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Chapter One

Sookie's terrified shriek filled the room when the basement door slammed opened, the force used to open the wooden barrier causing the sound to echo in the dimly lit room as it crashed against the wall with a thud that caused an echo. She couldn't help but shy away, Hugo immediately shouting out to the voice only to be met with silence.

"She's knows guys…you can let me out now!" he screamed out, his claustrophobia setting in as he grabbed the bars as if he could move them with his lack of force. He was a mere human after all.

"You're the traitor! How could you do that! To your nest, to your sheriff, to Isabel!" Sookie screamed at him, looking at him with as much disgust as her Christian nature would allow. She couldn't believe he had managed to hide it from his thoughts, the fact he had betrayed those who accepted him, the vampire who he had once claimed to love. It was disgusting.

"She wouldn't turn me! Do you know what it's like to change everything to suit them, missing meals, missing work and having nothing but them on your thoughts. Your sleeping pattern changing, giving them everything but then finding out they don't want to keep you forever! Do you know what that's like!" he screamed at her, Sookie shunning back as she looked at him with disappointment. She knew Isabel was going to be crushed when she found out.

"You're a horrible person!" she shouted from the other side of the cell, neither of them aware of the intruder slipping into the room with incredible speed as she made her way to where Godric was being held, her normally cold eyes shining with emotion as she caught sight of him.

He was sitting inside the small cell, not bound in anyway but she could feel how depressed and reserved he was. If she had known he wouldn't have snapped out of it like she had thought, she would have come so much sooner.

"You promised" she breathed so quietly that only he could hear. His head snapped in her direction, his eyes bright with surprise, adoration and hope as he caught sight of the woman in front of him.

She was pale, even for a vampire as her amber coloured eyes displayed her emotions in this rare occasion. Her hair a deep shade of auburn as it tumbled down to her mid back, the tight curls flowing over her shoulders as they brushed the perk mounds of her breasts. She was dressed in a simple yet enticing outfit, it being a black pinstriped suit which came to a few inches above her knee, the jacket perfectly tailored as the bright pink ruffled shirt she was wearing matched her equally bright and contrasting heels perfectly.

She was as gorgeous as he remembered, the girl appearing no older than 16 and while she was petite she was anything but innocent. His ears had immediately perked up when he instantly recognised her voice, it sounding like musical bells to his ears as he was immediately on his feet in the small cell and in front of her in the next second. It had been so long since he had seen her, and it pained him that he was the reason why.

"Luna" he breathed, his emotions erratic as he ignored the sounds of another entering the basement in favour of staring into her rare coloured eyes. The amber only served to entrance the pure power which radiated in the small girl. She was only an inch or two shorter than him, the perfect height as he remembered how he would pull her against his side to press his lips to hers.

"You promised Godric, so why are we here?" she asked, her eyes equally taking him in. His shortly cut chestnut hair, his suddenly life-filled eyes, the paleness of his complexion as well as the ancient tattoos which marked his skin. To others he was an ancient, to her he was a mere child.

Godric breathed in sharply, wanting to look away as to avoid the disappointment in her gaze but his body not responding to his thoughts. He craved her presence, he craved her.

"I am sorry, a bad lapse in judgment" he stated softly, neither of them yet taking note of the screams or shouts in the adjoining room. He may have once begged for death, to escape the world of evil and have a chance of being accepted into heaven, but with his angel standing in front of him he knew heaven was wherever she was. He no longer pleaded and hoped for death, his place was by her side where it would always be.

"The fae and human, are they yours?" she asked after a few minutes, hearing the sign of clothing tearing as a human she now knew to be called Gabe attacked the blonde with the intentions of raping her.

Godric knew what she was asking, whether he wanted them to live. If he denied it they would die, it was a simple fact and he found himself speaking before she decided for herself.

"My childe sent them, a foolish move on his part" he stated, effectively sparing their lives.

"You will be leaving with me" she stated in a tone which left no room for argument, his nod was immediate as his eyes glowed knowing that she wouldn't just be taking off like he had feared. It had been the biggest mistake he had made when they had parted, he had thought himself as nothing less than a monster ever since.

