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~It Has to be You~

Things really weren't much different now that Kukai had permanently moved in. Within the two weeks that he'd been officially living at their house, Utau noticed how much he and her brother hung out. At first it had only been when they were playing sports, but now she found them watching movies together, eating together, doing everything together. The rock star found it completely adorable.

Though one thing still bothered her. Kukai said that they were still just friends. What was her brother doing? Out of everyone that Utau had ever known, Ikuto was the last one she thought could be so dense. It was time to do something about it. After thinking up the perfect plan, Utau set it into action.

Ikuto exited his room on his way to meet Kukai in the living room so they could head to the park to play catch with a baseball. It was something that neither of them had ever played before so they were willing to try it out. If they liked it then Ikuto would purchase a bat and some better gloves for them to mess around with.

He ran into his sister before he made if far down the hallway. "Oh hey sis."

Utau smirked as she was passing him by so Ikuto didn't see it. "Oh hey Ikuto, I have a question for you."


"There's this really great guy that is working backstage for me now. I'm certain that he's gay and he seems like the dominant type. Do you think I should set him up with Kukai? I bet they'd get along great."

The way his sister asked made Ikuto's mind explode with anger. She was so nonchalant about setting Kukai up with some random guy. His Kukai! They were best friends! Ikuto didn't want the time he had left at home with the other boy to be filled by some third wheel. "Shouldn't you be asking Kukai?"

Utau only smirked as her brother walked away. His response had been short and hard. His voice was steely and Utau knew that in that moment, he realized something he probably didn't want to acknowledge.

Ikuto was still pissed when he reached the living room. One look at the other boy though made all his anger disappear. "Are you ready?"

Getting up from lazing on the couch, Kukai stretched and nodded. His face turned a shade of pink as he noticed that Ikuto was staring at him. "Y-yes. Are you okay, Ikuto?"

Shaking his head as if to remove the thoughts that had suddenly started to flow through it, Ikuto just nodded. Why? Why had he suddenly become jealous of his own thoughts? The thoughts of some other guy getting to see Kukai relaxing. Of getting to watch Kukai's hard, lithe body stretching and moving as they played sports. The feeling had come on so quickly. Ikuto had never felt it before. Not even when he was certain that he was in love with Amu. Sure, he'd been jealous when Amu would talk about her crush on Tadase, but Ikuto had never been concerned about it. This made him worried and Ikuto didn't like it.


It was official. Ikuto didn't think it was possible, but he could no longer deny it. While at the park, a couple of other guys had approached the two as they were playing. Apparently they knew Kukai from school and started to tease him. One went as far as to try and touch Ikuto's best friend. The angry older man had put a stop to the harassment in an instant.

The boy that had tried to touch his Kukai ended up on the ground with a cut lip and a bleeding nose. Kukai had quickly pulled Ikuto out of the park as the other boys stared at them in surprise. One had yelled a comment about Kukai not always having his stronger lover around to protect him.

The comment was what made Ikuto realize what he did. Kukai's face had turned bright red upon hearing it, but something inside of Ikuto just felt right. He wanted to turn around and demand the boy to try and find Kukai when Ikuto wasn't there to protect him.

The worst part about discovering the fact that he could possibly have strong feelings for the other male was the phone call he received upon coming home. Apparently the rest of the world was demanding him to come back. His little vacation was set to end within the next week and Ikuto really didn't want to go. Leaving would mean no more time with Kukai. Leaving would mean that Kukai would be alone without a male friend again. Leaving would mean a lot of pain and sadness for Ikuto and he decided he didn't want that.

Which was why he was currently standing outside of Kukai's old house. In order to do what Ikuto wanted to do, he needed the devil herself to sign some papers. After ringing the doorbell, Ikuto waited.

Not long after, the door opened to reveal a couple of boys that had some of the same qualities as Kukai though none of them were as appealing as their brother. Ikuto was quite pleased to see that. "Is your mother home?"

After a lot of yelling, Ikuto was allowed into the home to meet with the woman who had so many sons. "Can I help you?"

