didn't I told you before not to take off your eyes from me?" said Gray, who started wearing his clothes again. "Didn't I told you not to strip just for today?" Lucy replied in the same tone Gray gave her. She can look at Juvia's frowning face right now.

"I also want to play,"added Lucy.

"You said that you don't understand this game before," chimed Gajeel.

Lucy looked at him with a smile. And for once Gajeel knows what she wanna do. "I know. But Gray will teach me, right?" asked Lucy. Gray, who was surprised by Lucy's sudden interest in billiard could only smile at her.

"Of course." And Lucy smile triumphantly towards Juvia.

"Here. Hold this stick." Gray gives her his stick. "Come on, Luce. Don't be so stiff. Just relax. Okay?" Lucy nodded in understand – although with flushed face because Gray holds her hand to justify her grip on the stick.

"Make sure your right hand stayed in this position to hold the cue stick in your hand. Your fist should be straight with the arm. And try not to go down the arm or shake the stick when you pushing the ball. You have to swing your hands, but not too long and tense. Do you understand?" Lucy nodded again. This is really fun when Gray teach her about the basic technique. Not to mention that Juvia's expressions are priceless.

"Now, you see the white ball there?" asked Gray, pointing at the ball in the table.

"Of course." Lucy said excitedly. Gray looked at her in surprise but quickly ruled out his mind. "Place your left hand not too far from that ball. Approximately 20 to 30 centimeters. Make sure your hands perfectly stride to the table with the back of hand tighten."

"Like this?" asked Lucy, trying to do what Gray had just explained to her.

"Pretty good. But make sure the stick doesn't shake or slip from your hand," Gray said as he justified again the stick in her hand.

"So... Now I just have to hit that white ball?" said Lucy with doubt.

"Oh, baka Lucy. Her body position and legs are still wrong. Let Juvia show you." Juvia stretch her legs about one step and devote her weight to the left hip. "Lucy has to position her back foot facing straight ahead. The left leg bent back and the right leg should keep straight."

"You can look at Juvia. That was the correct position, Luce." Lucy can feel her eyebrow twitched in annoyance after Gray's compliment on Juvia. She can see that water girl's winning smile toward her.

"Oh really? But I'm still not quite understand, Gray." Juvia could see a flash of cynical smile in Lucy's face as she said it. What a stupid reason for Lucy. Juvia knew that lucy was a smart girl. Following someone's position is not that difficult, right?

"Well, why don't you try? The most important thing is to adjust your body position with the flatness of the stick." Gray positioned himself next to Lucy and she could sense the closeness of their bodies. She can even feel his heavy breathing. "You have to lower your chin a little bit ... try at the ball but only your right hand do the move. Swing it. Make sure your body remains in place."

Lucy hit the white ball. It was moving and walking toward a hole in the side of the table where Gajeel stood. The ball didn't mind to hit another ball as it get into the hole first. Gajeel laughed immediately followed by Juvia who just chuckled beside him. "Next time make sure you hit the other ball first, blondie. And put them in the hole, not the white one."

"At least she could put the ball into the hole," teased Juvia.

"What? But Gray didn't tell me anything!" said Lucy, blushing with embarrassment.

"Oh. My fault then! Why don't you try again?" Gray said between his laughter. Lucy is really cute and innocent when she didn't understand something. The said girl puffed out her cheeks in exasperation.

"Fine, but you three might get ready because I'm going to wipe that silly smile from your face!"

And they played together for three more hours with Lucy became increasingly proficient. Even Lucy laughed when she saw Gajeel and Juvia's jaw dropped as she made more score than the two of them. Gray laughed with her, proud to see his student become more proficient than him.

"Good one, Luce!" Gray said as he stroked the top of Lucy's head.

"Ha, never underestimate Heartfilia, ladies!" Lucy patted her chest with pride.



Five hours playing billiards was very tiring. It was getting dark and they could see men who are older than theirselves began coming into the bar where they're playing. Do not want any longer there, they finally went out and separated with one another. Lucy approaced Juvia and suddenly hugged her which makes Juvia shocked.

"Oh, thank you so much Juvia." Lucy said out loud that makes Gray and Gajeel can hear her. But after that she whispered something into Juvia's ear. "It was a fun date afterall, especially when Gray teach me how to play."