As soon as he nodded the young looking girl was in the other cell, her small hand gripping the marines neck as she effortlessly pulled him off the screaming girl who quickly went to cover her modesty as best as she could in her shock.

"Godric!" Sookie suddenly screamed as she scrambled away from the girl who while looked younger than herself picked Gabe off her with a sense of boredom about it. As if the idea that the man who was now struggling in her grip hadn't just tried to rape her, that the vampire seemed as if saving her was more of a chore than anything else.

"I am here dear one, Eric was foolish to send humans after me" Godric stated as he appeared in the girls view, Hugo being unconscious and unaware of what would lay in front of him. Godric couldn't tear his eyes off his angel though, her appearance still perfect as her eyes trailed over the marine with disgust.

"Godric thank god-" Sookie started only to be cut off by the extremely beautiful looking vampire who was staring at her as if her presence was severely unwelcome. She didn't like how the auburn haired girl made her feel as if it was her fault that Gabe tried to rape her, her fingers desperately clutching her ripped dress.

"Get up" Luna sighed as she directed it to the telepath, her voice sounding as if it was a chore. Sookie frowned but quickly got up, keeping her back pressed against the cell wall as she did so.

She had been shocked when she had caught sight of Godric, his appearance not at all what she had expected when Eric had stated he was missing. He looked so young she thought, merely 16 or 17 at the most and while he was still taller than the girl it was clear Eric would practically tower over the both of them.

"What-" she started again only to shun back at the look the girl was giving her, not understanding who this vampire was and why she was helping them. Not to mention why Godric couldn't seem to take his eyes off her, as if he was afraid she would disappear on him.

Luna sighed as she pinched the bridge of her nose, letting her gaze drift to a panicked marine who was now begging for his life. It was pathetic really, how he claimed to be a member of a church only to want to rape a girl who practically screamed innocence and virtue.

"Please…please spare me…" he managed to gasp out pathetically as he tried to claw at her hand, the fact he was bigger than her making it seem almost amusing since she was in fact holding him off the ground with no effort at all in her act.

"I think not" was all she said before her nails dug into the flesh of his neck, her other hand ripping away his shirt before her nails dug into his chest where his frantically beating heart lay. "You know in the past I would have drawn this out, but the girl means nothing to me and for that you should be thankful for a quick death" she stated before Sookie screamed when the girl plunged her hand effortlessly into the man's chest before ripping out his heart, the blood spilling everywhere as she stepped away as not to get a mess on her suit.

"Oh god" Sookie breathed, tears falling down her cheeks as she watched the girl crush the organ in her hand before letting it drop to the floor, the cell's floor now drenched in blood as she took a handkerchief from her pocket and wiped her hand as if she hadn't just ripped a man's heart out, literally.

"Such messy" Godric mumbled shaking his head, Luna looking in his direction as she shrugged lightly before the sound of screams above them filtered into their ears. It only shocked the humans though, Luna being well aware before the cry's started.

"Bill?" Sookie called out as the basement door slammed open, her hope rising until Godric spoke from Luna's side.

"It is not your vampire dear one, I am down here my childe" Godric called softly, though his eyes did not fall from the girl who continued to wipe her fingers clean.

Eric quickly rushed into the room, sighing in relief as he noticed his maker alive as he got down on one knee. It was only when he made to speak he noticed the blood on the floor, the chest of a man clearly ripped apart as the now useless organ lay only a few feet away.

"Master?" he asked with a raised brow.

"Raise childe" Godric stated, in a quick movement his creation stood in front of him with a relieved look on his face. It wasn't long until he took note of the other vampire though, his eyes widening as he took her in before a smirk took over his features. "I would divert your eyes childe, she is MINE!" Godric snapped out in a growl, the power of it causing Eric to shun back with wide eyes. Never had his maker seemed so attached before, it was unsettling for him to see his maker so unwound.

"I apologise" he stated causing Godric to nod, Hugo now coming to only to scream and scramble away when he noticed the bloody corpse on the floor a few feet away. He was petrified, if this is what they had done to Gabe then what would they do to him since he was a traitor? He nearly passed out at the thought alone; he was now having serious regrets about his choice to betray his love.

