The following days are rather uneventful – an open-and-shut case and cold case reviews don't exactly make for thrilling adventures. In a way it's nice; Tony can't remember when they last had a whole weekend to themselves.

Him and Gibbs have been living together at the older man's house for the past three weeks. He enjoys coming home to a real home rather than an empty, dark apartment. And the way Jethro smiles when he comes home later and sees Tony busy in the kitchen, he suspects the older man feels the same way.

He thought that Ziva was on to them for a while but she hasn't said anything since he accidentally picked up Jethro's phone. If she knew, she'd have said something by now. Right? Not that it's such a terrible thought, the team knowing about them. But he'd rather wait until the newness has somewhat worn off. It's selfish but he wants Gibbs to himself for a few more weeks. He can barely avoid Abby's naughty questions as it is. McGee has been great through all of it – the younger man merely smiles vaguely when Gibbs head slaps him these days.

Tony sneaks a peek at Ziva. Somehow, something feels off. She's typing away, although he hasn't got a clue as to what she would be working on now. It's not a case, that's for sure, judging by the hint of a smile on her features. His partner isn't giving him much attention these days. Not that it alarms him, but usually when they're bored, she'll annoy him just to pass time. Ugh, he's reading way too much into this. He needs some air.

Tony gets up from his desk and grabs his badge and gun. McGee glances up from his desk and arches an eyebrow, asking where he's going.

Tony holds up his empty coffee cup.

"Anybody want something? I'm gonna get a refill. Gibbs probably needs one too by now, he's been up there all day."

McGee just shakes his head and Ziva answers absentmindedly.

"You should do that Tony, you know what he needs." Tony's eyes narrow, but she doesn't look up and resumes typing.

Easy, Tony. She just means that you are Gibbs' Senior Field Agent.

His little quest for coffee has been the only active thing he's done all day and by 1600, Tony's going crazy behind his desk. Tim is helping another team and Gibbs will probably stay in MTAC for the rest of the day. It's only him and Ziva now. And the secretary who's coming his way. God, not now. It's Emily from Human Resources, she's always taking every chance she gets to come up and talk to him.


He puts on his best fake smile and expertly ignores Ziva's smug one as the young woman approaches him. She's wearing what looks like the tightest dress she could find. If she'd wrapped herself in cellophane, it probably would've been less revealing.

She leans on his desk and practically shoves her breasts in his face and Tony rolls his chair further away. He briefly suspects she's trying to gas him with her perfume and he turns his face away for a moment to breathe. She proceeds as if she doesn't notice his rather obvious discomfort.

"I was wondering… Have you moved recently?"

From the corner of his eye, Tony can see Ziva glancing up and then focusing back on the computer in front of her. The typing from before, however, has ceased.

He frowns. "Uhm, no… No, I haven't moved. Why would you think that?"

Emily has a somewhat satisfied look on her face now. She just waves as if she doesn't know why he'd question her.

"We sent you some forms to fill in about" – she briefly checks the file she's carrying – "a week ago. And they were to be returned to HR asap."

"Oh! Oh yeah!" Tony pretends as if he knows what she's talking about. "I forgot those! I'll bring them in tomorrow." He focuses back on his computer screen, hoping she'll just go away. For a moment, it looks like she's gonna say something else but then she sighs deeply and turns around. Apparently, she either thinks he's deaf or she's being quiet, because he can easily overhear her conversation with Ziva.

"Ugh, what do I need to do for him to notice me?"

"Hah, grow some chest hair, maybe?"

Wait. No that can't be right. Tony has to do everything in his power to keep from jerking his head up and glaring at her. He hears Emily's snort as if Ziva was making a joke and he clenches his fists. This is getting ridiculous. Is he seeing things and is Ziva just making fun of him like they usually do, or does she really suspect something? She doesn't say anything else to him so it's just him for the rest of the day. Alone, with his thoughts. Great.

"I'm telling you, she knows!"

Gibbs laughs out loud at Tony's panic and he briefly squeezes the younger man's shoulder before opening the front door and letting the man step inside the house. An obviously distressed Tony turns around as Gibbs closes the door behind them.

"Are you just gonna stand there and behave like a normal person while I look like the insane one?"

For a moment, Gibbs pretends like he's genuinely surprised. "Aren't you?"

Tony punches his shoulder but he can't successfully pull off his glare. Not when Gibbs is smiling that half-smile of his, where the corner of his mouth arches and he makes fun of the world. He cups Jethro's face and presses a tender kiss to his lips. He loves the way the older man's eyes close for a second, as if to savor the feeling. Gibbs opens them again and his otherwise unreadable blue eyes show love and… concern.

