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Chapter 15

Luna returned to the booth with a blank expression on her face, sliding along with leather seats before returning to her previous position next to her child. She knew that what was going to occur soon was going to cause a lot more trouble than it was worth.

Sighing, she shifted closer to Godric who was more than a tad pleased with her move. He liked to have her close and it delighted him when she would so openly show her affection towards him.

Eric was still refusing Sookie's and Bills request to take the difficult newborn vampire off their hands, it not being his duty after all, when he rolled his eyes as soon as he caught sight of the object of their conversation actually attempt to sneak into his bar.

Did she really think he wouldn't notice?

Shaking his head at the denseness of the child vampire, Eric turned his attention towards his child only to see her staring intently at Godric. He could see why, the pure devotion in the eyes of his maker was something he was still trying to get used to.

It only seemed to make him more curious to hear the story of how Luna became what she was, since while he had only just been clued into how his maker was changed his curiosity wasn't diminished in the slightest. He wanted to know more.

Not to mention he had to make another bet with Luna and triumph over her; he loathed losing.

Pushing away his thoughts he turned his attention back towards Compton, rolling his eyes when he took note that the civil war vampire hadn't even noticed that his childe had entered the premises.

He really was a pathetic vampire.

"Perhaps you should be more firm with her, Compton" Eric drawled as he cut off the beginnings of another one of Sookie's rants.

Bill raised a brow. "I am firm with her, it isn't my fault if the girl refuses to listen!"

"And what is your idea of being firm?" Pam sniggered. "Threaten to ground her?"

Luna shook her head in wonder when she heard Pam's question, her disbelief rising when it soon became clear that Bill had actually tried to do just that. Is this how makers were teaching their children nowadays? If so, it was truly ridiculous.

Scowling, Sookie turned her attention to Luna. "Why don't you help?"

Not believing the actual nerve of the telepath in front of her, Luna clenched her jaw as her fingers tightened their grip where her hand laid on Godric's upper thigh.

"Excuse me?"

Swallowing at the harshness of the vampires tone Sookie realised immediately that she should have just kept her mouth shut, it only being made clear the more the ancient seemed to talk.

"Why should I when I was not the one to change her? If you no longer want the responsibility then simply kill her."

Bill snapped his head up at that. "I am not going to kill her!"

"Why?" Luna raised a brow. "You don't want to kill her and yet you don't want to train her, look after her, teach her…It is your fault for wanting to turn her in the first place."

"I didn't though!" he protested loudly. "I was forced, the magister-"

"The magister may have forced you but you didn't have to agree. You could have refused, given your life for the girls, and yet you didn't."

Bill huffed, eyes narrowed, but a warning look from Godric had him reigning in his temper. He was aware that while the sheriff would give a warning when you crossed the line, his maker would not be so generous. He had seen it in front of his eyes after all to know better.

"Perhaps you should teach her better control," Pam purred.

Bill, following her line of sight, felt his eyes widen when he caught sight of Jessica looking as if she wanted to rip the throat out of a male human who was talking to her at the bar, not seemingly noticing or caring how the pure hungry in his childes eyes showed no control whatsoever.

Why did humans have to be so foolish as to play with their lives as if they were invincible?

Fighting back the urge to curse he 'called' her over to him, watching as the redheads form straightened without her consent before she found herself walking over to their booth without being able to control her reaction.

Jessica did curse when she saw her maker at the booth, her eyes narrowing as she fought the urge to tremble in fear when she caught sight of another young looking vampire staring at her blankly. She wasn't sure why she was feeling the urge to cower away like she was, especially since she highly doubted she was older than Eric.

Eric would protect her.

Bill on the other hand was furious. "What on earth are you doing here, Jessica? And what are you wearing? Do you have no shame?" he snapped as he took in the barely there outfit.

Jessica rolled her eyes, sliding into the booth with a stroppy expression. Why was he always treating her like a child? She hated it.

