Sequel! Just because you asked :p

Hashirama pulled his lover into his embrace as they left the court room. The whole thing stressed Madara out, having to talk about it all over again. The Uchiha understood that is was necessary. Hashirama was pleased that Madara was so co-operative with putting Neji behind bars. Hashirama himself was disappointed that Neji wasn't charged at all with abuse. It was completely unfair but he could see that Madara was over the top. He was happy that Neji was punished. He got 7 years imprisonment and lost his position in his family. His younger cousin, Hinata Hyuuga replaced him.

Gate had been able to clear the court yard from the news and paparazzi who wanted to speak with the Uchiha. Both the Senju knew Madara would be displeased to have to put up with the persistent press. Gwen never showed up for the trial. She was too upset with herself but she was also held accountable to the crime but Madara didn't say anything about her so they couldn't charge her. Hashirama had asked why would he defend her but Madara replied but a simple shrug. He knew she didn't deserve it but he let it go. Hashirama admired Madara for that fact even more than he did.

Hashirama and Madara waited outside till Gate came around in a expensive car to pick them up. The two got into the back seat and buckled up. The two young boys's explained what happened. Like Hashirama, he agreed that it should have been harsher than but as long as Madara was happy.

Hsahirama raised an eyebrow when he noticed Gate took the wrong turn. Immediately he questioned the other man's motive but the elder did not explained till they reached a large mansion. Gate turned around in his chair two look at the boys, grinning mischievously.

"This is your new house" Gate said as a surprise. The Uchiha and Senju gasped in shock. Gate smiled at his son. "I have never been there for you Hashirama. I know cannot be bought but it would help to support Madara as well"

Madara's cheeks reddened in embarrassment. Hashirama smiled unbelievably at his father. Taking a hold of Madara's hand, he pulled him from the car.

" I have to go, I'll be back soon" he yelled at the retreating couple. The elder chuckled at the two before driving out from the driveway and left for his destination.

The two ran inside and marvelled at its beauty.

"Shall we?" Hashirama asked smiling. Madara nodded and left Hashirama drag him around the house.

After the two explored the large house, they decided to name rooms and found the room that they wanted. They had to choose the largest room because its beauty was phenomenal. Dark wooden chairs and matching tables, a large wardrobe, and most importantly a big comfy bed.

Madara walked to the bed, laying on it. Hashirama followed but stood and watched Madara. The Uchiha rolled over onto his stomach and stared at Hashirama with seductive eyes. The tanned could tell exactly what his wanted with those excited red eyes. His smirk confirmed it so Hashirama took the first step and lunged forward, connected their lips into one. Hashirama climbed on the bed and over his lover possessively while never loosing contact from the kiss. He ran his hands up and down Madara's sides. Hashirama enjoyed playing with Madara's curves.

The Senju moved one hand to pull open the kimono Madara wore. Once it was deemed open enough, Hashirama's hand traced the Uchiha's chest with his finger's before pinching Madara's pert nipple. The Uchiha pulled away from the kiss as a moan escaped his throat. The Uchiha shut his mouth to prevent any more sounds from escaping his pink lips. Hashirama noticed the withdrawal action and pinched harder, giving it all small twisting motion. Madara couldn't repress the loud cry of pleasure.

"Don't hold back, your moans are pleasurable to me" Hashirama groaned.

Hashirama slowly moved his hand down his chest, then belly... to its prize. The Senju wrapped his hand around Madara's hard pulsing erectionn. Madara gasped loudly into the Senju's ear, bucking his hips up into the contact. Hashirama growled in a predator manner, watching the Uchiha's beautiful face. He had his mouth slightly open, drool in the corner of his lips, cloudy red orbs, and that sexy blush that covered most his lover's face.

Hashirama began to rub the Uchiha's boner, squishing the head from time to time. Sometimes moving down to rub the man's balls. Madara breath picked up and spread his legs wider for Hashirama to work on him. Madara lifted his arms around Hashirama's neck and pulled him into a sloppy kiss. Hashirama sped up his hand, tightening his hold. Madara released a loud cry.

The Senju smirked, moving down to suck at the younger's jaw. Madara's head fell back, allowing Hashirama more access. He pulled away and saw the purple mark he left on the boy's neck. Licking lower... lower, his tongue touched Madara base before sliding up the organ along the large vein. He took the full organ in, forcing it all the way down his throat. Madara cried loudly, the boy's legs shaking in pleasure.

Hashirama moved three fingers to the Uchiha's lips while he sucked the other off as best he could. He entered the drooling mouth and okayed with Madara's tongue. They chased after each other as if a game of tag. Once it was oriven lubricated enough, he pulled them away. The Senju moved up, taking Madara's lips while he inserted two fingers into the tight opening. Madara's hips jerked at the intrusion but did nothing to stop it. In fact, he pushed his hips down to get them deeper. Hashirama smirked at the horny gesture, he begun to stretched the other while adding the third finger, Hashirama's other hand went to stroke the erection of the other.

"Please Hashirama!" Madara cried out as pleasure filled his whole body.

Hashirama pushed all fingers in harder, hitting Madara's pleasure source. The Uchiha screamed in pure ecstasy as the fingers went harder into his prostate. Hashirama removed his fingers hurriedly and pulled his erect cock from his pants.

Madara watched as Hashirama lifted his leg high into his shoulder and positioned himself at his anus. He waited anxiously as Hashirama slickened his own penis before poking the same hole. He waited yet not another second before thrusting in roughly, groaning in the process. The mattress creaked at the motion. Hashirama kissed Madara fiercely, beginning at a slow pace.

"Fuck! S-so tight" Hashirama grunted.

Madara's nails dug into Hashirama's shoulders as the man moved in and out of him. He let out soft pants and moans as Hashirama aimed perfectly. Soon Madara felt the pain receding, until there was no pain at all. The Uchiha pulled him closer as he felt himself coming close. The Senju noticed and dropped the gently pace for a much harder and faster pace.

Grunting each time he moved inside the younger, he was now banging the Uchiha as hard as he could muster. The lovely sounds from Madara's mouth encouraging him to go harder. It wasn't long till he felt his balls contract as he was coming closer to his climax.

Madara was first to reach his climax as his orgasm shook him to the core. He pulled on Hashirama tighter, screaming like none before. The Uchiha released over both their stomach's.

Hashirama was not long after Madara, his released his sperm into his lover. The Uchiha winced as he felt the warm liquid shoot up inside him.

The twp lay breathless and tired and a few other things as the regain their breaths. Hashirama waited a full five minutes before pulling himself out from the younger boy. He dropped beside Madara and caressed his face lovingly. Madara had already drifted off into a sleep.

"I love you" he asmitted, pulling Madara's body into his.


Hashirama and Madara held each other's hand as they looked over the cliff of where konohaa fell, This also happen to be the place where they first kissed.

"Just one more thing" Hashirama said smiling. He handed Madara the piece of jewel that Neji had given him.

Madara smiled and took the expensive jewellery. Hashirama stood behind Madara and held his waist lovingly. The Uchiha looked at the water below them and then dropped the beautiful piece into the sea. He watched as it sunk deeper. And so did the memories of Neji, and Konohaa

Because this is what his fate brought

Hashirama: Yay smut!

Madara: Perv!