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A forceful weight pushed his body into the cold floor. It was as if gravity had been lost and he could not lift his body. Harsh panting and breathing filled the room and the darkness was like a toxic gas. Each pull and tug from the stronger body ached, leaving him gasping for air. The Uchiha breathed in the chemicals and could feel it deep in his blood. The hot breath of the other hit his bare face but he could only see darkness. The pressure from the unknown person collided into him as he felt something force his way into his entrance.

The raven screamed in agony and the other began forcing him harder into the floor. The burden only increased with each second and he felt himself losing air in his lungs. He was strained between the floor and the shadow above him keeping him in place. Tension and torment beating him to a wreck. He caught a small whiff of the other person. It was so painfully familiar yet so mysteriously incognito. The Uchiha shifted as much as he could in discomfort as the foreign feeling grew deeper inside him.

His insides were being rubbed and pounded in so much affliction causing his body to explode in helpless spasms. Tears begun to leak from his blind eyes. He then felt two large and jagged hands wrap tightly around his jugular. Madara screamed as the coarse fingers clenched around his neck. Binding him from the open air he so desperately needed. It was at that moment the figure violating him made its appearance

The raven's eyes focused on the man above him, realization hitting him like a train. The face brought him despair and terror making his heart leap from his chest. He was sure the man had actually ripped his heart from his chest. The eerie face was belonging to Neji hyuuga.

"You are mine" his whispered with so much venom. "Madara..."

Madara could hear his own screams as he was thrashed into the darkness. It consumed him to his very core...


Madara's eyes snapped open with vigor and pushed at the man trying to hold him. His vision slowly revealed but it didn't bring him any comfort. Hashirama his lover, had been trying to hold him down which only added to Madara's agitation.

"Get off!" The Uchiha screamed, still at a loss of breath. Hashirama pulled away instantly, internally shocked at the tone and distress of his lover.

Madara's eyes darted around the room as if taking in his surroundings for the first time, not knowing where he was. The raven's chest heaved up and down in quick movements as if the oxygen was about to run out in the room. His legs and arms were shaking uncontrollably beneath his yukata. Hashirama watched helplessly and shamefully as the Uchiha slowly regained himself

The Senju waited till Madara had come to the realization that it was just a dream. A horrible nightmare that caused his lover to go into a distraught state. Hashirama himself felt himself worry. He slowly gathered the raven into his arms, frowning when Madara didn't respond to him.

The gentle man brought his lips closer to the Uchiha so he could whisper lightly. Soothing words and attempts to persuade the younger male it was just a nightmare. He though doubted if the Uchiha was hearing him or not. He was brought from his troublesome thoughts when he felt Madara struggling against him.

"Let me go" Madara stated calmly. Hashirama couldn't help the hurt look flicker across his face but Madara was quickly to amend. "I'm fine"

The moment Hashirama released him, Madara immediately got up and headed for their bathroom. Hashirama was left with conflicting thoughts whether to follow him but he chose the latter. He took the free time to redress their bed and fixed himself in a winter attire.

He listened to Madara fiddle with the shower and its temperatures before quickly leaving the bedroom. He strolled through the master corridors, till he reached the main room.

It was still so early in the morning and the cold air outside was kept out by the fireplace. The wood cackled as the fire burned it for warmth. The light emanated from the fireplace was the only source of light the living room. Hashirama's slippers made silent squeaks along the floor boards as he marched towards the red-wood table. Taking ahold of the mobile device, he dialed in the desired number.

As it rung, he scanned the room with his warm brown eyes before listening to the ringing tone. The other recipient's voice responded on the other line. Gate aging voice sounded through the line.

"Hashirama, son?" he questioned sounding a little tired. Hashirama almost regretted calling at that moment, forgetting what he had wanted to say.

"Madara... He... He isn't coping. He has been having dreams" Hashirama explained. Gate was silent for a moment in understanding.

"He will then need counseling" he concluded. Hashirama shook his head in denial.

