Title: Pool Rules

Pairing: Regina/Emma
Rating: G
Disclaimer: These characters are not my creative property

Summary:Prompt: Emma and Regina pool or beach day.

"Henry! Slow down, no running, no diving…and no splashing!" Regina power walked across the pool deck yelling all the way at Henry as he blissfully skipped along ignoring her. Emma followed slowly, lumbering behind, as she had been allowed to join Regina and Henry, but was designated to carry the towels, pool chairs, snacks, and swim gear. Judging from the amount of stuff Regina packed she must have intentions to live at the city pool. Emma caught up just in time to see Henry cannonball into the water, and Regina tut at him from the edge. Henry resurfaced, his teeth chattering and his smile bright, waving to Emma and motioning her to jump in.

"Just give me a minute to get us set up," Emma called dumping the stuff into a pile as Regina started sorting it out.

"Henry come here, you need sunscreen!" Regina called over her shoulder, pulling the sunscreen from the bag. Emma set up their chairs, plopping down, and placing her sunglasses firmly in place. She dug through the snacks picking through the apples and trail mix and scoring a bag of Cheetos, shocked that Regina had actually brought junk food.

A half-bitten cheeto dangled from her mouth, as Emma looked up just in time to witness Regina taking off her cover up. She shimmied out of it as if she was trying to catch Emma's attention; Emma just stared, losing herself in the sight of Regina's body. It took Regina calling her name 3 times, before the glazed look left Emma's face and she focused back on what Regina was saying, "Can you put some lotion on my back?... preferably without stabbing it," Regina asked using her polite sarcastic tone that Emma knew too well.

"Uh, sure…yeah," Emma replied awkwardly as she tried to wipe her orange cheeto fingers on her own bare thigh. Regina handed her the bottle of lotion and settled in on the edge of the chair between Emma's legs.

"Make sure to work it in and get it everywhere, even under the straps, please," Regina bossed Emma who just rolled her eyes, but she didn't mind because it gave her an excuse to take her time touching Regina's back. Emma was mesmerized by the smooth muscles that jumped lightly under her touch. Henry could have been drowning and Emma wouldn't have noticed. Emma tried to measure an appropriate amount of time to spend rubbing lotion on another woman's back and found she didn't know how long she'd been at it. Eventually she conceded that Regina would not burn and she was thoroughly protected.

Regina moved to stand up, and Emma's eyes were trained on her ass, unable to look away. Regina turned to face her, and by the way she was smirking, Emma knew she had been caught, "You want me to do you?" Regina asked suggestively.

"Huh?" Emma was completely tongue tied, but Regina was waving the bottle of sunscreen in her face, and Emma caught on, "Oh, uh, maybe in a little bit."

"Enjoy your Cheetos," Regina said as she went to join Henry in the water. Emma lie back in the sun and watched as Henry dove down attempting to do handstands on the bottom of the pool, and Regina swam smooth laps back and forth. She had almost dozed off, but heard two voices calling her name. She perked up to see Regina and Henry both yelling at her to get in the water and play.

Emma smiled back, glad to be included in their family day. She stood up and removed her cover-up, and this time she caught Regina staring at her.