"I will wear what I like, and I am here because I'm bored at home!"

Luna tilted her head to the side, reminiscing about the time when she had changed Godric for the first time. He had been violent yes, but he had never been this disrespectful.

"What are you looking at?" the redhead snapped at Luna through narrowed eyes, Pam leaning forward in curiosity as she wondered what the older vampire would do in return. She hadn't had this much fun in ages.

Much to her disappointment, Luna didn't even blink but rather to stare at the blonde who had muttered under her breath about her distaste for Godric's lover. It wasn't a secret that the elder vampire detested the telepath, she had made that very clear with the snide comment ever so often, and it was obvious to all that she wouldn't exactly be rushing to the girls rescue if it was necessary.

"I would watch your temper, dear" Godric spoke calmly. "Disrespect doesn't become you."

Sookie huffed at that, but knew he was correct. Her gran would be rolling in her grave if she had heard her speaking in such a tone, and she really needed to remember that muttering under her breath could be heard just as clearly by vampires as if she had shouted it out loud.

"I'm sorry," she confessed. "But Bill is really trying and-"

"He isn't" Luna shook her head, her thick curls bouncing ever so slightly with the movement. "If he were really trying then you wouldn't be in this situation."

Sookie pursed her lips, fighting the urge to go all Stackhouse on the other female.

She was fully aware that she wouldn't be the victor.

Jessica meanwhile didn't take long before she clicked onto the fact that they were talking about her as if she wasn't even there. It pissed her off.

"Look," she snipped out. "Can you just all fuck off for a-"

"Watch your tone," Bill cut her off with a scold, Luna simply staring as the girl rambled on as if she hadn't been interrupted by her maker. Is that really what Bill called trying?

"Perhaps we could help," Luna heard her own childe mutter under his breath. She could see Eric tilt his head to the side, a look of mild frustration on his features when he realised that even his thousand year old hearing couldn't pick up on his makers words.

"Why?" she raised a brow.

Godric pondered it for a few moments, knowing that while it wouldn't be hard to convince his maker he had to be careful with how he approached the situation. While he himself could help, he didn't have the…animalistic nature necessary to be as firm as the girl obviously needed.

"It would make the evening more interesting, would it not?" he appealed to her easily distracted nature.

Luna hummed at the thought, it would make her day seem somewhat more interesting she supposed, even if it was only slightly.

She nodded once, turning her attention back to the conversation at hand before directing her question towards Bill.

"Do you wish for me to show you how to control her?" she allowed her lips to curl into a smile which should have been warning enough.

Bill was desperate enough to barely think twice before he nodded, knowing that unless he did get his child under control Jessica would end up doing something which would have his head.

Luna didn't move until Jessica started screeching when Bill reminded her that she had been told to stay at home, Eric scowling when her loud yells caused a distraction in his club but otherwise he remained unmoving. He much like Pam were curious as to how Luna would react.

"You know," Luna started conversationally when she heard yet another curse fall from the girls mouth. It instantly had Jessica's attention, especially since she hadn't heard the even younger looking female speak until that exact moment. "If you were my child, I would rip out your tongue so you couldn't use such language."

Not believing her to be serious she scoffed, "well it's lucky I'm not then isn't it."

Luna smirked. "Ah, but you see I am old enough that I tend to still follow the old rules of our kind if you will. Did you know, that it wasn't until the last few hundred years, that rightfully I could rip you apart for disrespecting me?"

Pam glanced at Eric, watching him nod his confirmation that what Luna had spoken was indeed correct. It actually made him feel slightly smug that finally his impressive age meant that he was able to know more than others again for a change.

Being around his maker and Luna seemed to make him feel pathetically weak. He didn't like it, not even in the slightest.

Jessica swallowed, getting clued in on the fact the girl in front of her was extremely old. "It's a good thing the rules were changed then."