"Madara is too proud for that"

"Then only you can heal him from the trauma and make him forget"

"I dont know how to" Hashirama admitted.

"You will eventually"


Madara sat comfortably in front of the fireplace. The heat radiated from the fire directly heating Madara's pale unusual skin. It left him with a pink flustered glow of warmth. He moved his sketchbook to the side having it rest beside him. The Uchiha's hair pooled down around him as he huddled on the floor in front of the fireplace. For a few minutes, he could almost say his mine was at peace.

Hashirama had been out with his father, not really sure for what though. Might have been work related, Madara concluded.

Madara heard small footsteps through the hallway. He didn't turn his attention from the fire place as the person grew closer to him. Hashirama had maids and chef's all throughout the house, it was common to run into them. The footsteps stopped not too far behind him.

"Madara, sir a woman has come here to see you. Shall I let her in"

"There is no reason to let me in, when I'm already in" came a very familiar voice. Madara felt him stiffen at the voice. He still sat facing the fire place, almost frozen in place. He heard the butler scowl before leaving the room in hast. Madara listened to the lighter steps of the woman as she moved across the room. He could sense her presence just a few meters behind him. She was silent for a second. "Madara..."

"What do you want" Madara asked coldly. The Uchiha didn't feel harsh, nor did he care.

"I know you won't forgive me... But I'm your mother, I have to try"

"Do you need money?" Madara asked, ignoring her. He was genuinely curious if she actually was truthful or she had run out of funds

Gwen stared at the back of her son, who refused to face her. After hearing about the court case, she had finally been informed about Neji and Hashirama. It destroyed her inside but she was convinced it wasn't something she could help. She observed his appearance, his hair had grown longer and more beautiful. She wanted to reach out and run her fingers through the soft strands of black hair.

Gwen loved her son foremost and this separation hurt almost more than her bankruptcy.

"No, Madara wanted to mend our relationship" spoke, sounding sincere but Madara could hear a lot more then she thought. Madara watched the fire for the last time before standing to his feet slowly, wiping his kimino off. The Uchiha hesitated slightly before turning to his mother.

Gwen's browns eyes widened when her eyes met his. He seemed like a completely different person. His face had matured then when he was 16, now slimmer and picture perfect. His mysterious eyes seemed much more distant and full of pain, she noticed the same glint of defiance in them. He had grown a few centimeters, now almost taller than her. His skin was so absolute. Her perfect, flawless son, that Neji ruined.

"Until you have become righteous mother, then I shall believe your honesty" Madara announced. The young Uchiha slowly walked past her, the shoulder brushed lightly. Gwen just stood in place, shocked at the words staring grimly down at the furnished floors. She listened half-heartedly as Madara called for his butler and ordered him to escort her out. She felt her heart ache but in a way, she was proud of how her son was growing and changing. Also she could feel a little shame and guilt but she had no idea how to address her feelings or even to admit to them. Maybe this was what Madara was talking about.

The raven Uchiha watched silently as he mother was escorted from the room before sighing in relief.

Hashirama was extremely excited to return home to his beautiful lover. He was working on how he was going to help Madara overcome his anxiety and anguish. The Senju had took it upon himself to go through Madara's medical history and noticed Madara had been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. He knew illness's like these were frowned up within such upper class people. He doubted Madara received the right help or attention for it. He knew it must have gotten worse since the Konohaa incident, though something like that event would have effected anyone. He had no idea how he would have handled the situation if he didn't have Madara. He researched that the illness affects the minds and makes the person re-experience the pain. It decreases a individual's ability to cope leading to depression but he would be there to stop it before it got too far.

Gate had suggest subscribing Madara on medication or slipping it into his drinks every night. The tanned male scolded his father instantly. Hashirama said Madara didn't need to be medicated. Madara's issues was his mind repeatedly replaying the past all over in his mind. Besides he had too much respect to drug his lover.

