Well I should probably be updating my other stories, but this plot bunny was hammering a nail into my head and my muse was screaming in my ear. (My friend told me to call the humane society but the bunny was so cute I couldn't be that heartless.) So here it is. Just a drabble but something nevertheless!

Disclaimer: I obviously don't own Naruto. XD

I have been called many things: A tool, a weapon, a puppet, a Shinobi.

Trained from early childhood to kill, to be void of emotion, to abandon friends on the battlefield. Shinobi must always follow orders without question. To commit the crime, the sin, the murder. All without asking: Why? Will someone miss them? Will their loved ones weep for them? Do they have a family, or are they just like me; a tool controlled by a greater force.

Shinobi rule number twenty-five states "A Shinobi must never shed tears." but can a child do that after watching a close friend bleed out while they stand not knowing what to do? After all they are children.

Sometimes when I was young I would ask those questions. Silently scream to the sky as flesh ripped beneath my blade and the smell of fresh blood saturated the air.

Is this who I am? A puppet, a tool, a murderer. Is this who I want to be? Why did I choose this life?

Some say I was a child prodigy, able to kill without remorse and complete the mission no matter what. Shinobi are taught to kill heartlessly, never shed tears, show no emotion, always obey orders and to never ask questions, but everytime I see the life flow from the eyes of my victim and see the blood spill, tainting the ground with rust, a part of me breaks.

I chose this way of life and I will stay by my decision. Those I knew and loved may be gone but they will live on inside of me. I will change this world and strive to be better.

Am I naïve to think that maybe there really is such a thing as peace?

I hope you liked it. Please comment!

(EDITED 6/24/2015: Wow, this is old, and kinda bad... I've decided to keep it up here for nostalgic purposes.)