Ikuto swallowed. He knew what he wanted and he wasn't about to leave without it. "I want permission to have Kukai."


Ikuto sighed. That hadn't come out the way he wanted it to. "I just want you to sign some papers, releasing him from your guardianship now since he isn't of age yet. This way you don't have to worry about him if he gets injured or sick. He will no longer be of any concern to you."

The woman sat in silence for a moment. A couple of her older sons were also present. Eyeing Ikuto as if he was going to threaten them and then they'd have to beat him up. "What's in this for you? What could you possibly want with that gay child?"

Holding back his anger, Ikuto decided to continue to be civil. The woman had given birth to the boy he was trying to protect after all. "It shouldn't matter to you. Kukai does not feel safe in returning to this house any longer since you have beaten him and thrown him out. I came in his place to see that you sign these papers. What little ability you have as being a mother should tell you to do what is right for your son and release him to me."

The woman narrowed her eyes. Not only had Ikuto insulted her as a mother but he'd said something she really didn't like. "What do you mean, release him to you?"

So he hadn't been as civil as he wanted to be, oh well. "Look, he isn't old enough to not have a guardian. I will be that for him until he is of age, then Kukai will take care of himself. You obviously have your hands full and I have plenty of time and money to give to the boy. Just let him go."

Once again, the woman's eyes narrowed. "What's your name again?"

Knowing that this wasn't going to go where he wanted it to, Ikuto just answered. "Tsukiyomi Ikuto."

A look of dawning appeared on the lady's face. "I see. You are that rich brat that lives in that huge house. That girl, the rock star, she's your sister. Kukai mentioned that he was friends with her. At first we were excited because if they became a couple then we'd be set for life, but then the idiot had to go and announce that he was gay. What a disgrace. Now you want him? Are you gay too?"

"I don't see how my sexual preference has anything to do with this, but I can assure you that Kukai and Utau could never become a couple as my sister already has someone she loves."

Rolling her eyes, Kukai's used to be mother shifted in her chair. "Like people can't break up. All the little shit had to do was make her fall for him. Not become the girl's gay best friend. But you are the brother, has he finally come to his senses and is now going after you? I always knew that boy was just looking for some rich man to take care of him. I bet he'd put out for anyone."

Ikuto had to physically hold himself back. This woman was no mother and those boys were no brothers. They were all laughing. Laughing! Kukai had been through hell, all seven levels, since he'd come out of the closet and they thought he deserved every second of it. Hell! These were the people that were the hardest on him. "Look, you obviously don't want to deal with him anymore. Just sign the papers and let him go. Like you'd notice anyways with all the brats you have running around."

The oldest, and the strongest by the looks of it, brother started to flex his muscles. "Don't talk to my mother that way."

Ikuto only gave the boy and unconcerned look. "If she was acting in a respectful way then I'd respect her."

That seemed to only piss the boy off more. He took a step towards Ikuto and attempted to smash his fist against the blue haired man's face. Ikuto was too quick, however. He not only dodged the attack, but also grabbed the boy's arm and twisted it behind his back until a pop was heard. The arm wasn't broken or even close to, but it would be sore for the next few days.

The other brothers looked livid by what they saw and started flexing their own muscles the moment they'd heard their brother cry out in pain.

After watching to see if her son was going to win the fight and make the rude man leave, their mother decided to interfere. Apparently she realized that Ikuto could kick the crap out of all of them without ever being hit himself. "Fine. You can have him. He's just a useless boy anyways. I don't care."

Smiling in victory, Ikuto finally left the house he wanted to burn down with all the occupants still in it. The papers were all signed and he drove straight to the local court house to file them. Within two days, Kukai would be officially under his care.


Waiting for Ikuto to get home, Kukai found himself bored. Now that he was living in the house, he didn't spend all of his time in Utau's room. For some reason, the two girls decided that meant they could just have more alone time together. Not that Kukai minded since usually Ikuto was there to keep him company.

At least the older boy used to tell him where he was going every time he left without Kukai at his side. This time, however, Ikuto had been extremely secretive while answering with a shrug before quickly leaving the house before Kukai could ask anything else. That was over three hours ago. Now the brown haired boy was about to die of boredom.