Tony frowns and strokes his cheek with his thumb.

"Hey, you okay?"

Gibbs looks away for a second and then sighs.

"Yeah. Are we?"

Tony briefly draws back in shock. "Of course, why wouldn't we be?"

"It's just – would it be such a bad thing if the team knew about us?"

Suddenly it dawns on Tony that he's been giving the older man the wrong idea. Apparently he somehow made it look like he wants to hide them from the rest of the world. Actually he kind of did, just not for the reason Gibbs thinks. He tugs the strong man against his chest and wraps his arms around him. He presses a kiss right under his ear and revels in the unique smell of the man. It comforts him and suddenly, he wouldn't mind if the whole world knew about them. He backs away a little to gaze into Jethro's eyes.

"Jethro. I love you. I'm just an egotistical bastard and wanted you all to myself."

The silver haired man smiles broadly and then gives him a mock glare.

"Hey! I thought I was the bastard. You're already the insane one, remember? Gotta stick to your role." He winks and laughs when Tony punches his shoulder.

"So.. you wanna tell the team?"

Gibbs shrugs and absentmindedly plays with the hem of Tony's shirt.

"They're family." He says, as if it answers every question the younger man might have. And it does – they're the most important people in his life, and this thing between them, this relationship, won't be real until they know.

They agree on talking to the team in the morning. Tony quickly fixes them something to eat and they spend the rest of the evening in bed, watching a movie and stealing food off of each other's plates. Only hours later, when Jethro turns off the light and their tired bodies grow accustomed to the mattress, Tony groans.

"Dinner at your place. Because that's not gonna be weird or anything."

The silver haired man frowns in the dark.

"Why would it be weird?"

"Because you're… Gibbs. They're gonna know something's up. You don't host dinner parties at your house, you play the alpha male."

Gibbs smiles, rolls over and lies on his side right next to Tony. He reaches out, cups Tony's cheek with one hand and pulls him closer while his husky voice in the Italian's ear causes him to shiver.

"Want me to dominate you while I'm at it?"

Tony moans softly as Gibbs arches his back and his hardening cock brushes against his leg. He turns on his side too so they're facing each other and leans in to kiss Jethro. The older man grabs his face and angles it so he can plunder his mouth. He easily takes control of the kiss and as he shoves his tongue into the younger man's mouth, he can feel Tony's dick grow harder against his stomach with the second.

One of Tony's hands travels lower, until he reaches Gibbs' waist and he attempts to pull the other man even closer. He can't ever get enough, it's like he wants to crawl inside the other man. Suddenly he knows what he wants, it's clear as day. He reaches even lower and cups Gibbs' cock through his sweat pants and squeezes hard. At the older man's snarl, he leans in close and whispers the two words he knows will drive Jethro crazy.

"Fuck me."

He can't see the older man's face but if the sharp intake of breath is anything to go by, he made quite an impression. Jethro claws at his back and swallows hard.

"Are you sure?" he whispers.

The intensity in the room is palpable and suddenly, Tony feels like every nerve in his body is on fire. He tugs at the hair on Gibbs' nape and bites the older man's bottom lip. He arches his back and his eyes briefly close as their cocks brush together and Jethro releases a tortured moan. So typical for him to choose this exact moment to try and suppress his dominant side.

"Fuck. Me." Tony repeats and this time it has an undeniable effect on the man next to him. For a moment, he thinks Gibbs puts more distance between them but then the older man turns on the bedside lamp again, turns back and gazes at Tony, a hunger in his eyes that makes Tony's knees weak.

"But we don't have anything, you know – "

Tony blushes. "Actually, we do… I went shopping." He's grateful for the chance to look away and escape Gibbs' scrutiny while he searches the bedside table for lube. He turns back and hands the bottle to Jethro. The older man looks indecisive and Tony worries if he went too fast.

"Jethro, what's wrong? If you don't wanna do this, we can – "

The older man shuts him up by pressing a featherlike kiss on his lips.

"Of course I want this. But I don't know if I can go slow right now."

"Do you want to go slow?"

"No but – "

"Great!", Tony interrupts him, "Me neither. Now fuck me or do I have to get myself a toy because you're too old to perform?"

