Pinkie pie was one day out for a walk when she suddenly stepped on something it was angel angel died and pinkie killed him. Pinkie was sad but ten she saw the blood it made her go crazy so she was evil she killed fluttershy and then took a knife face-stabbed rarity then she saw twilight and beat her to deaf. Spikesaw to he was scared and hid but pinkie pie found him "NOw if ound you she said with an axe she hit him spike is ded pinkie pie was laughing and she saw rainbow dash in thesky. Pinkie took a a beretta out and shot rainbow dash's wings and rainbwo fell to the ground really hard but she didn't die. Pinkie pike shot her and she died scootaloo was watching she saw rainbow dsah die. "You killedh er pinkie pie she was my hero." pinkie pie just looekd at her and ran after her scootaloo scooted away as fast as possible she thought she could outrun pinkie pie but she was wrong... she led pinkie to their club house and pinkie pie found a hammer and it was hmmaer time. She hammered scootalloo and sweetie belle in the throat apple bloom was too scared to move but pinkie pie needed a victim "you're commin with me pinkie" pie said and put apple bloom in a bag. She went over to apple jack's house and broke the door down "I'm in the mood to party" pinke pie said she punched apple jack's lgs and she couldn't move and took the aple bloom out of the bag and tied them up. She lit the stove gas on and then lit a match it blew them all up "I always wanted to go out with a bang" pinkie said as she ded too but with a creepi smile on her face