Just when he was imaging what the girls upstairs would do when they found his body, Kukai liked to think that Ikuto would be sad if he died, the door opened to reveal a rather happy looking Ikuto.

Kukai sprang to sit up on the couch. "Welcome back!"

"I'm back."

They shared a smile before Ikuto removed his shoes and sat down next to the younger boy. Kukai only slid over a bit to give the lankier boy more room, though Ikuto still sat rather close to him. Taking pleasure in that thought, Kukai decided to start up a conversation. "So, what do you want to do?"

Ikuto only smirked as he looked back at his best friend. "Missed me, huh? I guess I just can't leave you here alone. Where are the girls?"

"Do you have to ask?"

"Good point."

Kukai rather liked the idea of Ikuto not leaving him behind anymore. Too bad he knew that Ikuto was only back for a short while. The older boy had mentioned it once or twice and though Kukai wasn't sure when Ikuto would have to leave again, he liked to think that he still had plenty of time before he had to worry about that. "You didn't answer my question."

"You didn't answer mine either."

"But I asked first!"


"I am not!"

"Pouting like that only proves my point."

"Humph !" Kukai turned his head so he wouldn't have to see the other boy. Why was he waiting for the stupid head to come back again? He couldn't remember. "I no longer want to hang out with you."

"Ahhh! Kukai, you're breaking my heart."

Eyes widening slightly and cheeks turning red, Kukai swallowed hard. There was no way that Ikuto actually meant that in the way he had, right? "T-too bad!"

Smirking, though Kukai couldn't see it, Ikuto just relaxed. He'd been worried before he left that his meeting would end badly. Now that he had what he wanted, well almost, he could relax a little. Then another thought came to mind. Kukai didn't know that he'd be leaving soon. He had to tell him. "Hey Kukai, can I ask you for a favor?"

Turning back as he forgot why he was mad in the first place, Kukai only smiled. "Sure! What is it?"

"I got a call from my manager yesterday. I'll be leaving again at the end of next week. Help me put together a party so the few people I know in this town can say goodbye. I really have no idea how long I'll be gone again."

Heartbroken. That was the only word to describe the way Kukai felt as Ikuto asked him for a favor. Why did it have to be about that? Why couldn't Ikuto be asking for a backrub or something along those lines? Crestfallen, Kukai nodded his head. His throat seemed a little dry and he had to choke out his reply. "Sure."

"Thanks man! I'm going to go take a shower. Want to watch a movie tonight? We could make popcorn."

Swallowing back his pain, Kukai forced a grin on his face and nodded.


Standing in his room, Ikuto had never felt happier. The reaction he'd just gotten out of the younger male told him that Kukai didn't want him to leave again. Well that just worked perfectly for Ikuto. He only hoped that everything would work out.

Kukai waited outside the door until he heard the shower running. As soon as the water started flowing, Kukai took off for Utau's room. Without bothering to knock, a dangerous act in itself, he burst through the door to find Utau lying on her bed while Amu was at the desk on the other side of the room. Letting out a breath of relief, Kukai ran to the blonde. "Utau!"

Seeing the distress and hearing the angst, Utau shot up to a sitting position as Kukai nestled his way into her lap. "What happened?"

Kukai didn't bother to hold back his tears. Ikuto tended to take about twenty minutes in the shower, not that Kukai was stalking him, so he had plenty of time to cry and wash his face. "Ikuto is leaving!"

Utau didn't know what to do for a few moments. What she feared was actually happening. Her brother would be leaving and she doubted the man was going to confess before he left, especially since it didn't work out to well the first time for him. "Oh baby!"

Tears streamed down his face as he cried into Utau's lap. Her fingers ran through his hair as he let it all out. A second set of hands appeared on his back to rub some circles on it. Kukai was glad that he had Amu and Utau to help him relax and calm down. "Wh-what am I going t-to do?"

Being the dense girl she was, Amu wasn't too certain why Kukai was reacting the way he was. "It will be okay. Ikuto will come back again."

