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Hashirama froze in mid speech. Just a few metres across the board from him were a very attractive boy. It looked like he just walked out of that fancy diner. There was no way he could enter the diner because of the formality of the restaurant. Only the rich people ate there. In this hotel, the people where separated into two different categories, 1st class and 3rd class. He was obviously from the 3rd class because of the way he was dressed. Sadly the boy over there was dressed very formal. He wore an expensive-looking kimono, it showed his milky shoulders then wrapped around covering his forearms. You could see that he had very feminine hips from the curve that protruded just below the silky waist band. It was very short at the front, the back of the kimono reached his feet while the front showed his thighs. The outfit was well done but what made it look more fantastic were the long, thick silky strands of hair. It was complete black with discontinued layers that flicked in every direction and the fringe framed his face very well. He then had the tradition Japanese sandals but they were painted very optimistic, black vine patterns at the feet. He didn't look Japanese at all, maybe he was getting into the countries culture, and he looked more from Great Britain or England. He defiantly looked like a china doll, the type of dolls that wold break with the slightest touch. The definition of complete perfection.

Hashirama's best mate, who sat just beside from, noticed the pause of speech and followed Hashirama's gaze before seeing what Hashirama was gawking at. He chuckled a bit, catching the brunette's attention.

"You're dreaming mate, that kid belongs to the 1st class family. Millionaires they are, people like that don't look at us people who have less than 20$ in our pockets.

Hashirama was snapped out of his trance, looking at Tobirama smiling.

"I'll find a way" he said grinning.


The Konohaa hotel was one of the fanciest hotels in Japan. Scratch that, one of the fanciest in the entire world. For it was very large and beautiful. The building was most known for those two facts. If you were to jump off the building from its highest peak, you would have enough time to call and alert the fire ambulance and have them come to place a trampoline there to cushion your fall, before you smash into the floor below you. That's a bit overexerting it but you get the point. It had the best view of the ocean for it was very close, close enough to throw a rock as far as you can and have it reach the sea. Inside the hotel was very fancy and expensive. It had restaurants, dancing palaces, library and just about over 1000 suites that were magnificent. People who were categorized into the 1st class where able to afford all of those assets and because they were rich, they were separated from the lower classes. The lower classes were not permitted to enter 1st class grounds. They had their own boundaries which were fabulous but not as posh as the 1st class areas. To pay for the suites, you would have to bunk with another lower class member because the fee was still a lot of money. Other than that, there was not a lot to complain about.

.. (Mada)

"Well, Madara here is already engaged" announced Gwen, Madara's mother. The raven smiled gently, not too interested in conversation with the snobs at his table. All the recipiants gave a wording of approval and congratulations to the couple. On Madara's right side sat his mother whilst on the left sat a man named Neji, Madara's fiancé.

"Indeed, and with our approaching marriage, we can build on our relationship" he spoke, adjusting his tuxedo in a modern fashion. All the women present cheered quietly and adoringly. Neji was known as the perfect man. Handsome, rich, he owned his own business at his own hospital, and on top of that he was a lawyer. Yet it didn't stop there, he was head of the richest family (along with Uchiha) Hyuuga. "For we are both deeply infatuated with each other" he spoke proudly, placing a hand suggestively on his fiancé's slim, exposed thigh. Instantly Madara reacted with slamming his hand on the table, frustrated. Pushing his chair out before getting up and leaving the classy diner, he did not say a word but everyone knew what was wrong. Gwen sighed disapprovingly before speaking.

"Sorry for my son's rude behaviour" she said with clear annoyance.

Madara sighed weakly as he exited the diner for the wealthy. The raven walked to the railing bars of that floor level, looking at the scenery.

He was certainly angry and frustrated. He needed a break from this fancy lifestyle where he had no say in his life. He was sick of acting like a wife for Neji. He knew his mother wished him to marry Neji for the money, that's all. It's just greed on her part. Madara's father had taken almost all the money when he divorced his mother so that's why she so desperate for Neji's wealth. She is too attached to the rich life to give it up; Madara couldn't care less for money anymore.

Madara had a dream to draw some amazing art and become famous like that. The raven was forbidden to work, his mother and Neji wouldn't allow it and they just cut down his creative ideas for his own future. Madara thought of himself as a talented drawer, not the best but an adequate drawer.

