*SLAM! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Creak… SLAM!* the sound of someone's rage resonating off the walls of the hideout wasn't unusual…but this was insane. Konan sighed as she knocked on the now nearly split in half bedroom door.

"Go away…" the muffled voice said.

"What happened?"

"Just leave me alone Konan"

"Well do you want to-" she was cut off by the door opening

"No I don't want to 'talk about it' I want to be left the fuck alone!" Konan found the door slammed in her face. About that time Kakuzu walked in,

"What happened to the door?" Konan glared at him.

"Funny you should ask as a matter of fact it was YOUR GIRLFRIEND!" Honestly how could he be so oblivious…?

"That's what I -" he was cut off

"EX-girlfriend!" a robust woman screeched. "As you can clearly see he is now with me."

Konan was shocked. Kuzu had been dating her best friend for YEARS. "When did THIS happen?"

"About a week ago." "Kaguya!" "Well YOU said you've been through with her for years." The door creaked open again. "If we've been over for 'years', Why am I NOW just hearing about it. HMM?" Konan looked into the grey/blue eyes of her best friend. The pain was written all over the blondes face. He had been cheating on her and she had caught him in the act. The younger girl poofed away to be alone for awhile. Konan looked at the couple.

"You DISGUST me." She muttered under her breath as they walked away.

"Who disgusts you Konan-chan?" Tobi asked as he walked up behind her.

"Kakuzu… he just threw Deidara's love for him aside in favor of a more experienced lover."

"What a Jerk." Itachi muttered as he walked by. "If I had a woman like Dei I'd do everything to keep her." Konan stared at the raven haired Uchiha. Did he just indirectly admit that he had feelings for said blonde?

(Meanwhile with said blonde)

"Please Kisame?"

"Forget it runt. If I'm going to get arrested it's NOT going to be for supplying a MINOR with alcohol!"

"I turn 20 in two weeks!"

"I don't care. Until May 9th rolls around, you're still underage."


"I said NO you little TWERP!" the shark man growled at her and she walked away sulking. It just wasn't fair being the youngest member. At 19 she couldn't go to the bar, or smoke, or, Kami forbid, even TOUCH a bottle of booze without Leader threatening to "tan her hide".

"You SUCK Jaws!" she flipped him off over her shoulder. "You all do..." the salty hot tears ran out of the corners of her eyes.

"Anything wrong Dei-chan?" a casually cool voice asked. she looked in the direction from whence it had come.

"Oh nothing Uchiha!" she spat. quickly turning the visible half of her face away. if anyone was going to see her cry it sure as hell wasn't going to be this bastard.

"I get why you're upset... Kakuzu's an asshole and you're hurt by what he did to you. you just want the booze to get rid of the pain." Itachi sighed. "Have you considered other options? like frozen cookie dough and crappy movies?"

"what could you POSSIBLY understand about how I feel?" she spat. the next instant a bottle was being slid into her hands.

"It's nonalcoholic, but it does the trick." he sighed. "It helped me get through a rough time. you know, after..." he grew quiet.

"... You never wanted to kill them did you?" she asked quietly. "Your family?" the raven haired one shook his head slightly.

"Orders are orders... if it hadn't happened there could have been a revolt." the blonde chuckled.

"Thats the difference between you and me. You acted on orders from your village. I realized my village was wrong and acted against them." she said dryly.