"You don't get it, Amu! I love him!"


"You are so cute when you are dense."

"Utau! This isn't the time for you to flirt with your girlfriend! I'm in major emotional pain!"

Sighing, Utau pulled the still crying man up. "Don't worry so much. Ikuto isn't the type to just leave and forget about you. I am certain that the friendship between the two of you has grown strong enough that Ikuto will want to come back as often as he can to see you. I doubt he'd leave without getting you a cellphone so you can stay in touch that way. Now, why are you here instead of being with him?"

"He's in the shower."

Utau nodded in understanding before giving Kukai another hug. "Go wash your face and get ready for whatever you'll be doing with him tonight. Don't worry so much, Kukai. I know that everything will be alright.

Feeling only slightly better, Kukai raced out of the bedroom and to his own so that he'd be waiting downstairs for Ikuto like nothing had ever happened.


The party went rather well. It was more Amu's friends that were there since Ikuto didn't really have many. The pregnant Rima and the doting Nagihiko. The rather full of themselves lesbian couple, Utau and Amu and of course Kukai. Yaya and Kairi had been invited and they'd promised to show up but had yet to make an appearance. Apparently they were dating and sometimes lost track of time while together.

Not that Ikuto minded in the slightest. This party was really for an entirely different reason, though none of them knew that. Ikuto wasn't ready to reveal his plan yet. He still had two days before he left to make sure that everything was ready.

However, now it was time for a speech. "So I don't really know you all well, except for the fact that you once hated me." He got a few chuckles for that. "I was gone for so long before that a lot happened in your lives. I'm glad for the things that have happened." A pointed smile to the two couples present. "I really don't know how long I'll be gone this time so I want to wish you all luck with your futures and I hope you live happily."

A small applause followed the short speech. Kukai had forced a smile to be on his lips throughout the entire evening. For some reason he felt like the hostess, even though Utau should be filling that roll, as he made sure that everyone had everything they needed to enjoy the night.

Ikuto noticed right away how busy Kukai was keeping himself. That bothered him for some reason, so he pulled the other boy discreetly out of the living room and into the kitchen before sneaking out the back door.

"Where are we going?"

Ikuto didn't pause as he answered. "Tomorrow we are spending the entire day together. I was already planning on it so you can't say no, but I want to start now. So come on."

With Ikuto tugging on his arm, Kukai had no choice but to follow as he was pulled into Ikuto's car before they drove off. "Okay, so where are you taking me?"

"You'll see."

That was all Kukai could get out of Ikuto during their thirty minute drive to wherever they were going. Not that he minded spending the time with just him and Ikuto, but they had long since left the lights of their town behind, now they were surrounded by darkness.

"Here we are."

"Where is here?"

"Stop trying to spoil the surprise and get out of the car."

After pouting and rolling his eyes, Kukai moved out of the vehicle to see Ikuto pulling out a blanket and a couple of bottles of pop. He spread the blanket not far from the car and motioned for Kukai to join him.

As he moved towards the older boy, Kukai tried to push all thoughts of how this was a romantic like setting. There was no possible way that Ikuto liked him like that, was there? "S-so, you brought me here to sit on a blanket."

Ikuto only chuckled before he pulled Kukai to sit next to him. "Just enjoy the night. Before I left the first time, I used to spend a lot of time walking around the city at night. Then one night, after things got really bad with Easter, I ran until I ended up here. This is about where I collapsed onto the grass, just wanting to give up. Then I opened my eyes and for the first time in a long time I felt calm."

He didn't know why he whispered. Maybe it was because Ikuto was sharing something so personal, but Kukai knew that he couldn't ruin the atmosphere by being noisy and annoying. "Why?"

Ikuto lay down on his back before pulling Kukai to lie down as well. "Just look."

Stars. Stars were everywhere. They filled the sky and were amazingly beautiful. Tears began to fill Kukai's eyes and though he tried to sniff them back, he just couldn't. "What am I going to do without you?"

Silent for only a moment as he thought about telling Kukai his plan but then deciding not to, Ikuto chuckled. He used one of his hands to pull Kukai to him and held him against his chest without saying a word.