That does the trick. Jethro growls and roughly flips Tony on his back. First he takes off his sweatpants and licks his lips as he strokes his own cock a few times. Then he practically rips Tony's boxers from his body and moves to sit between the younger man's legs. He pulls them up until the Italian's knees are bent and his feet rest on the mattress. Gibbs takes Tony's dick in a tight fist and swipes his thumb across the tip to gather the precum and then smears it over the younger man's shaft. Tony lets out a strangled moan and bucks his hips but Gibbs just smiles and releases his dick, which now lays heavily on his stomach.

Gibbs opens the bottle of lube and squirts a generous amount on his fingers. He pushes Tony's legs further apart and then, in an achingly slow pace, starts to circle his slick fingers around the younger man's hole. He applies a bit of pressure as he moves over it with his thumb and smirks arrogantly when Tony curses softly and arches his hips towards his hands. Gibbs presses a kiss on Tony's knee, tilts his head and kisses the inside of the younger man's leg, all the while teasing and stroking him. He reaches further down with one hand and rolls Tony's balls between his fingers and then, when the younger man can't even keep his eyes open anymore, he slowly enters him with one finger. Tony takes a deep breath and Gibbs slides in further, groaning at Tony's wanton look.

"God, you're so tight", he pants as he works his finger in and out and eventually enters a second and then a third one.

"J-Jethro, please", Tony sighs, "I want you."

The Italian's arms come up and he cups the older man's neck, pulling him down for a bruising kiss. He practically mewls, reduced to a puddle as Gibbs' tongue plays with his. The older man kisses his upper lip, then his bottom lip, then both corners of his mouth and by the time he's kissed all of the Italian's special places, Tony is about to impale himself on the older man's cock if he doesn't make a move soon.

Gibbs lays one of Tony's legs over his arm and scoots closer, checking if the younger man is really okay with all this. When Tony just rolls his eyes, Gibbs smiles and pushes the tip of his hard cock against his puckered hole. The younger man is surprisingly relaxed and with a last push, he easily slides into him. He groans at the velvety warmth and holds Tony's hip tightly to keep from coming on the spot.

Finally, after a deep breath, he slowly pulls out and then slides back in. He releases a shuddery breath and tries to hold onto his last shred of sanity. That, of course, all flies right out of the window when Tony starts meeting his thrusts and forces him to go harder.

Jethro shifts and when he thrusts in again, Tony's eyes fly open and he squeezes the older man's forearm in shock.

"Fuck! Yes, right there!" he pants and Gibbs moves willingly, meeting the Italian's prostate with every stroke. He moves harder and faster and a slow burn starts in the pit of his stomach.

"God, Tony, you feel so good", he groans. The younger man can't even bring himself to answer and he just squeezes his arm again. With every thrust, Gibbs feels the tingle slowly creeping up his spine. He starts pumping Tony's cock again and soon, the younger man doesn't know if he wants to thrust back onto Gibbs' cock or thrust into his hand. His breathing quickens and he reaches out to stroke the older man's cheek with his thumb.

"I – I love you", he pants and then he loses control and with a shout, comes over their stomachs and Gibbs' hand. Jethro keeps stroking him and then, after the younger man tightens impossibly around his own aching cock, he groans and cums inside him. His chin rests on his chest as he slowly comes back to reality and when their eyes meet, Tony's are so full of love and lust that he almost wants to take him all over again.

He grins at Tony and soon they're both laughing.

"Wow. That was…"


Tony laughs when Gibbs pinches his nipple in retaliation and eventually they come down from their high and snuggle close together. Their last energy is spent on taking a shower and then they fall into bed.

As Tony lays his head on Gibbs' chest and sighs happily, the older man pulls the warm covers over them and soon they succumb to a blissful sleep.


Tony groans as his cell phone rings and he feels the night stand until his fingers reach the noise.

"Hey." he yawns. He feels Jethro starting to stir behind him.

"Tony? Is that you again?"

Tony's eyes grow wide and his heart stops for a second. He curses inwardly and holds the phone away from his ear.

It's his.

"Well, yeah, Ziva", he growls, "You called me."

It's hard to miss the smirk in the cheery voice at the other end of the line.

"Oops! My bad. Goodnight Tony!"

He doesn't get to reply before losing the connection. Goddamnit! She knew all along and she played him.

Gibbs taps his shoulder in sympathy but he can hardly keep the smile off his features.

"Guess you got played, huh?"

"Yeah…", the younger man muses. And then, with the same smile starting to blossom on his face, "guess who's gonna get the task of importing all our cold case files into the new filing system?"

"Ouch", Jethro hisses.

After that, Tony's sleep may even be more blissful than it was before.

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