Hello and welcome to my newest story: The Way. I hope you all enjoy it.

Chapter 1: The Truth

The soft crackling of the fire wakes me from my slight snooze. I am anxious of the things to come tomorrow. Tomorrow is an important turning point for my pack. A few hours later, I pick up the sounds of Shippo slowly waking up. I look towards him. He is lying in the small red sleeping bag that I brought back for him from home. It is the perfect color for his red-orange hair.

"Momma, what are you doing still up so late," he ask me.

"I am merely anxious about the coming morning, Shippo," I tell him with a smile to assure him that I am fine.

"Oh! You are going to tell them tomorrow then," he asks.

"They deserve to know Shippo," I reply quietly as he sits silently down in my lap.

"Are you scared," he asks in an innocent voice.

"No, I am not little one. I knew this day would come," I say as I gently run my fingers through his hair.

We sit in a comfortable silence watching the fire dance before us. A short while later he is asleep. I stay up through the rest of the night contemplating how exactly to break the news to my pack. As the sun starts to rise, I watch as the sky lightens and changes colors. I love the sunrise it is a great way to start the day. After the sky has turned to its usual light blue color, I go through the steps of preparing the morning meal. Everyone will be waking up soon and wanting something to eat. If I stick to my plan, I should reveal my secret to them after they have finished eating.

Sango is the first to awaken and is followed shortly by Inuyasha. Inuyasha jumps down from his tree and grabs one of the bowls of fresh cinnamon oatmeal from home. A little while later Miroku wakes up with his hair all crazy and spiked up. I hide a small giggle as Sango just laughs. Miroku runs his hands through his hair sheepishly. Shippo is the last one to wake up. He wakes up when nearly everyone else is almost finished. He quickly eats his food.

I gather every ones bowls and head to the small babbling creek near our camp site. Once I have finished, I head back to camp and everyone is sitting but ready to go whenever. I sit down next to my bag and place the bowls inside. I turn to look to look at my friends and pack, and I sigh deeply preparing myself the coming events.

"There is something that I need to show you all. Shipp come here and sit next to me," I request him knowing that the first thing Inuyasha will go after in his rage is Shippo.

Shippo quickly comes over and sits down in my lap knowing what is coming. The rest of the pack is staring at me in confusion wondering what it is that I want to show them.

"Subete o mite iru mono go subete ni watashi no shin no sugata o skiraka ni shita (One who is all seeing reveal my true form to all)," I chant in a calm voice.

For a few seconds, a bright light expands from my body before disappearing. Everyone has their hands over their eyes; they are rubbing their watering eyes trying to get rid of the pain. Sango is the first to come out of it because she is used to the flash bombs used by slayers.

Sango shakes her head in disbelief as a sharp gasp of surprise comes from her throat. Miroku is the next one to discover my secret. Miroku opens his mouth but before he can say anything Inuyasha growls at me.

"What the hell, Kagome! What the hell caused this change," he demands.

"Nothing has changed Inuyasha. This was merely hidden," I tell him letting one of my hands motion towards my body.

My hair is longer; I have a cerulean star on the middle of my forehead symbolizing what I am. I have claws instead of nails and my canine teeth are longer and sharper than they were.

"Bitch why did you not tell us or use your. . ." Inuyasha growls at me.

"Thank you Inuyasha for pointing it out. Yes, I am a bitch, but I prefer dog demoness," I tell him.

"Kagome are you really a Seer Inu," ask Sango while trying to get used to my new to her form.

"Yes," I respond looking her directly in the eye.

"Bitch, you are no longer part of this pack," growls Inuyasha.

"Fine, Shippo and I shall travel alone. It is safer now that Naraku is defeated," I respond quickly coming to a stand with Shippo in my arms.

"Fine, take the brat with you I do not care. He is no longer pack and the only reason he was ever pack to begin with was because you were," Inuyasha hisses at me.

"Inuyasha you are making a mistake. Kagome-sama must have a reason for why she hid her true form from us until now," Miroku reasons.

"I do not care. She betrayed me," he growls deeply. I growl at him as he continues, "Never come near me again, traitor."

Inuyasha runs away from the camp not even saying good bye to the rest. He truly thought that they would abandon him for me. Most likely they would have split their time between friends when they could. I sigh and turn to look at everyone else.

"We should stay here for the day," I recommend as I sit down.

"Alright, Kagome," Sango says as she starts to clean her weapons to calm her nerves.

Miroku adds wood to the fire before going over to the creek to clean up some. Shippo lays his head back against my stomach, and I gently pet him. He soon falls into a short nap. I watch as the clouds above pass bye us as I think about the events just on the horizon. It only takes a hour for Sango and Miroku to settle down and fall asleep.

Sorry if this seems too fast to you guys but I did not want to drag things out. I hate writers that do that for a long time. I like to keep things right in the middle. Thanks for reading and please comment.