Kukai was shocked for a mere second before he cried into Ikuto's chest. He could make up some lame excuse later if Ikuto wanted one. For now he just wanted the comfort that he found where he was. Once his tears dried up, he turned his head so that he was still on Ikuto's chest so he could once again look at the sky. "They really are beautiful. Thank you."

So many lines ran through Ikuto's mind. Some of them were rather bad and none of them fit the mood of the night. Instead of replying, Ikuto just tightened his hold on the other boy.

Together they lay on the blanket, looking at the stars until Kukai started to feel his eyes drooping. He didn't want the night to end so he fought his tiredness, but all too soon Ikuto was shaking him awake. "Wh-what?"

"Come on sleepy head, let's get you home."

"I don't want to go home."

Ikuto chuckled at the pout. "What do you want?"

Kukai blamed it on the fact that he was half asleep and going through some emotional distress. No matter what, he couldn't change what he said. "A kiss."

Ikuto didn't hesitate. His face came down to meet the other boy's so that their lips could touch. It was a light kiss, but it was a kiss that woke Kukai up and made him blush like mad as he allowed Ikuto to pull him back to the car and push him inside.

The car ride home was silent.


The following morning they had breakfast together like nothing had ever happened. Utau had teased them a little about disappearing together and informed them that Kairi and Yaya had eventually shown up and everyone had a great time together. She didn't say a word about the semi tense atmosphere or the fact that every time Kukai met Ikuto's eyes he looked away blushing.

All too soon the two boys were left alone together.

Ikuto was the first to break the silence. After clearing his throat, he spoke. "So, we're spending the day together. What do you want to do first?"

Seeing as how Kukai's immediate answer could never happen, he decided to go with a more innocent one. "How about a little soccer before we go shopping and then we can watch a movie? Maybe we should go out to eat for dinner."

Ikuto only smiled before they went their separate ways to get ready for their day.


The soccer and the shopping went rather well. Ikuto ended up buying some things for Kukai that Kukai argued against, saying that he'd never wear the clothes or that it just wasn't his style. Ikuto didn't listen to him as he bought everything.

Kukai was too much of in a good mood to really argue with Ikuto. The fact that the other man was leaving the next day was hanging over his head, but Kukai refused to let it get him down. Besides, he'd finally beaten Ikuto in soccer. Something he wasn't allowing the older man to live down.

After returning home and putting away their new items, Kukai and Ikuto showered in their respective bathrooms before meeting in the living room to watch a movie on the large screen TV. Kukai started the movie at one side of the couch with Ikuto at the other. By the middle of it, they were sitting together at the middle. By the end, they were snuggling.

After blushing hard, Kukai excused himself to go get ready to go out to eat. Utau and Amu turned them down when he had invited them. Though Kukai didn't know that Ikuto was signaling for them to say no behind his back.

After looking through his clothes for a good ten minutes, Kukai picked out an outfit that showed off his goods while keeping it modest. He wanted Ikuto to look but he didn't want to seem slutty or desperate.

Ikuto was waiting for him at the front door. "You look great. Ready to go?"

Kukai nodded while blushing. Something he did more and more when around Ikuto. For some reason, one he knew rather well, he couldn't help but think of this as a date. They were both dressed up and going out to eat at a nice restaurant, alone together. This had to be a date. "Yes, where are we going to eat?"

"The best restaurant in town."

They ended up at a small, cozy café. Not that Kukai was complaining, but Ikuto must have seen his pout. "Fine, the next time we go out, we'll go to some high class place. Alright?"

Kukai's heart soared. Ikuto had said the next time they go out. Meaning that this wouldn't be the only time. Utau was right. Ikuto wouldn't be gone forever and he definitely cared about their friendship, plus there was that kiss that they still hadn't talked about. "Okay!"

"Why is it so easy to make you happy?"

"Would you rather I be sad or mad all the time?"

"Not at all, I like you this way."

Blushing as he was eating his food, he really needed to stop that whole blood rushing to his face thing, Kukai tried to calm his heart and convince himself that Ikuto didn't mean it in the way it had sounded.

