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I don't think I'll ever understand why anyone would want to come here. I sighed quietly, resting my cheek in my hand. Maybe it was just the circumstances I was under that made me so miserable.

My sister had gotten into some trouble back at home, on Earth. That trouble had somehow ended with me having to follow my soon to be husband here, to Pandora. I still didn't completely understand why he'd moved us here, but apparently it was for his work. Not that I knew what he did...

I wanted to cry at this point. I missed my friends and mother, even my sister! I could feel my lip trembling so I bit the inside of my cheek. I refused to show any kind of weakness in front of the bastard that had basically kidnapped me!

Sighing again, I looked around me, the large, beautiful plants capturing my attention. My 'husband' had left me in a large room with a balcony and yard, but all of it was surrounded by a large fence. I wished the plants were within reach, but sadly they weren't.

I could hear my 'husband' out in the hallway, talking to someone. I crinkled my nose and stuck my tongue out at the door. I stood from the side of the bed and walked outside, pacing around the yard.

I smiled when I thought back to my old friends at home, especially my best friend, Christina. When I told her I was leaving to go to Pandora she'd tried to convince me that my fiance wouldn't notice if she took my place. When I'd pointed out that her hair was blonde and mine was black she laughed and said 'Bitch please! He probably won't even notice the difference! Don't you worry Abby! You'll be fine, I'm sure of it!'

That was one of the last times I'd laughed. Not many people had smiled at me before I'd left, so I'd never found any reason to laugh. Many people had tried to avoid me, or hadn't recognized me before I'd left. Seeing as though my fiance, aka 'man-whore', had forced me to dye my hair. Not that I'd minded getting rid of the frizzy red mess on my head.

I looked up, startled when a plant suddenly shrank before me. I placed a hand over my heart, rolling my eyes at how jumpy I was being. Watching the plants slowly open back up again made me realized just how little I knew about where I was.

Pandora had become a very popular place for those that could afford to travel here. Almost no one knew about the types of life that were on this beautiful planet, well, other than many famous scientists. Of course, we all knew of the Na'vi, but other than that, not much was talked about.

I'd always wanted to see a Na'vi, but many of the scientists in the compound I was staying in told me to never interact with one. It seemed as if there was a very tight truce going on. I knew the war between the Na'vi and humans had ceased, but it seemed as if almost everyone, at least on the humans side, was itching to return to battle.

I heard Man-whore calling my name, so I turned to look at him. When he gestured at me to go to him, I snorted under my breath, but still turned to walk to him. As I walked, I looked up at the sky, wondering if my family and friends were still okay, and if they were missing me.