Madara caught a glimpse of two men looking in his direction. One was brown haired whilst the other was snow white. The albino was snickering and the brunette was staring like he was merchandise in a store. The raven looked away, pretending not to notice their stares. He was used to 3rd class people gawking at his feet.

"Madara!" a voice called out from behind him. Madara turned quickly to face the person. It was Neji. "Do not act like such a child Madara! It's embarrassing for the both of us" Neji snapped angrily. Madara flinched at the harsh tone. "Get back inside now" he ordered. The shorter hesitated for a second before walking past Neji to head back to the diner, where his guests await.

Neji watched as his fiancé walked back into the restaurant. He scanned the area quickly, noticing a pair of men watching him but took no time to worry about it before turning and following after Madara.

… (Hashi)

Hashirama continued to watch the other boy. After five minutes of watching him, there was a brunette who approached the raven beauty. He seemed to scare the kimono wearing kid for a second. The two friends watched as the 1st class pair seem to have a one-sided argument. The pale looked upset and a bit defeated as he held his head low and went back into the diner. That stuck up brunette looked around quickly, noticing the two men but ignoring them and leaving after the other.

"What was that about?" Tobirama scoffed. Hashirama just looked away confused.

After dinner, Hashirama decided to talk a walk around the hotel. He found himself at the 2nd highest part of the building as he neared his tiring point. He was in deep thought, even though he tried to deny it. He knew he was certainly out of his league with ever talking to a snobby 1st boy but he couldn't help but to dream. Hashirama was one to believe in fate and the 'Love at first site' nonsense. His family discriminated his positive attitude most the time. He himself had huge ideas for the future and what he could give to the world. In those d&m times, he didn't feel like a 3rd class man, he felt like he could become a Hokage. Maybe then that raven boy would fall for him, when reality is his fortune couldn't even buy the boys' name.

Hashirama just seemed to remember the reason how he got into this fancy hotel. To tell the truth, he was unable to afford his ticket into this place, neither could Tobirama. What they did was win a hand in poker and earn the tickets along with a few thousand dollars.

Hashirama was just about to head back, so he turned the last corner. As he head down the pathway, he noticed a shadowy figure. It wasn't that dark but it wasn't easy to catch all the appearances. The brunette was planning to keep walking when he noticed the same mop of dark hair. Curiosity capturing him like a fish and bait, he stopped to observe the other. After straining his eyes, he recognises the other person as that 1st class boy from before. The brunette decided that he would at least try some conversation but froze when he heard quiet sobs. The boy was clutching to the railing, swinging back and forth seemingly to comfort himself. Hashirama didn't react but then something shocking happened.

Hashirama watched as the boy climbed the railing and hung loosely on the other side just above a deadly fall. In a spilt second Hashirama panicked and rushed forward calling out to him. The raven jumped in fright, looking up to see Hashirama. The brunette walked closer, able to see the others appearance from being close and the outside lamp. His pale face seemed to glow white and was obviously tear stained. Hashirama also noticed that he had slight bags which could mean lack of sleep. The tanned male was thinking about lunging out and grabbing the other and pulling him over to the safe side of the building but was stopped when the other freaked out and yelled at him.

"Don't come near me!" he yelled.

The brunette tried to give off calm vibes and positive attitude. Hashirama defiantly knew that panicking and scaring a suicidal person would not help at all. He held out his arm, stopping just in front of the other.

"Don't do this, you don't want to do this" he tried.

Madara looked at him with wide confused eyes.

"Pardon me?" Madara snapped, becoming more agitated. "You do not know me so do not tell me what I will and won't do" Madara stated stubbornly.

Hashirama smiled confidently. "Well excuse me. But besides that, I guess I would have to jump after you"

"What don't be absurd, you'll die"

"It might leave a mark. Frankly I have no choice, you jump and I just allow it, that would be homicide so I must make an attempt to save you"

Hashirama began to remove his shoes as to his dedication of jumping after Madara. Madara just stared at him with many mixed emotion. Hashirama loved that cute dumbfounded expression on the boy's face. He noticed that he was more beautiful close up. He wore a complete white kimono that clung loosely to his features. "I'm just hoping you don't jump because we are in the tallest hotel building in the country and I'm not looking forward to be jumping after you. It's going to hurt really badly. I remember falling off my roof back in the day and it hurt so bad. I landed on my back and as soon as I hit the ground, the wind was knocked out of me and I couldn't breathe for minutes. My head had hurt like crazy and everything was dizzy. I landed on grass so it wasn't as bad as what could be down there. I imagine that but this is like a thousand times worse. And the ocean's not too far, you don't want to make the mistake of jumping too far and falling into the sea. I know that it's super cold at this time. Like a thousand needles stabbing into you at once…" Hashirama paused for a dramatic affect. "That why I'm not looking forward to it, but it's not like a have a choice. You jump I jump"

