My conspiracy 365

Week 4

It had been a week since the library incident. Mia was still in hospital. The doctors said it was the worst broken bone they had ever seen. Anyway it was my first day back today. I was reluctant to come to school so mum let me stay home because of what happened.

"Hey Lynnie, how's Mia?" Lui asked as I walked in the front gate.

"The doctors are gonna keep her for a while. She's in a lot of pain. They're gonna keep an eye on her." I answered. I had hardly left her side since it happened. For some reason I felt bad that I came out with just a few scratches and Mia had the worst broken leg doctors had ever seen. I kept thinking about what she said before we were rescued. Someone hit me, I saw them, they were watching us. It rang through my head like melodic church bells. Lui noticed my confusing expression and asked

"Are you all right? You look like you've seen a ghost." I was about to answer Lui's question when I noticed Winter, casually walking into school. Something was different about her though, she was limping for one thing, but it wasn't that.

"Can we go to the library please?" I asked. Lui looked shocked

"Are you sure? I mean you've had a pretty rough time in there." I started walking towards the library and heard Lui mumble,

"To the library it is"

As we walked towards the library we noticed police officers walking around. Note pads, pens and phones at hand. I was wondering if they were questioning people. We got to the library doors to see police tape across the entry. I stared, looking at the blood on the ground where Mia had laid only a week before. Lui put her arm around me, my first reaction was to step away. I ducked under the tape and started walking towards the blood,

"Hey kid, this is a crime scene. Whata ya think ya doin'" a police officer grabbed my arm. I looked him in the eye,

"a crime scene?" Lui came in and joined herself in the conversation. "I thought it was just a wiring problem"

"Yeah, someone messin' with the wires. Anyway I shouldn't be tellin' you this" the officer snapped. I decided not to tell the officer that I was involved. But Lui, as usual, thought other wise,

"Excuse me, Lynnie was here when it happened, she's one of the victims!" Lui pointed at me and the officer stared. Hey put his arm on my shoulder, I was beginning to hate people doing that.

"I'm afraid were gonna have to ask you some questions" he eventually said. I stood there for a moment and then turned, we were heading towards the door when I ran off. People were calling out to me, I could hear Lui running behind me. I ran straight to the hideout.

The hide out wasn't really a hide out. It was just the abandoned bathrooms. I ran in Lui close behind

"You care to tell me what the problem is?" she sat down beside me. "Why don't you just go to the questioning?"

"Because Lui, they're right this wasn't an accident" she looked at me

"What do you mean?"

"Someone was watching us." I said "they were waiting for us. They turned out the lights and locked the door and hit Mia!" I put my head in my hands.

"I thought she tripped or something. That's what the news said."

"That's what everyone thinks. But before we were rescued, she told me that she was hit. That we were being watched"

"Then tell the police that Lynnie! They need to know!" I stood up, Lui was right. The police need to know the truth. But I needed to hear the story from Mia first. I left the bathrooms and headed towards the gates.

"I'm going Lui, I need to go to the hospital and talk to Mia. I need you to keep the cop busy until I get back,"

"I'll keep the popo's outta your way, don't worry" I smiled

"Just tell the tachers I was feeling sick and went home to get my medication" I turned and walked out the front gates. I needed to hear the full story from Mia, I needed to know what was happening next…