Lucy laughed at the annoyed face Juvia and grabbed Gray's arm. "See you tomorrow, Juvia. And Gajeel too!"

Gray nodded toward Gajeel and smiled at Juvia – instantly makes Juvia forget about her jealousy – and went away with Lucy.

"Never take me on your love war with that bunny girl again. You hear that, Juvia?!" Gajeel's comments made Juvia snapped out from her little fantasy.

"It's not a love war," said Juvia.

"Sure it is. But she really hard to beat, eh?" added Gajeel.

"Ukh, shut up. Let's go home," said Juvia and walked away leaving Gajeel behind.

"Gihii, really interesting."



They sat in the park where they met three months or two months (I lost my count) ago where Gray expressed his feelings for the first time.

"Oh, it's really quiet in this hour. Not as crowded as the last time we got here." Lucy looked around the deserted park, in fact there are only the two of them in there. The sun was sinking and people have started returning to their respective homes.

"Yeah, you're right," Gray said as he recalled the last time he went to the park. For several minutes they sat in silence before finally Gray looked up and stared at Lucy. she looked so radiant even up this late. The street lights illuminate her face and make it glow. She is so beautiful.

"Why are you staring at me, Gray?" said Lucy.

"Erm, you're not mad at me?" He asked back at her.

"About what?"

"Well, you know that this should be our first date. I imagined that we will spend the time together, just the two of us. But, in fact there is this little disruption and I think you would be angry with me," Gray said with hesitation.

"I was upset with you because you never say no to Juvia," snapped Lucy.

"But ..."

"But I knew you were not able to do that. You don't even realize that she was flirting and making me jealous!" Lucy crossed her arms across her chest as she said it. However, she saw his supposed to be worried face changing into a wide grin.

"So, you are jealous, eh?" asked Gray, who immediately made her uneasy.

"I-I did not say that!"

"Well, you just said it," laughed Gray.

Lucy stood up from her seat immediately with a red face. Uh oh. Instantly Gray felt a dejavu. He remembered the last time he had to sit here and say something wrong, Lucy stood up and slapped him hard. In a slow motion he saw Lucy raised her right hand and ...

"Wait!" Gray stood up and held her hand. "I'm sorry. Just forget everything I said."

Lucy stared in bewilderment. "What are you saying, Gray?"

Gray looked at her for a few seconds and finally let her hand go. "Err ... no nothing. I just feel like dejavu. That's all. Hahaha ..." Gray said while stroking the back of his neck.

"Oh ... Gray, by the way, please stand still for a moment ... "said Lucy.

"Eh why?"



And Gray could feel the pain in his left cheek that had just been hit by Lucy (again). "What was that for, Lucy?! I didn't even say anything this time!"

"There are a mosquitoes in your cheek," said Lucy with a very innocent tone.

Gray blinked. So Lucy slapped him this time just because there are mosquitoes in his cheek? Gray glared at her. "Can you just warn me next time? It's really painfull, you know..." said Gray who was still holding his left cheek.

"Uh oh, I'm so sorry..." Lucy tiptoes and kissed his left cheek. "I'll make it better then. What do you want, Gray?" asked Lucy as she is caressing his cheek.

Gray once again looked confused. "What do you mean?"

"Erm, a penance. Not only for this, but for all that I had been done to you," said Lucy quietly.

"You don't have to do that, Luce." Gray sat back in the chair and looked at Lucy.

"But I have to ..." Lucy tried to argue but he stopped her. He pulled her hand and held it.

"Think of it but not as a penance. Think of it as an answer you will give to me," said Gray. Looking at her bewildered face, he continued, "You know very well what it is or rather who it is that I want."

"Gray.." whispered Lucy. She really knows about his feelings. And she loves him too. But she knows that he wasn't sure about that feelings because she still kept on thinking Natsu. She wasn't sure that she can reciprocate his feeling wholeheartedly either.

"This park is the place when I expressed my feelings to you for the first time. And in this place I want to say it again to you. I love you, Lucy. Even after I tried to forget you, the feeling is still there. I'm not the best man and not as you had hoped before. But I promise to do my best for always making you happy."

Lucy can't believe what she had just heard. Her face flushed, for the umpteenth time today. Gray can really make her heart beating so hard. And he could not say anything other than standing still, staring at the young man before her, and listen for his next words.




"Will you be mine, Lucy Heartfilia?"



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