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~It Has to be You~

Home. He was home. After being gone for more than four years. Everyone was sure to be different. Utau was no longer becoming an idol considering that she was one. Easter was gone and there were no debts left to be paid, leaving the two Tsukiyomi children to live their lives as they wanted. Now that he was back, Ikuto couldn't wait to see how Amu and her little friends had grown as well. More than once he wondered if he'd be able to bring that same red blush to her cheeks, or if she'd moved on.

Four years was a long time to be gone and if Amu had truly moved on and was indisputably happy then Ikuto was certain that he'd be able to let her go. Of course, he'd make certain that she was happy with whoever she chose to be with in his absence. If she still held those undiscovered feelings for him, however, he'd make her his once more.

The biggest shock upon arriving back at his house was not the fact that Utau, his sister, was longer deep in love with him and trying to force herself on him, but that Amu was there. What a heart stopping moment it was for the dark haired man to walk down his hallway and find a pinkette standing there talking to his sister before they went into the room together.

Ikuto wasted no time with dropping his bags and heading to the still open door. "Hey sis. Yo Amu."

Utau spun to find her older brother standing in her doorway with his violin still strapped to his back. The boy on her bed lifted his head in interest to check out the new arrival while Amu avoided all eye contact with the boy she used to spend so much time with. Her body held a certain hint of nervousness and Ikuto saw no hint of a blush like he expected.

With watchful eyes, Ikuto watched Utau step closer to Amu. "I-Ikuto! I didn't know that you were coming home! It's great to see you!"

Ikuto returned the half hug without taking his eyes off the avoiding Amu. "Great to see you too. How's life treating you? Still famous, right?"

Utau nodded and carried on a short conversation and even reintroduced Ikuto to Kukai before Ikuto excused himself to go unpack and take a shower. Even the mention of him being naked under hot water did little to make Amu look at him and blush. She'd been in the bathroom with him before when he'd showered so he was certain that those memories would bring some sort of reaction but he got none. Something was strange with the girl he used to know so well and Ikuto was certain that she no longer had feelings for him. The part of him that wasn't in complete shock was trying to figure out what to do.

Once the door shut, Utau turned towards her younger friend. "Amu…"

The voice that people paid money to hear faded off as if the famous singer didn't know quite what to say to the pinkette.

Kukai, noticing the tense air and the situation that was going on, decided that he should leave the two for some girl time. "I'll be back in a bit. Just feeling kind of thirsty. I might grab a snack too."

Amu nodded as the older boy crossed the room and slipped out the door. He hesitated on the other side for only a moment to listen to the conversation that was taking place now that he was no longer in the room.


"Don't worry, Utau. I thought I might feel something for him still when I saw him again but now I'm certain that there is nothing. I only have one person in my heart and that is-"

Having heard enough, Kukai left. After raiding the kitchen, he returned to slowly walking back up the stairs. His path took him past Ikuto's open door and he noticed the older boy muttering to himself while he was putting away his clothes. His hair was darker now since it was still damp from his shower. In that split second, Kukai decided to strike up a conversation since he figured that Amu and Utau probably needed a little more time to themselves.

Leaning against the doorframe with his drink in one hand and a sandwich in the other, Kukai studied the tall lean boy before speaking. "So where did you go while you were gone?"

Ikuto refused to show how startled he was by the voice behind him. He turned slowly to take in the boy that he knew from before but was once again reintroduced to in his sister's bedroom. At least now he could have a bit of a distraction from his thoughts centering around Amu. "Paris, London, Beijing, Seoul, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Madrid, New York and some other major cities. I took plenty of pictures if you want to see. I'll go on another tour after taking the break I'm on. I just felt like coming home for a while, you know?"

Kukai shook his head to the final question as he entered the room fully. "Not really." He sat on Ikuto's bed just as he finished his sandwich and emptied his cup. "I don't go home much. Don't really have much of a home to go to. I'm a burden to my mother so I try to spend as much time as I can here. Utau doesn't mind and I'm good friends with Amu too so…"

Ikuto stared with slight confusion at the boy on his bed. "What do you mean you are good friends with Amu? Why should that matter if you are coming to my house a lot?"

Kukai chuckled before leaning back against the headboard. "I'd love to look at your pictures though. I wish I could travel the world but I have no money and I don't have a well-paying job so I don't think it's in my future."

The boy was strange, Ikuto was sure of that. "Here, you can look at them while I put my clothes away."

Kukai shifted through several albums while Ikuto went through his closet and his dressers. He pulled out old clothes that he knew he'd no longer wear and put away clothes he'd brought from all over the world. Every once in a while he'd stop to look at a picture or answer a question that the brown haired boy shot at him. All in all, it took him over two hours to get everything put away.

