George called her two days later to arrange a second date. She had been thoroughly grilled by Karen on set and Karen seemed pleased that they'd kissed goodnight.

She accepted the date and got herself ready. She wore a dark blue shirt and black knee length skirt with boots for their dinner at an Italian restaurant.

He kissed her on the cheek in greeting and gave her a generous smile. He wore a black shirt and dark blue jeans. He looked good, and Alex felt a stirring in her lower abdomen when he raked his eyes over her body.

They ordered their main courses and went through the usual small talk; how they were and how their last few days had been.

Alex knew she needed to bring up the subject of sexuality. She was determined that it wouldn't be awkward.

When their main courses arrive and they were part way through, she didn't wat to wait any longer to ask him. 'So, this is a weird question, but... are you exclusively into women?'

'Um...' he clearly hadn't been expecting the question. 'Well yeah, I am. You're great Alex, I know this is only our second date but I feel comfortable around you'

'I was just wondering' she smied ,confused as to why he was lying. That was if he was lying. But she knew Matt wouldn't lie to her. Maybe Matt had been mistaken.

'And... are you exclusively into men?' he asked with a slight chuckle.

'Oh yes, George. I definitely am' she replied seductively.

'Mmm' he moaned in approval with a smile that told Alex he wanted more than kissing tonight. She felt more stirring below her navel whe he reached for her hand and held it across the table.

After a lovely dinner that had involved more and more flirting, they decided to skip pudding. As soon as they were out of the restaurant he grabbed her by the waist and kissed her deeply. She responded with a moan and his tongue licked along her lip and she opeed her mouth to him.

By the time they got back to her flat Alex's shirt was half undone and her hair even wilder than usual. She hurriedly unlocked her door and they ran up the stairs, giggling like children.

Her shirt was off before they were even through her flat door. He squeezed her breasts through her bra and she moaned into his mouth...

It was at the point where he'd just made her come with his fingers that she remembered it was only their second date and she didn't want to have sex with him yet. She wanted it, but she had self control.

He pressed himself against her and she could tell he wanted to go further. She was wondering whether she actually wanted to have sex or just tell him no when her phone buzzed.

'Ignore it' George whispered in her ear, breathing deeply. She returned to kissing him and thinking it wouldn't be so bad if they did have sex when her phone started ringing.

'I'm going to answer that, it could be my daughter'

'Alex, answer it later. She can wait'

That did it. The niggling thought that this was happening too fast became her main thought. She pushed him off of her and found her phone.

Matt's name was on her screen.

Wondering why on earth he was calling her and secretly psychically thanking him for the handy timing of his call, she accepted the call.


'Alex. Are you ok?'

'Yes, I'm fine. Why are you ringing?'

'I wanted to make sure you were ok. Are you with George?'

'Yes, I am. Why?' she really didn't understand his interest in their relationship, it was bordering on unhealthy.

'I need to talk to you about him. Please?'

'Tell me all about it, sweetheart' she said a little louder, looking at George and mouthing 'my daughter' at him. He nodded, looking fed up. She walked into the bathroom and locked the door.

'What? Why did you call me sweetheart, Alex?' Matt was understandably confused.

'I told him it was Salome calling' she giggled quietly.

He chuckled. 'So what were you going to tell me, Matt? What was worth interrupting – never mind'

'I interrupted? Oh god you haven't, I mean, were you and him...'

'No, well, nearly, oh I shouldn't be telling you this, Matt. He's in the other room and the longer I'm talking to you the more suspicious he's going to get'

'Tell him to go then? No offense Alex but you don't exactly sound thrilled to be with him'

'Ok. I need to know what you so desperately want to tell me, though. I'm assuming you're free?'

'Yes, I'll come and pick you up. Text me when he's left and I'll pick you up in Park Street, ok?'

'Ok, love, I'll speak to you tomorrow and it'll be ok' she spoke up again, exiting the bathroom.

After telling George she wanted to take things slower and telling him she was pretty tired anyway as she'd had a busy day, he left and she left it ten minutes before texting Matt. He texted back almost straight away telling her he was parked in the street they'd agreed on.

She did up her shirt, put some clean knickers on, made sure that she didn't look ravished and pulled a coat on. She ran to the next street and found Matt's car. He turned towards her and smiled. 'Hey'

'Hey' she replied, settling in the passenger seat.

'Sorry, I know this is strange, Alex'

'You're telling me' she wasn't smiling.

'Alex, I saw George yesterday. Did you ask him whether he was bi?'

'Yeah I did. He said no. I don't mind if he is but he must have been teasing you the first time I met him'

'Well I saw him with a guy yesterday'

'Men have male friends, Matt. I still don't get why you're being so protective over me all of a sudden, I can look after myself, you know' she replied, becoming more and more defensive.

He picked up his phone and showed her a photo.

It was George and another man.