Their dinner lasted long enough for them to get home sort of late. There wasn't much they could do since Ikuto had to be up early to leave for the airport, so they just bid each other good night and headed off to their rooms.

Kukai managed to stay in his room for twenty six minutes before he found the courage to do something that he might regret not doing for the rest of his life. Quietly, he snuck down the hallway, past Utau's door, to stop at Ikuto's. He knocked just as quietly before opening the door a crack. "Ikuto?"


The lights were off and Kukai knew that Ikuto was in his bed. Part of him screamed for him to just turn around and go back to his room, but the other louder part wanted him to do what he was doing. "C-can I… wo-would you m-mind if I-I…"

"Finish your sentence? I wouldn't mind at all."

Kukai let out a weak laugh before he entered the room completely and shut the door behind him. As if finally deciding to do what he was there to do, he locked the door. "Ikuto…"

Sighing, Ikuto sat up in his bed. He wasn't entirely sure where this conversation was heading, but with Kukai not finishing his sentences, and being extremely cute while in his room in the dark while everyone else was sleeping, Ikuto would never know what the other boy wanted. "You can come in."




"What did I do?"

"Y-you k-kissed me!"

Smirking though Kukai couldn't see it in the dark, Ikuto slowly slinked out of his bed and made towards the figure still standing close to his door.

Despite it being dark, Kukai could see the figure coming towards him, making his heart race more. "Wh-why?"

Ikuto stopped in front of the boy he recently discovered his love for. "Because I like you. I'm about to do it again so stop me if you don't want to."

Kukai barely had time to form any sort of reply before Ikuto's lips took away his ability to think. Strong arms wrapped around his body to hold him up while heat coursed through him. A moan escaped Kukai's lips as Ikuto licked his bottom lip.

Not wasting his chance, Ikuto slipped his tongue into the other boy's mouth to really discover what the sport loving male tasted like. The flavor, Kukai's flavor, was amazing. Ikuto had to pull away. Neither of them could breathe. So he pulled away but didn't release the other boy. "Stay with me tonight?"

Kukai only nodded before he felt his body being lifted off the floor and into a chest. He was carried to the bed before gently placed on it. Ikuto was quick to move on top of him to continue their kisses.

Moans again escaped his mouth as Kukai wrapped his arms tightly around Ikuto's neck. If Ikuto suddenly came to his senses and realized he was kissing another guy then Kukai had a chance to keep the older boy trapped in his grip.

Ikuto was in no way going to stop what he was doing. Everything felt so good and right. Any doubts he had about Kukai not liking him in return disappeared rather quickly. His plan only seemed sweeter now that he knew that the other boy at least liked him back in that way, but Ikuto wanted to hear it once. "Kukai."


"Do you love me?"

Kukai froze for only a second. "Yes."

"Can I have you?"


"Let me make love to you tonight."

At that, Kukai was silent for longer than a second. Almost a full minute passed by before Kukai finally nodded his head. He couldn't pass this chance up. Besides, Ikuto had already confessed to liking him and he'd called it 'making love' and not sex.

Without giving the other boy a chance to change his mind, Ikuto stripped them of their clothing and began pressing kisses on the body he knew so well. Playing sports against the younger male had made both of them define their muscles more. Ikuto had felt Kukai's as they came into contact during their games. This was completely different, however. This was tasting and feeling the muscles in an entirely new way. Ikuto liked it much more.

Kukai didn't know what to do. There was so much pleasure being given to his body at the same time that he wasn't sure if he was going to make it through to the other side of this. Everything felt too good. Ikuto's hands, Ikuto's mouth, Ikuto's name spilling out of his lips as he moaned. He couldn't do much more than just lay there and allow for Ikuto to take him.

Not having anything else to use, Ikuto pushed three of his fingers into Kukai's mouth. "Suck please."

Kukai complied.

Ikuto moaned before he removed his now slick fingers and allowed them to trail their way down the body he was nowhere close to being done tasting. "This might hurt a little or be uncomfortable. Trust me and I'll make you feel good."