Sensing her discomfort Luna allowed herself to smile, baring her pearly white teeth as she crossed on leg over the other in a relaxed but confident posture. "Ah, but you see with age comes many perks. For example, if I were to stake you, right here and now, the magister is unlikely to punish me."

"Why?" it was Eric who asked that question, since he had unfortunately had to deal with the ugly bloke and he had to admit it was not an comfortable experience in the slightest.

"Me and the magister go quite the way back, I make myself available when a new vampire of a certain authority becomes known. Works in my favour I find."

Eric knew there was more to it than that but he didn't push, not when his own thoughts were whirling. He knew how incredibly manipulative and tactical her reasoning was, and clearly she had either power, respect or dirt on the magister to get him to so easily bend to her will without so much as a fight.

It only seemed to increase his steadily rising curiosity and respect.

The silence in the booth seemed to stretch out until Jessica decided to push her luck, telling herself that Bill, Eric and Pam would protect her if it came down to it. But she was stick of being treated as if she was weak, especially by a vampire who looked barely in her teens!

"You know what you fuckin-"

The next thing Jessica was aware of she was crying out in pain, sharp nails digging into her scalp as she was roughly pulled from the booth before anyone with the exception of Godric knew what was happening.

Ignoring the squirming female in her grasp, Luna stood gracefully from the booth, directing her attention towards a taken aback Bill.

"Now," she started in a matter-of-fact manner. "Since you are not educated in the way to correctly discipline an out of control newborn I will be gracious enough to share my knowledge with you."

Bill simply stared, his reaction the exact opposite to Pam who was staring excitedly at what was occurring in front of her. She was suddenly all too glad she agreed to arrive earlier than she had first planned tonight.

"Is this how you trained Godric?" she asked curiously, Godric shaking his head in amusement while Luna snorted.

"No, I simply let Godric run his course if you will. He was fascinating to watch, so unforgiving and animalistic. It was what made me first see him in a sexual light rather than simply a platonic relationship between a maker and a child."

Hearing a particular loud screech, Luna roughly ripped a handful of hair from Jessica's head, hearing her scream out in outrage before Luna had reaffirmed her grip on the bright curls as if she hadn't moved in the first place.

"So, you didn't view Godric as a lover when your first changed him?" Pam asked curiously, not having expected the opportunity to ask questions.

Luna shook her head thoughtfully, "it had not crossed my mind until I saw him naked for the first time."

Sookie flushed deeply at that, Eric smirking at her reaction while Godric simply shook his head in amusement. Luna didn't let up.

"He was a beautifully sculptured sight, his background as a manual labourer giving him a very alluring appearance. Not to mention when I first saw the size of his co-" was all she got out before Sookie had another coughing fit causing Pam to cackle in amusement.

Bill, however, was still staring at Jessica, taking note of how every time she made an effort to escape or move away then the ancient vampire would simply cause the girl pain. He was conflicted, wanting to help Jessica as she was his childe and it was his duty to do so, but not wanting to interfere. If he didn't get her under control he knew things were going to get ugly very quickly.

Eric cleared his throat. "While this scene is doing wonders for my business, perhaps we should take this to my office?" he suggested lazily when he took note of the attention they seemed to have gathered.

Agreeing wholeheartedly, Godric gracefully rose from the booth before holding his hand out towards his lover, watching as his maker released the newly changed female before roughly shoving her in the direction of the office.


Feeling compelled to do just that Jessica followed Eric nervously, rubbing her head before scowling when her fingers coated in the deep red liquid she instantly recognised as her own blood.

As soon as the office door was shut Pam smirked as she caught sight of the redheads nervous expression, not caring if her excitement was present on her features. The last few decades had been dull to say the least, but now her makers own creator along with Luna were present things had started to get a whole lot more interesting.

Taking a seat on the leather sofa along with her Godric, Luna simply stared blankly as she took in the office. It was neat she observed, taking in the events present on the calendar before rolling her eyes when she took note of the Queens next celebration date. She had been to one once, it was over extravagant to the point it looked incredibly cheap. Sophie Anne wasn't known for budgeting after all.