"This picture is so cool! How did you find this place if you were supposed to be practicing all the time for your concerts?"

Ikuto smiled at the excitement from the other male. "Don't you remember my chara? I'm like an alley cat. There's no way to tie me down. I can slip out of any situation and go off whenever I want."

Kukai nodded his head with enthusiasm as he recalled the small blue cat that he used to see with Ikuto. "Yeah, Daichi left me as well. Or I guess I should say he went back into his egg and lives within my heart. I miss the little guy but sports are no longer my dreams. I guess things change when you get older."

There was a moment of silence before Ikuto let out a sigh. The other boy had a point. Once he could go off without a care in the world and feel no regret for missing a show or two. Now though, he was on a scheduled break so that he could have a little freedom before going back to his strict playing schedule. His alley cat days were gone except for when he had free time. Then his manager could never find him until he was scheduled for something else. "I suppose we all mature and grow up to some extent."

"But not you, right? You have such cool pictures! I'm totally jealous. To travel the world like that would be really awesome."

Ikuto had to admit that he liked the boy's enthusiasm. "Sure, but even I've changed while I was gone."

Kukai just shook his head as he handed Ikuto back his albums. "I still think it is really neat."

Ikuto only smirked at he put them away. Maybe later he'd show Amu or his sister.


Kukai kicked his feet up in the air as he lay on his stomach in the middle of Utau's bed. The two girls were sitting together with their backs resting against the headboard. "So did you two talk it out?"

The blush on Amu's face spoke volumes to the boy watching for her reaction. Utau was boldly not looking at either of them while Amu simply nodded her head. "Yeah."

The whispered words almost didn't reach his ears but Kukai heard them. "This isn't fair to Ikuto, you know. You have to tell him."

Utau kept her eyes elsewhere and her mouth shut.

Amu nodded again. "Don't worry. I will."

"Do it soon, Amu. Tell him or I will."

"I said I would, Kukai. Don't worry about it."

With a look that told her that he still wasn't completely convinced, Kukai let the subject drop.


Walking the familiar paths of the city he was stuck in for so long was sort of relaxing. The once ridiculous routes he took were now sort of comical. Places had changed though. In the four years he was gone, things had changed a lot. The amusement park was gone. Trees were taller. Buildings were torn down and rebuilt. A certain sadness took over Ikuto while he was walking those paths, but change wasn't always bad.

Thinking of change, Amu still wouldn't look at him whenever he was there. He'd caught her looking at him once or twice out of the corner of his eye but she'd never look at him when he was looking at her. Almost as if it would be considered cheating, although he hadn't heard anything about her dating someone else.

Kukai also spent a lot of time at his house, as the shorter boy mentioned before, though Ikuto was pretty sure that he was Utau's boyfriend. That kid definitely spent a lot of time in Utau's room with her and the door closed. Ikuto hadn't caught them in a compromising position, but it was only a matter of time until he did. His sister was hot, after all she was Tsukiyomi. That Kukai kid wasn't bad either, and Ikuto noticed that the kid seemed made out of pure muscle. Quite like the catlike man walking the streets.

Just as he was about to enter a shop, Ikuto saw Amu walking into a café just a little ways down the street. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, Ikuto followed after her. He found her talking to a shorter blonde girl with a large belly. A boy with purple hair was also there at the same table. Ikuto figured that they were the same kids he knew she was friends with back from before he left so he approached the table.

"Yo Amu, fancy running into you here."

For the first time since Ikuto came back, Amu made eye contact with him. She had been avoiding doing just that since she was worried that she'd feel the same fluttering in her stomach as before. Her eyes widened in shock as she stared into Ikuto's eyes feeling… nothing. "Yeah," she smiled lightly. "Do you remember Nagi and Rima? You can join us for lunch if you want."

Ikuto kept his surprise off his face as he took a seat at their table. "I would say that you guys have grown up since I last saw you but the only thing on Nagi that has grown is his hair and for Rima it'd be her stomach."

Amu winced slightly at his words. Ikuto could admit that they weren't the best chosen, but the smiles on the two faces before him didn't lessen the least.

Nagi was the quickest to think of a response to Ikuto's statement. "I'm glad things haven't changed that much in four years. You're still the same old mangy cat you were back then, I see."

After being silent for only a moment, the four of them laughed together. They ordered drinks and some food and ate while they caught up. Ikuto learned that after getting Rima pregnant, he married her and lives with her in her mansion. Her parents are happy that Nagi's sticking around though they are still rough on the young couple. Ikuto also learned that Amu is seeing someone, though no one would say who the lucky guy was.

They paid the bill and all stood to leave. Ikuto caught Amu's arm before she could scurry out the door. "What are you doing now? Want to go for a walk with me?"

