This is AU. This takes place in 2012(now and all the character are in their twenties). Danny does NOT turn into Dan, Fenton Works is a factory, and probably the biggest twist of all- Sam is hunting Danny. She is NOT friends with him, but instead works with Valerie to catch him. That's all you need to know for now...enjoy and I don't own DP! And in this story, YOU are Sam...

You want to escape.

You want to run and hide from this evil monster pounding on your door.

He says he's the good guy, your the bad guy.

But he's got it all wrong.

"SAM!" screams a voice on your holographic watch. You glance at it and scowl.

"What is it Valerie? I'm on a mission here!" you hiss. She rolls her eyes.

"Let me guess, Phantom again? Typical!" she scoffs. Before you can reply, Phantom pounds on your door again.

"Ms. Manson, I mean you no harm! I'M THE GOOD GUY!" You scoff and grab a Fenton thermos off the table.

"Sure, and my middle name is Phantom," you say harshly. Your finger clicks the gun in place. It's all loaded up. 2012 was a great place to be right now. Epically if you had a friend with weapons. Like Valerie for instance...

"FREEZE GHOST!" you hear a familiar voice cry. You grin as you hear a Fenton thermos firing up.

"You've got to trust me! How many times do you have to realize that I'M THE GOOD GUY?" you hear him shout.

"As many times as it takes ghost..." she says. Now's your cue- you bust down the door and roll over James Bond style.

"I've got you know Phantom..." you say menacingly. You look through the target as you aim for this evil ghost.

"Actually, no you don't..." he says, quickly turning intangible and sinking through the ground. You could literally smack yourself at your stupidity, but instead you shout at Valerie:

"VAL! Get in the car, NOW!" She glares and shakes her head. You gasp at her intolerance.

"No, we need a plan...a plan to get Phantom for good..." she says, sitting down thoughtfully on her hover board. You could scream at her, asking WHY AREN'T YOU GOING AFTER HIM? think she might be into something. You sigh as you close the cap to the Fenton Thermos.

"So...what's your plan?" you ask, setting the thermos on the ground. An evil grin passes over her face. You like where this is heading.

"It starts out at Fenton Works, home of the famous Fenton Thermos..." you think I should continue this? Leave a comment! Thanks!