Hashirama smiled courteously at the butler greeting him at the door and he walked inside their villa. It was never difficult to find the Uchiha the large home. He either resided in the living room, bedroom or study. The Senju had found his Uchiha resting on their bed, his nose stuck in a thick novel. The younger hadn't noticed his presence and Hashirama slowly walked up to the boy. He caught Madara off guard, as he jumped on the bed and climbing on Madara. The raven was shocked at the interruption but smirked at the Senju. Hashirama grinned playfully his hands rubbing the Uchiha sides lovingly.

Madara felt his throat instantly dry as Hashirama licked his neck teasingly. He felt the warm muscle against his cool skin, bringing him heat spontaneously. He shifted slightly, giving Hashirama more access. The raven shivered as his body was littered with goosbumps.

"How was your day" Hashirama murmured, beginning to kiss the skin softly. Madara gasped lightly before smiling at the Senju's behaviour.

"I... uhh... I had a visitor" Madara spoke as calmly as he could muster. He felt the Senju's motions pause before quickly resuming. Madara chuckled lightly. "My mother"

"What in the world would she want?"

Madara just shrugged his body and watched as Hashirama sat up.

"I'm going to take a shower, want to join?" Hashirama asked, lifting himself off the younger boy. Madara sat himself upright before smiling politely.

"I already bathed, another time"

Hashirama nodded before standing up and walked to their ensuite. The Uchiha got up and left the room, heading for the closest kitchen. He took the cat nibble from the pantry and called out for the black ball of fluff. Usually Tobi would sense the food no matter where the cat was in the villa. The raven's eyebrow raised as he walked around the kitchen's bench expecting him to find the cat but to no avail he wasn't there.

A small pit of worry began to form in his stomach, placing the food on the bench. Madara called for Tobi countless times becoming concerned. Tobi doesn't leave the house so where could he be? The cat was never this troublesome, never really a nuisance just a happy sly cat.

He felt a small pounding feeling in his head and he placed a palm covering his forehead. He barely felt himself tumbling and stumbling. His hears held a ringing sound and felt the gravity become somewhat heavier. The Uchiha walked to the corridor slowly closing his eyes, hand holding his head.


The Uchiha's eyes snapped up and widened as his heart dropped immediately. His mouth open in dry shock. At the end of the hallway stood a perfectly unnerving Hyuuga. Words had been torn from his vocabulary as his eyes met with the Neji in front of him. The Hyuuga held a very condescending and fierce expression. The tall man just stood the on the other side of the corridor, almost dripping with danger. Madara's eyes were glued to Neji's, no matter who hard he told himself to tear away. No matter how hard he screamed at himself to move, to sprint away from this pursuer.

It was as if Neji was holding him in place, the same forceful weight in his dreams. Maybe his dreams were becoming a reality. And maybe they weren't even dreams but visions. Madara's chains of dangerous thoughts were cut short when the Hyuuga began smirking. His lips reached past proportion as his lips curled up to his ears. It was the most horrific sight as if Neji's body lost all constraints. Neji limps seems to grow in length and his head began to tilt so demonically.

"MADARA!" it screeched. Madara's soul burst as the Neji sprinted at him with amazing speed.

Neji face contorted into a toothy grin, rows of shark teeth. His pale white eyes dripping with black and its screams. The true form of the Hyuuga seemed to burst from his shell and finally appear to Madara. The walls began to ooze with black fog and form into mice and bats. The noises screamed through the Uchiha's world. The Uchiha did the only thing he could and screamed for Hashirama.

The running demon didn't stop, only becoming inches away before dissolving. Madara could see a form beneath the dissolving spirit. He watched it with fear full eyes, the figure quickly ran to him with realty. The man pulled him into an embrace and Madara instantly noticed the warmth. It enveloped him like a warm blanket of protection, saving him from his own mind. Madara's stared as the wall return to normal and the rats and bats dissolved just like the demon. He closed his eyes feeling them burn with an insatiable heat. Madara couldn't hear anything but a small ringing in his head, and he swore he could hear Hashirama talking to him.