Amu stared up at him for a minute before smiling and agreeing. "Sure, I have time before I'm meeting your sister. Did you want to walk back to your house?"

Seeing as that was really his only option, Ikuto agreed. They emerged from the café and began walking down the street in silence. Ikuto thought back to all the times before when Amu would try her best to have a conversation with him or would be complaining about the routes he took her along. Now she was just contently walking in silence, as if she really couldn't care less if Ikuto was entertained or not by her. She had definitely changed the most out of everyone.

He was just about to open his mouth to ask her if she was happy with her boyfriend when he was shoved from behind. Amu turned with a startled look as she found Ikuto flying a step forward.

Catching his balance before he fell to the ground, Ikuto turned around in confusion. "What the hell?"

A boy with shaggy blonde hair and a mean look stood before them. His clothes were dirty and torn and his face and bare skin were filthy. Amu took a closer look before she gasped. "T-Tadase?"

Ikuto was beyond shocked to see his once little brother like friend standing before him in such a state. "Is that really you, Kiddy King?"

The blonde scoffed as he spoke to himself. "Pretends like he can't recognize the king!" "I know, but I can't believe he had the nerve to come back!" "Just ignore him and maybe he'll leave again." "How should I do that? He's already looking at me." "Shouldn't have pushed him." "But I was angry!"

Ikuto only looked to Amu for help. She sighed before leaning towards him to explain. "After you left, kissed my cheek with the promise to make me fall in love with you, Tadase went crazy. They tried to help him out but he developed a second personality and ran away from home. He's like a stray cat now. He won't let anyone get close enough to help him. He thinks he's the king."

If Ikuto was shocked before then it was nothing compared to how he felt now. "He went crazy because I said that I was going to make you fall in love with me?"

"He went crazy because he thought that I'd date him after you left and I turned him down."

"Why'd you turn him down?"

"Because I was waiting for you."

Ikuto felt anger more than anything else by her words. Obviously she may have been waiting at first but now she definitely wasn't. Instead of responding to her words, Ikuto turned back towards Tadase. He used to protect the boy so he felt the need to help him now. "Come on, kid. Let's get you home and cleaned up."

His hand didn't have a chance to touch Tadase's wrist before the blonde was yelling. "Don't touch me! How dare a commoner like you attempt to touch the king!"

With that, he turned and ran. Ikuto was frozen on the spot before he turned his head to stare at an equally baffled Amu. Finally she turned back to look at Ikuto. "I told you that he wouldn't let anyone help him. He's been picked up by the police a couple of times but they keep letting him go because he isn't harming anyone and when they try to send him to his house, he just runs away again."

There wasn't another option besides following along behind Amu as she led the way back to his house. Ikuto was surprised to find Utau waiting in the entryway for them. She barely acknowledged her brother before grabbing Amu and dragging her up the stairs. Amu sent a small smile over her shoulder as she disappeared from view.

Kukai looked up from his designated spot on the bed as Utau came in with Amu in tow.

"What were you doing with my brother?"

Amu blushed a little before glancing over at Kukai. "I met him earlier when I was at a café to eat lunch with Nagi and Rima. He joined us and then we walked home together. Ran into Tadase as well, that's why I was a little late getting here. We just talked a little about the past. That was it."

"Does he know yet?"

Amu was startled by the harshness of Kukai's question. Her explanation was enough to calm Utau for the moment, but Kukai sounded upset. "He knows that I'm seeing someone. He doesn't know who."

"That isn't good enough, Amu."

The pinkette watched as Kukai lifted himself off of Utau's bed and headed in their direction. "I know that."

"I'm going to go downstairs and let you guys have some privacy for a little bit. Pray that something doesn't just slip out if I run into Ikuto."

Kukai exited the room, leaving a baffled Amu and Utau to stare after him as he shut the door. With a smile on his face, he listened as the lock clicked before he moved down the hallway. Ikuto opened the door to his room just as Kukai was passing it, startling the younger boy.

"Oh, hey Kukai."

Kukai blushed a little due to his obvious jump before smiling up at Ikuto. "Hey Tsukiyomi. I heard you ran into Tadase earlier. How are you doing?"
With a sigh, Ikuto joined Kukai in the hallway. "Are you heading for the kitchen? I'll come with you and we can talk there."

Kukai only nodded before he led the way to the kitchen. Once there he wasted no time in making himself a sandwich and getting something to drink. Ikuto just went for a glass of milk and a couple of cookies.

"It was hard watching him deteriorate to what he is now. I'm sure it was harder for you to run into him today since you weren't here and probably didn't know. Amu tells people it is because she rejected him, but I think it has more to do with losing Kiseki. The little guy went back in his egg and Tadase felt truly alone."