Kukai wanted to argue that he already felt too damn good so there wasn't much else Ikuto could do. However, all thoughts were lost the moment something sleek and long entered him. Moaning, Kukai arched his back a little as Ikuto placed more kisses on his chest, making sure to pay extra attention to his nipples. Kukai almost didn't notice the second finger entering him.

Ikuto knew that this would only get more painful before it got better so he decided to distract his little lover. Trailing kisses down the smooth, hard chest brought Ikuto to Kukai's erection. Until this moment he had sort of ignored the other man's member, being new to being gay, Ikuto wasn't sure what he was supposed to do.

Then Kukai made a noise as Ikuto pressed a kiss at the top of his pelvis. Liking the sound, Ikuto began to place more kisses lower, until he was face to face with Kukai's erection. Though the younger boy wasn't as well-endowed as Ikuto was, he was by no means small. Deciding to just go for it, Ikuto took the erection into his free hand and began to pump it.

Kukai began thrashing on the bed. Ikuto was jerking him off while fingering his hole. There was too much to take all at once. He was going to come soon if this kept up. Even the addition of a third finger didn't do much to make him step back from that ledge.

The moment Ikuto decided to taste Kukai, Kukai came. Straight into Ikuto's mouth. And even though the older boy hadn't been expecting it, he still swallowed it all.

Seeing as how Kukai was rather relaxed now that he'd come once, Ikuto decided he was ready for the real deal. "Kukai, I'm going to put it in now. Tell me if it hurts."

Nodding through his post orgasmic haze, Kukai tried to prepare himself. All too soon his legs were being spread wider apart as Ikuto settled between them. Something much bigger than fingers, hotter too, was pressed against his twitching hole. Moaning as Ikuto began to push in, Kukai did his best to ignore the pain. Though it was difficult for him to handle it, he didn't voice his complaints since he didn't want Ikuto to stop.

Once he was fully sheathed. Ikuto waited until Kukai unscrunched his face before he planted a kiss on the other man's lips. "You're doing great, love."

Nodding his head, Kukai gave his signal for Ikuto to continue. After the first few painful thrusts, Kukai felt a little better. A little more comfortable. He didn't hate it. Nothing Ikuto did could ever make Kukai hate the man. "Go a l-little fa-faster please."

Ikuto was only too happy to comply. Kukai was so tight and hot. "God Kukai, you feel so good."

Now that Ikuto was picking up the pace and most of the discomfort was gone, Kukai understood why sex felt so good. Little streams of pleasure were once again racing throughout his body as Ikuto moved within him. Then, Ikuto's erection his something to make Kukai's vision go white and his entire body to react. "H-Hit that again!"

Smirking, Ikuto knew that he'd found the spot he'd been looking for. Angling his thrusts, he made sure to hit the same spot every time. It didn't take many more thrusts to have Kukai's nails digging into Ikuto's back and for the smaller boy to be moaning his name wantonly. "You like that?"

"Ye-yes! Ikuto!"

"Keep saying my name. I want to hear it when you come again."

Like Kukai could think of anything else to say. His mind was slowly slipping out of his control as Ikuto dominated him and every one of his senses. "Oooh God! S-so good!"

"You are so tight. I just want to stay inside of you forever."

Kukai could feel it coming. The same drop, the same sensation as before was approaching. He didn't want it to. He didn't want this to end. There was little he could do to stop it though. "I-Ikuto, I'm… I'm…com-coming!"

"Scream my name."


Groaning, Ikuto attempted to keep thrusting as Kukai's walls constricted around him. His own released was just seconds away and he couldn't possibly hold it back now that his erection was being massaged within that already tight heat. "Kukai, so good. I'm going to come too."


That one stuttered word was Ikuto's downfall. He came and he came hard, filling Kukai completely. "Oh God, Kukai."

Panting, both men attempted to fight their lungs for air. Finally, Ikuto pulled out of the boy he was still in and pulled his equally tired lover to his chest. "Let's sleep now."

Kukai nodded as he snuggled closer to Ikuto. Just before he fell asleep he decided to ask two questions. "Do you love me too?"