"Get them out of here, shed no blood on your way out" Godric stated in a commanding tone, a snort coming from Luna's lips causing Eric's anger to rise. Did she not know who he was, who Godric was?

"How dare-"he started only to find himself pinned to the wall, the girls eyes blaring as the amber which had once been present seemed to swirl as he found himself immobilised against her. He snapped his head in Godric's direction, only to find his eyes were filled with anger similar to the girls. What the…?

"Speak to me with such disrespect again child and I will see that you are unable to make the same mistake again" she stated, her voice cold and cruel. Eric couldn't help but shiver, how was it possible for the girl who had him pinned so easily to be older than him? He was one of the oldest in the world!

"Luna, please release him. Now is hardly the time for this" Godric stated, Eric's eyes widening when he took note of how not only had his maker said 'please' but he actually seemed to looking at the girl with…adoration. What the hell was he missing?

Eric watched unnerved at this Luna's eyes seemed to return back to normal, her grip on him releasing before she was at his makers side with a look of indifference on her features.

"Go" was all Godric ordered before Eric quickly nodded as he grabbed both Hugo and Sookie, heading up the stairs with hundreds of questions running through his head. All he knew was he didn't like to be afraid, and this vampire was clearly someone who he felt anxious around.

"Was that necessary?" Godric asked as he watched his childe leave, sighing as he knew the questions he would be subjected to later.

"I hardly think it is my fault that I am in a bad mood Godric, I seem to remember a certain vampire of mine promising me that he would do nothing foolish!" she hissed at him, her eyes blazing and he knew that if her anger was directed at anyone other than him then they would be incredibly lucky to escape it alive.

"It was simply a lapse in judgement, my belle" he purred, knowing how she used to love it when he called her his beauty in Italian. He was correct of course, seeing her eyes soften as she looked at him. She sighed, running a hand through her thick locks before closing the gap between them, her small hand rising to cup his cheek in an affectionate manner which immediately had him leaning into her touch. How he had missed this…

"I should have come sooner that much is clear, but my warrior you cannot crave for death, you are the only thing which keeps me living" she said softly, his hand raising to rest on her wrist as his other wound around her waist, relieved that she was letting him touch her after so long.

"It was thoughtless of me, I did not mean to cause you pain" he breathed honesty, his forehead coming to rest on hers as he pulled her closer. He knew what she had meant; she had told him before they had parted, when she had first changed him that he had been her salvation. It only acted as a punch to the gut to him, guilt and shame hitting him hard.

"Now enough of that my childe, you are safe which is enough" she scolded lightly causing him to smile, it had been so long since he had felt so light, so happy. His grin only widened before he felt his own childes emotions, sighing when he realised that Eric had failed in getting them out like he had hoped.

"Eric is in trouble my belle, I am afraid the fellowship must have somehow caught him" he sighed as he pulled her towards the stairs, his hands remaining on her waist as he let her gracefully ascend in front of him. It gave him the opportunity to ogle her delectably firm arse after all, his cock immediately hardening in his cotton pants as he watched as the material of her tight pencil skirt gripped her in the most temping ways.

The suddenly feeling of lust startled him, not having that reaction in century's as he continued to gaze at her as they made their way to where the action seemed to be happening at a human pace. He took note that she still enjoyed walking at a steady pace instead of using their more than impressive speed. He couldn't help but smile with a shake of his head; it was just so like her to walk at a leisurely pace when there were shouts and screams down the hall.

"I missed your smile" he heard her breathe causing him to snap his head in her direction, only to see her looking straight ahead as they continued to walk to the main room where everyone seemed to be.

"I am sorry my belle, if I could go back…" he trailed off as he looked at her, both of them knowing that if they could do things over then they would have. He would never have craved death so seriously if she had of been by his side, it sickened him now that he had even thought of ending his life when he had so much to live for, mainly in the form of his angel.

Luna sensing his dejected mood grabbed his hand in hers, lacing her fingers through his causing his emotions to immediately shift into purely positive as he spun her around in a childish gesture which had her laughing. It had been so long since she had laughed.

"Come my warrior, it seems we will have to play rescue" she sighed as he pulled her against him, her form fitting perfectly against him making him grin before he blanked his features as they surveyed the scene in front of them with calculating eyes.

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