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One week later

Tony glanced over his shoulder when he heard the front door open and close and the other man entered the house. He shot him a trademark DiNozzo smile and received a full-blown grin in return. The sight of a smiling Gibbs still made his knees weak and he focused his attention back on the pasta he was making to keep himself from eating Gibbs instead. At this rate, he'd probably starve to death if he didn't get some solid food into his stomach soon.

Apart from the hour it had taken Tony to collect a few of his things and drive over to the house, the two men had spent the entire past week in each other's company and much to Tony's surprise, Gibbs didn't seem to grow tired of his antics just yet.

He hadn't hear the older man's approach and he jumped slightly when he felt two muscled arms circle around his waist. He was tugged against Jethro's strong chest and couldn't resist rubbing his ass against the other man's crotch. He groaned low in his throat when he realized Gibbs was already hard and he arched his back again.

"Gibbs… I need to eat. My boss didn't give me time to eat today so I'm starved."

Tony could feel Gibbs smiling against his neck and he tried to escape the other man's strong grip. He was only held tighter in response and the silver haired man jerked down his sweats with one hand while he grabbed a bottle of olive oil with the other.

"Jethro…" this time, Tony's voice was barely a whisper and the way he breathed Jethro's name only seemed to fuel the older man's fire.

"Sssh", his boss interrupted him, "we'll just call for pizza later."

Gibbs slicked up his hand with the oil and then he took Tony's cock in his slick hand, pumping it a few times in an agonizingly slow pace. The Italian's breath hitched and he tightened his grip on the counter, his knuckles turning white from the strength it took him to keep from coming.

Gibbs bit his earlobe and lapped at it. "You feel so good", he breathed in the younger man's ear and reveled in the low moan that dripped from Tony's lips. He reached lower and cupped Tony's balls, rolling them between his fingers and gently tugging while he softly squeezed his cock head. His slick thumb rubbed over the slit and then he took him into a strong, wet fist again to resume the slow pace of strokes.

Tony couldn't decide between arching his back and making contact with Jethro's hard cock or arch forward into his slick hand. He could feel his orgasm building and he wrapped his hand around Gibbs' wrist to make sure the older man wouldn't stop.

"Don't stop, please don't stop." He moaned as his hips began to move with the movement of Gibbs' strokes.

Gibbs tightened his fist and accelerated the pace, gently squeezing Tony's full balls and he knew perfectly when the younger man in his arms was about to tip over the edge.

"I love you."

That was enough to shove Tony over the edge and the Italian howled in pleasure, shooting hot spurts of cum against the counter. Gibbs kept stroking his cock and pulling his balls, enjoying the way the younger man struggled for breath in his arms. When finally the younger man was so sensitive he couldn't stand the touch anymore, Gibbs turned him around and caught his lips in a searing kiss. He pushed his tongue between Tony's lips and easily dominated his mouth. He grabbed a fistful of hair on the younger man's nape and tugged, angling his head just right to take everything Tony could give him. When he was satisfied with the breathless and oversensitive bundle of nerves that was his Senior Field Agent, he put a hand on top of Tony's head and pushed him down until his knees hit the hardwood floor.

His fingertip pushed against Tony's jaw, making the other man look at the streaks of cum on the surface next to him. Tony didn't hesitate, craned his neck and started lapping. He slowly licked the counter clean and heard Gibbs' labored breaths above him. He looked up, knowing the effect his big green eyes would have on his boss. The older man didn't disappoint him.

He almost tore off the button on his trousers and opened them just enough to take out his cock. He was rock hard and almost came on the spot when he saw Tony's wanton look, eyes glazed over and licking his lips without even being aware of it. He wrapped his fingers around his erection and started to pump it slowly in front of the Italian's face. He planned to tease the younger man just a little while longer but he laughed when Tony bit his upper leg in protest.

"You want this?"

A nod.

Jethro pretended to take that into consideration and looked doubtful.

"Pretty sure I can do it better." He stroked faster but Tony stopped him again with an iron grip on his wrist. He craned his neck and lapped at the tip of Jethro's dick, earning a low growl.

"If you insist…", the older man pressed out, "better make it good." He took his cock in his hand and pushed the head between Tony's lips, tossing his head back when the eager Agent immediately started to suck it with great enthusiasm. Tony took the throbbing cock a little further into his wet mouth and soon, Jethro was silently thanking the Marine Corps for giving him the strength he now needed to keep from ramming his cock down the younger man's throat.

Tony backed off a little more and licked the slit, grinning slightly when Jethro's eyes narrowed. His wet tongue lapped at the tip and Gibbs found himself rapidly approaching the limit of his self control. He grabbed his cock by the base and cupped the back of Tony's neck with his other hand, holding the man in place when he shoved his cock deeper between his willing lips. He pulled back and immediately pushed back in, moaning when he felt Tony's tongue started meeting his thrusts.

"God, yesss", he hissed in pleasure as he continued pushing into Tony's mouth. "Such a good cocksucker. Always pleasing me." He knew Tony would do anything to please him and the younger man sucked even harder at his obvious approval.

His orgasm started to build slowly and he pulled out his cock, pushing his balls closer to Tony's face as his grip on Tony's hair tightened.


Without hesitation, Tony took his sac into his mouth and lapped over the sensitive flesh, sucking and licking like his life depended on it. Gibbs jerked himself off and he felt himself rapidly approaching his climax.

"Oh, fuck yeah." He took Tony's jaw in a strong grip and angled his face upward so pleading green eyes met his.

"You want this?" Tony nodded rapidly but Jethro just kept stroking himself faster, doing absolutely no effort to bite back his moans.

"Such a good slut. I'm gonna give you every single drop, right on your pretty face."

Tony moaned loudly and closed his eyes at the overwhelming gratification that coursed through his veins.

Gibbs squeezed his cockhead and jerked hard, howling when he tipped over the edge. He shot load after load of cum and watched how it hit Tony's face. He milked every last drop and then he shoved his cock back into Tony's mouth, moaning when the younger man cleaned his dick. Tony licked until he was soft and only then he released his cock with a soft 'pop' from his glistening lips.

He reached out and retrieved a box of tissues from a drawer next to them, gently cleaning off Tony's face. He crouched down, took the younger man's face between his hands and kissed him softly.

"God. You're a kinky bastard."

Tony threw his head back and laughed. When he noticed Gibbs' frown, he sobered.

"What? What's wrong?"

Jethro looked away for a moment before he looked back at Tony with worried eyes.

"I didn't go too hard on you, did I?"

"Oh, Jethro." Tony smiled as he stroked Gibbs' cheek. "If I remember correctly, I asked you for this, didn't I?"

When the older man didn't respond, Tony smile broadened.

"Now, what exactly are you worried about? Are you worried you hurt me, or worried because it turned you on more than you thought it would?"

A smile tugged at the corners of Gibbs' mouth and Tony smiled too.

"I guess we're both kinky bastards", he grinned as he tugged Jethro closer for a sweet kiss.

Suddenly, Tony seemed to remember something and jerked back.

"Wait! You said something important, remember?"

Jethro smiled and reached up, running his fingers through Tony's brown strands. "I meant it, I love you."

"Yeah, I know that, I meant the thing you said about ordering pizzas!"

Tony bit back a smile but he surrendered quickly when Jethro called out a tickling war. In that split second, he was happier than he could ever have imagined he'd be and it had everything to do with the blue eyes that were looking straight into his, sparkling with mischief.

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