Mattie sighed as he heard his doorbell ring. He immediately knew it was Alfred due to his habit of pressing the button continuously until somebody answered the door. He had considered removing the pesky thing but decided against it as the American would probably shove his fist through the door knocking on it, he made his way to the door as quickly as possible the bell already grating on his last nerve.

"Yes Alfred?" he asked calmly pulling the door open and, thankfully, silencing the bell.

"Heh, how'd you know it was me bro?" Alfred asked smiling widely obviously having meant for him to know who it was.

"Lucky guess eh," The Canadian said smiling slightly at the other nations infectious attitude.

"Cool you must have like ESPN or something!" Alfred said pushing his way into the house and flopping down on a couch, pulling Mattie into his lap.

"W-what are you doing…?" Mattie asked blushing furiously but not trying to get up knowing the American would just pulling back down again.

"I'm sitting with you," Alfred said biting down lightly on the Canadian's neck causing him to squeak indignantly.

"Y-you bit me!"

"And you liked it," Alfred countered smirking as he cupped Mattie's growing erection through his pants.

"Nnn…I don't know why...this is happening…" Mattie said squirming a bit in Alfred's lap and going an even darker shade of red. Alfred groaned maneuvering Mattie so he was straddling him and pressing their lips together. He pulled their clothes off as quickly as he possibly could pressing a slick finger into Mattie's quivering hole as soon as they were completely naked, stretching him slowly.

Mattie gasped in surprise as Alfred prepared him sliding his fingers over his prostate and adding a third finger briefly before pulling them out an and lifting him slightly to slide his dick into his tight body. Alfred lifted Mattie steadily thrusting his hips upward and pulling the other down simultaneously quickly until Mattie got the hang of it and could raise himself on his own and reached instead to pump his hard cock quickly.

Mattie groaned in pleasure as his prostate was hit over and over at the same time his cock was stimulated by Alfred's hot hand bringing him to orgasm before long with the American's name on his lips.

Alfred groaned as Mattie's inner walls clamped around him milking his own orgasm out of him as he bit down on Mattie's shoulder to muffle his scream of pleasure, the two of them collapsing bonelessly back on the couch cuddling into each other as they drifted off to sleep.

Ivan slowly made his way down from Mattie's office where they had been conducting some minor business before Alfred interrupted them. Seeing the two sleeping figures lying across the couch, Mattie on top of Alfred he grinned childishly and made his way out of the house muttering, "America likes Canada on top da…"