Ikuto chuckled before he planted a kiss on Kukai's sweaty hair. "Yes."



"Do I have to go the airport tomorrow? Can't I just say goodbye when you leave the house? I don't want to cry in front of everyone."

Ikuto thought it over. His lover was so cute, but his plans would be ruined if Kukai wasn't at the airport. "No, I want you to go. I need you to go. Sleep now, we can deal with it tomorrow."

Wishing he had the ability to stay awake for a little while longer and enjoy Ikuto's warmth, Kukai fell asleep.


"You know what to do, Utau. If he finds out before I want him to though, I'll kill all of you."

Utau only nodded before she scurried away to do what her brother asked of her. Kukai was in for one hell of a surprise, though Utau couldn't really say that she was surprised considering all the noises and sounds she and Amu had heard coming from her brother's room the night before.

Kukai passed her as he made his way into the kitchen and she was leaving it. "Morning Utau."


Frowning at all the excitement radiating from his best friend, Kukai continued his route into the kitchen to find himself alone with Ikuto. He thought for only a moment that things would be awkward between them considering what they'd done the night before, but Kukai decided to just not act that way. Instead he walked right up to Ikuto and snuggled into his side. He earned a chuckle and a small kiss on the lips for his actions.

"Good morning sleepy head. Good thing you woke up or I was going to have to wake you up."

Something about the way Ikuto said what he did sent shivers down Kukai's spine. "I-I wouldn't have minded."

Ikuto only laughed again before stealing one more kiss. "Eat you breakfast so we can leave for the airport."

Once again, Kukai frowned at how happy everyone seemed to be. Didn't they understand that Ikuto was leaving and that he didn't know when he'd be coming back? How could anyone be happy? Kukai was miserable. "Fine."

Ikuto smirked at the pout but held himself back from doing anything else. Even if the limp was very slight, he'd seen it and knew that Kukai was definitely feeling the repercussions of their doings of the night before. "Don't be so down. Everything will be okay."

Kukai only scowled at his lover before eating his breakfast and leaving to get dressed for the airport.

Ikuto had everything ready. Now he just needed to get there.


All of the same people from the party were there at the airport to bid Ikuto farewell. Kukai did his best to hold back his tears and hide his pain. Apparently he wasn't doing a good job of it since everyone was hugging him as well. How could even Rima and Nagi, two people so busy with their own lives that they didn't even know he was gay, see that he was hurting.

The best part about the whole thing was the fact that Ikuto never let go of his hand. Every once in a while their eyes would meet. Ikuto would smirk and Kukai would blush before looking away. This was pure torture for the younger boy. He didn't think that when the time came, he'd be able to let his newfound lover go.

The call for Ikuto's flight came over the intercom and Ikuto looked at the group facing him once more. "Thanks for coming. Take care of yourselves."

Kukai was almost devastated as Ikuto began to walk away. Albeit, his hand was still holding Ikuto's so he went too, but Kukai knew it was time for his goodbye. They reached the checkpoint and Kukai stopped their movements. "Ikuto, I'll wait for you. I mean, really wait for you, unlike some other people."

A quick glance was sent to Amu by several people and she just blushed.

Ikuto smirked before pulling Kukai into his arms. "I don't want you to wait for me."

"Wha…. Why not?"

Tears filled those beautiful eyes and Ikuto couldn't help but place a kiss on the younger man's lips. "Because I'm taking you with me."

Kukai pushed away only enough to see the honesty in Ikuto's eyes. "What?"

"I went to see your mother the other day when I didn't tell you where I was going. I forced her to sign some papers that release you from her care and place you in mine. As your guardian, I am demanding that you accompany me. As your lover, I'm asking you. I'll get on my knees if you want."

"N-no, that's not… you did that… for me? But you could have anyone!"

Ikuto smirked before he leaned in closer. "It has to be you. I won't love anyone else. So, come with me?"

Kukai could only nod before the tickets were handed over and he found himself walking hand in hand with the man he loved to live an entirely new life. He didn't regret it for a moment.


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