Hashirama watched Madara's eyes widen at the description. Hopefully that scared him a little from jumping. That was basically the reason why he said all that but it's not like it wasn't true. It looked like Madara was having a mental battle on whether to jump or not. Hashirama gave Madara his winner smiles before holding out his hand and taking a small little step forward. The raven watched him for a second then stared at his hand for record time.

Relief washed over him as Madara took his hand. Madara's hand was so warm, despite the cold climate and current condition. Hashirama grinned and quickly lifted Madara up without effort and pulling him over the bars to the safe side of the building. He just noticed that the raven hadn't been wearing any shoes. Just as he was about to place the light boy on the building's deck, he misguided and Madara tripped pulling him with him. They both fell to the wooden floor, Hashirama on top and Madara beneath. The brunette was situated in-between the Uchiha's parted legs. Hashirama glanced down with shock and noticed the blushing face, mere inches away from his.

As the two were in the embarrassing situation, footsteps were head just infront of them.

"My fiancé runs away from me crying and then this happens?" spoke a voice above them. The two looked up in shock, basically, their heart had jumped into their throats. Complete utter shock.

There were 4 men, including Neji. The other 3 were the hotel's security. One of the hotel security rushed forward, ripping Hashirama up and holding his arms back in a arresting way. The 2nd guard bent down a lifted Madara up and putting him in Neji's awaiting arms. Hashirama noticed it looked like they were treating Madara like an object, not a person. Neji wrapped his arms around Madara's shoulders, expecting him to cry into his chest in forgiveness. The billionaire removed his coat and wrapped it around his fiancé.

"Arrest him for trying to advance on my fiancé" Neji ordered angrily. Madara could tell Neji was fuming but yelled anyway, trying to grab his attention.

"Neji wait! Listen to me" Madara tried.

"Young man, we do not allow or tolerate such actions in this hotel" yelled the unoccupied officer. Hashirama felt like yelling his innocence but couldn't find the words. Maybe of shock or the disappointment of his understanding that Madara was engaged. It hit him hard that the raven haired beauty was going to marry a selfish snob.

"Neji! It's not like that. I-I was… looking over the railings and almost fell but he saved me but then we fell into that misleading position. I can tell you it's not what you thought" Madara explained.

"Really? You ought to be proud of yourself son" congratulated the guard that held Hashirama. He released him and placed a hand on his shoulder. The other guards looked more than pleased but Neji still seemed angry. Neji stared at the brunette before turning to face him with his back and walking back to the shelter of the buildings' roof, taking Madara with him.

"Neji? Why don't you thank the boy for saving your fiancé?" questioned one of the guards. Neji looked over his shoulder

"Hm? oh fine. Phil, throw him a 20" he said.

"Is that how you thank someone for saving me?" Madara snapped, pushing himself away from the other's grasp before walking to Hashirama. "Thank you so much for saving me. May I have your name?" Madara asked, smiling genuinely.

Hashirama smiled back, more pleased than ever. "Senju Hashirama, yours if you please"

"Uchiha Madara. I must say, I'm not familiar with the Senju"

"Ahh… the famous Uchiha Family" chuckled Hashirama

"Well we must be going!" interrupted Neji. "Thank you for your services. I would like to invite you to lunch tomorrow. 12:30 at the diner. My diner" Neji sneered, gesturing to Hashirama unprofessional casual clothes. "But in the future, please refrain from touching my property" He finished. Neji turned to his lover. "Come now" he ordered, holding out his hand. Madara ignored the offer. He smiled and said his goodbyes to Hashirama before walking back inside the hotel, probably back to his suite.

Neji retracted his hand and turned to Hashirama. He gave him a unconvinced stare.

"What doesn't get me is if you just saved him from falling, how would you have enough time to remove your shoes" Neji whispered in a low voice. Hashirama matched his glare but it was broken when Neji turned and started after Madara.

"You're a hero" accused one of the guards cheerfully. Hashirama watched as the couple completely disappeared inside the building.

"So tomorrow huh?"

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