Perhaps she should.

Gathering up her nerve, Pam flicked her hair over her shoulder before looking towards what she considered her new role-model. She really wished that Eric would be able to convince the two to stick around for a while longer; she hadn't had this much fun in a long time.

"So Luna," she started. "Did Godric used to be like Jessica when you turned him?" she asked, hoping she wasn't over stepping her bounds.

Much to her relief, Luna merely smiled as she let her fingers caress her childes cheek in an affectionate manner. "He was never disrespectful, angry yes, but he always held some respect towards me."

"You see Pamela," Godric continued. "It is different when you change a human with the intent to keep them as a lover, or a mate as it is sometimes referred to. Our kind can be needy creatures when you think of it; blood, sex and power."

Pam nodded, waiting for him to excaudate further.

"With Compton, he didn't wish to change Jessica so clearly there is no physical relationship or even desire for each other's company. However, taking that into account while sex and comfort cannot be used as a control method, punishment normally takes its place."

Jessica seemed to grow fearful at that, the fact Godric only spoke in a soft tone not lessening her emotions in the slightest.

Pam grinned. "So, your saying that Jessica should be punished?"

Godric shook his head, relaxing back against the leather as he tried not to wrinkle his nose at the light scent of the arousal of a human female. Clearly his childe didn't simply use his office for work it seemed.

"That is more Luna's area of expertise," he winked.

Luna smirked at that, running her fingers through his shortly cropped hair before turning her attention to Bill. "Like I said previously, I think that you need to be firmer with Jessica then you have been."

"Fuck you bitch!"

Jessica's furious shout provided the perfect opportunity to show exactly what she meant, slowly rising from the couch only to have Jessica bend over the desk with enough ease that even Jessica's struggles didn't seem to hinder her movements in the slightest.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!"

Bill simply stared open mouthed before he rapidly shook his head.

"I don't think-I don't think you should do that" Sookie stuttered out. "Her father used to belt her when she was younger."

Luna raised a brow at that, "interesting."

Tilting her head to the side she debated on her next move, ignoring the girls loud screeches as if it meant nothing to her. Truthfully it didn't, she had witnessed a lot of pain over the years and so at the present time it was hard to come across something that actually affected her, let alone deeply enough to influence the way she acted.

The next thing Jessica knew a pair of fangs were imbedded firmly in her neck, the agony of it making her muscles seize up before she gasped out a pain filled gasp that had her whole body convulsing.

She was vaguely aware of the sound of Sookie screaming, of Pam questioning Godric as if she wasn't being attacked right in front of their eyes. It made her feel sick, that she hadn't gained their respect enough for them to help her out in the least.

Maybe she should start acting less like a child. ..

As soon as that thought crossed her mind she sighed out in relief when she felt the fangs remove from her neck, the sensation of pain dissolving almost instantly, leaving nothing more than a slightly dull ache.

It was then Jessica realised as she slumped against the desk that the other vampire hadn't actually taken any blood, scaring her with how much Luna could make someone suffer if she so desired.

She was uncomfortable with the thought that the girl hadn't bitten her as painfully as she was capable of doing.

Stepping away Luna stared at Jessica as she pulled herself together, immediately rushing to Bills arms the moment she had regained control over her limbs. She could sense how shocked the civil war vampire was, almost instinctively pushing Sookie to the side to take care of his childe like he should.

Luna nodded her approval.

Returning her attention to her maker she smiled genuinely. "Perhaps our time here will not be so disappointing."

When she felt the sensation of the persistent lips on her own she couldn't help but grin, knowing that now she had her child back nothing was going to get in the way of her making sure he stayed with her forever.

As long as she was with him and he with her nothing else in the world mattered.

He was the reason she remained living after all.

He was hers.


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