Ikuto was quiet as Kukai spoke. He knew how hard it was for someone when their chara went back into their egg but he and Kukai were obviously fine with the transition. What happened to Tadase? "There must have been something else to hurt him so badly. The boy is mentally damaged. I used to take care of him, you know? I was like his older brother. Knowing that I wasn't here to help him makes me feel like I failed."

With a swift movement, Kukai was at Ikuto's side. He patted the other man's arm as he spoke. "Don't be too hard on yourself. You weren't here. We were and we still couldn't do anything. I've known Tadase for years. We were Guardians together and everything. It hurts me badly to see him like that, but at least I know that he's still physically healthy. The people sort of look out for him. Food gets left out where he can find it and when someone notices that he needs new shoes or clothes, he somehow finds them."

Shaking his head, Ikuto couldn't believe that this was how everything turned out. The prince of the school lived on the streets. "I tried to bring him home earlier. We didn't just run into him. He shoved me from behind. Tadase recognized me enough to blame me even if he had a little fight with himself right afterwards about me."

Kukai looked a little surprised by that news. "Usually he won't acknowledge who anyone is. He won't even look at his parents when they call his name."

Ikuto's look turned sour. "I guess that just means that out of everyone, he hates me the most."

Kukai laughed at that. "I don't think that's true. Maybe the real Tadase saw you and figured that out of everyone, you cared the most to do what he really needs."

One of his slender eyebrows raised up his forehead at those words. "And what does he need?"

"Someone to force him off the streets and get the attention he needs. He needs to go to a good mental facility that can house him twenty four seven and start him on therapy. No one will do it though since he screams whenever people touch him and he seems happy to be on the streets."

Ikuto thought it over before pulling out his phone. Kukai watched him walk out of the kitchen to make a few phone calls. Waiting for his return, Kukai tried one of the cookies that Ikuto had gotten out but really hadn't eaten. Amu's baking skills were always improving and the cookie was proof of them getting better.

Entering back into the kitchen, Ikuto gave Kukai a sad look. "I just spoke with Tadase's parents. If I pay for everything, they will consent."

"So what are you going to do?"

"Help him."

Kukai beamed at the older boy before once again patting him on the arm. "I knew you were really just a big softy! Amu used to talk about how perverted you are! I have yet to see that side of you."

Taken aback by that comment, Ikuto let a smirk form on his mouth. He took a step forward and cornered Kukai against the cabinets. "Oh, would you like me to be perverted to you?"

A hint of pink colored Kukai's cheeks as he stared up at the other boy in surprise. "W-what?"

Chuckling, Ikuto backed off before putting on a serious face. "Thanks for helping out though. I'm pretty sure it would have taken me a lot longer to come to the decision to do something about Tadase if you hadn't talked to me about him. Amu didn't seem to actually care about him much considering she once had a huge crush on the boy."

"Yeah well, Amu's mind is really only filled with one person these days."

"So I heard that she was dating someone. I guess it's a boy I haven't met since all the boys that were her friends before I left are occupied."

Kukai wasn't sure what Ikuto was talking about. The brown haired boy wasn't seeing anyone, but he didn't have a chance to say that before Ikuto was leaving the kitchen. "Hey! Where are you going?"

Ikuto threw a smirk back over his shoulder as he continued to walk away. "I'm going to go research good mental hospitals for Tadase."

Kukai nodded before checking his watch. Utau and Amu had had enough time to get everything sorted out. "If you need any help with him just let me know. I still consider him one of my best friends."

Ikuto nodded before disappearing completely.

Kukai let out a sigh before slowly following the path of the older boy. However, he didn't go into Ikuto's room like Ikuto had. He went to Utau's door and tried the handle. The cold object turned in his hand the door opened. As quick as he could, Kukai covered his eyes with his other hand and stuck his head into the room. "Is it safe to come in?"

Giggles reached his ears before Kukai dropped his hand with a smile on his face. "So I just talked to Ikuto in the kitchen. What's with those faces? Oh… no, not about that. We talked about Tadase. Ikuto's going to put him into a hospital and pay for his treatment. I don't know why you used to talk so bad about him, Amu. Ikuto's a great guy."

A scoff met his ears as Kukai slid into the room and shut the door behind him. He joined the two girls on Utau's bed. Utau smiled at the praise directed towards her brother but Amu looked skeptical. "If I didn't know any better, Kukai, I would say that you like him."

"Good thing you know better."

Utau laughed at his response before patting Amu on the head. "I think our little pinkette is onto something here. Every time you disappear these days it is to talk to my brother."

"Would you rather I stayed in your room with you?"

Utau's face showed no discomfort at his words but Amu turned bright red. "N-no! Oh my God! His pervertedness is rubbing off on you!"

Kukai and Utau shared a look before bursting out into laughter that left the other girl on the bed only more embarrassed.


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