Hashirama was brought to an extreme panic as he heard Madara's worried voice. He found nothing more than a startled Uchiha standing frozen on the other side of the hallway. Madara's eyes were so distant and unseeing, as if he had gone blind or was seeing something he wasn't meant to see. He tried to walk towards him but it left Madara screaming and that's when he lost it. He ran to the Uchiha despite the other's obvious frustration. He pulled the stunned boy into his arms and luckily that was enough to snap him from his reverie. He felt the boy's body relax but he was still recovering from the shock.

He stood holding his lover, bringing him comfort and it reminded him of the time when they were in the freezing water together, almost on the edge of separation. He then recalled Madara's voice in his head, when he reassured to him that they would still be together in love. It was then Hashirama's answer came to him.

"You so fresh to wealth but sick as ca-cancer
You were sorta pish posh, But I grew up on the streets
But you fit me better than my favorite sweater,
You just need to remember
I will love you till the end of time
I would wait a million years
Promise you'll remember that you're mine
Baby can you see through the tears?
Love you more, than those demons before
Say you'll remember, oh baby, say you'll remember
I will love you till the end of time"

Hashirama felt the Uchiha slump against him as he finished. The Senju looked down at his exhausted lover and pulled him into his arms. Madara had fallen into a peaceful sleep, his mind was a peace. He slowly carried his lover watching as Tobi came running from his hiding place, as if a burden had just left the house. Hashirama took Madara to their bed and Tobi followed. Gently placing Madara onto their soft bed, he climbed onto it was well pulling his Uchiha into his arms. The small cat crawled onto the bed finding is place next to Madara's head and curled into a ball.

Hashirama watched Madara's face as it was devoid of the pain he saw earlier. Lightly, he kissed the other's warm cheek.

"I will love you till the end of time" he reassured.


Hashirama opened the door to be met with a familiar old lady. Gwendoline Uchiha. One of the biggest obstacles he had when he was trying to have a relationship with Madara. Her interference held a much abundance and Neji Hyuuga. Hashirama had concluded a long time ago that she was just as accountable as Neji was.

The woman didn't look as powerful or intimidating as she did back at their first meeting. If Hashirama was the vengeful type he would have given her the condescending look, just as she did back then. The positions and roles were reversed. He had faced her to gain a relationship with Madara now she was facing him, trying to regain a relationship with her son. How ironic. Despite the objections he felt towards letting that female into the house, he did just so. Stepping aside and allowing her in.

The Uchiha mother watched him with envy and desperation. He could tell the desire in her eyes were firm.

Hashirama led the way without a word to her, leading her to the master living room. He saw his beautiful lover waiting anxiously for them. The candles in the room lit the place up entirely with a peaceful orange glow. Hashirama walked right to his Uchiha and pulling him into a possessive kiss. Madara returned it lovingly before pulling away to glance at his mother with an examining eye. Her eyes were stuck to the both of them. However he didn't expect this.

"I was wrong, Hashirama is the right man for you" she spoke, in honestly. She must have shocked herself as well after that admit. Madara's elegant red eyes widened slightly before snapping to reality.

"I didn't think you would show up again" Madara stated, disregarding her last sentence. Hashirama stood behind Madara.

"I understand why you sent me away last time. But i assure you Madara, I have not returned with half glass emptied feelings"

Madara stood in silence a little interested to what the woman what do. She sighed, stepping closer to Madara taking a hold of his palms into her own. Madara glared but didn't pull back.

"Madara, I was meant to be your mother, yet I was the very one who placed you in danger. I should have been the one to save you yet I kept pushing you into his arms. I tried to deny it but it is my fault and i should have listened to you, my one and only son. I am so sorry i wasn't there to protect you.

Madara stiffened before relaxing again. He felt Gwen pull him closer to her body.

"I thought I knew what was best for you but in reality I had no clue. If you chose not to forgive it, it's ok. At least I know my son is safe and happy."

Hashirama smiled lightly, watching the woman change in a matter of seconds. He saw the woman swap her priorities as they catalyst end.

"Thank you for being my son"