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Maleficent wasn't very far behind Sabrina, which really sucked because Sabrina was slowing down. She could feel her legs tiring out

"Brat! Get back here!" Maleficent cried. She wasn't exactly sure if chasing these people was a good idea, but she had taken the opportunity anyway. She leapt into the air and transformed into a dragon.

Up in the sky, Puck groaned. He transformed himself into a dragon and swooped down to grab Sabrina.

Sabrina let out a yelp of surprise. She hadn't expected a giant green dragon to swoop out of the sky and grab her. At first, she thought it was Maleficent. She shut her eyes and hoped for the best. A minute passed, and she wasn't eaten yet. She opened her eyes to see the ground at least fifty yards below her. She shifted around and found herself looking into worried green eyes. Realizing that the orbs belonged to Puck, she searched the skies for Maleficent. She was flying behind them, trying to catch up.

"Puck." Sabrina whispered. The huge emerald dragon blinked at her. "You need to get down there. We're approaching the cliff and we can't through Maleficent off it unless she's actually on the ground."

The huge dragon nodded and swooped down to the ground. Behind them, Sabrina could make out Maleficent diving down behind them.



Though she was confused, maleficent didn't decide to question it. She saw this chase as a great opportunity to get rid of Jake and Sabrina Grimm.

Currently, they were running through a thick forest. Malefisant's current dragon form was huge. It was making it harder for her to run through the forest. Smirking, she turned herself into a cheetah. It wasn't nearly as big, but the speed? Incredible. She could easily catch up to the Grimm girl.



They were near the cliff now. Sabrina could see Jake jump. Then she saw Puck jump. It was her turn now. Praying that no one had forgotten to preset everything, Sabrina jumped. She felt herself falling. And then landing. She landed on something soft and warm. Opening her eyes, she found herself on the preset magic carpet, right next to her uncle who grinned at her. Puck was flying up ahead, his pink fairy wings fluttering faster than ever.

The flying carpet began to descend. Sabrina could see her the rest of her family on the ground, waiting anxiously. Daphne's palm was in her mouth and the little girl was anxiously jumping up and down.

"Turn around!" Puck cried suddenly cried. He was flying backwards now, focused on something behind Sabrina.

Sabrina did as she was told, her eyes widened as she saw Maleficent fall.



She was going too fast. She felt powerful. She felt amazing. It was like flying.

Sadly, she wasn't thinking. Or reacting.

She didn't see it. She didn't see the cliff nearing. She didn't realize she was falling, until it was too late.




A silent scream escaped her lips. She didn't have time to react. No time to transform into something with wings. Instead, she hit the ground…hard. Her body chose that moment to transform into her original body.

The blue sky was the last thing Maleficent saw before her eyes closed.



Sabrina's heart pounded in her chest as she leapt of the carpet and ran to where everyone else was gathered.

Shivering, she approached her family. They were gathered around Maleficent's still body.

"Is she dead?" Sabrina heard Daphne ask.

Puck shook his head. "Everafters don't die, remember Marshmallow?"

Sabrina groaned. "Then what was the point of that whole chase thing. I'm super tired."

"She'll disappear for three thousand years." Jake explained. "Then, she'll appear again. But that's in plenty of time."

"Well, I guess that's a good thing." Daphne said. "We're not murderers, but Maleficent won't be bothering us for a while."

Sabrina nodded. She watched, amazed, as Maleficent's body suddenly disappeared. It left behind some kind of purple dust, floating about, causing Red to start coughing. Gretel sneezed, causing Hansel t jump.

"What happens to the rest of the Hand?" Jill asked.

"Do you think they'll settle down now that Maleficent's gone?" Jack wondered. He was watching Sabrina with intense eyes. His stare, though it wasn't unfriendly, made Sabrina cringe.

Henry shook his head as he ran a hand through his blond hair. "Nope. They still have Mirror."

"I think we can get rid of them one by one." Puck said. He scratched his armpit, causing Sabrina to flinch. "We should start with the weakest. Drizella and Anastasia."

"Wouldn't it be better to get rid Mirror, Hook and Bluebeard first?" Tom asked. He had one arm wrapped protectively around Red, who was blushing like crazy.

Mr. Canis, who had remained silent, shook his head. "How do you expect to get rid of them if they have so much backup." He asked. "We start with the weak."

"I think I have an idea." Hansel piped up. "But I'm going to need Sabrina's help."

Sabrina whirled around to face Hansel. "What?"

Puck clamped one hand on Sabrina's shoulder. "Don't worry, Ugly. I think you'll like this idea."