Last Bastion, Kahje

Day 1, 1835

"Mac. You there?"

"I'm here."

"It's Ekris. Got what we came for, heading for the roof."

"Everything alright?"

"Fine. Contact when you've sorted our evac."

"Will do…"

The radio faded to silence, and Mac'Tir dropped his omni-tool, reaching for his pistol once more. With his free hand, he rubbed his brow, letting out a low sigh.

"Everything alright?" Saffiya asked, emerging from the next hallway with a frown on her features.

"I shouldn't imagine so…" the drell sighed. "We'll find out when we're done here. The door?"

"Welded shut," the asari shrugged. "I could force it, but I imagine that would defeat the point."


"A couple of stragglers. Dealt with, but I imagine there are-"



"Miss Arness is tenacious, I'll give her that…" Mac'Tir murmured, as the both of them looked up through the ceiling to follow the din echoing down from the rooftop. "How do you imagine the husks are getting up there?"

"Not by the stairs… external?"


The asari blinked for a moment, before following the assassin's outstretched finger to the sudden object of his attention. There was a balcony jutting out from the side of the top-floor apartment they were currently standing in, the glass doors leading to it shattered from the outside.

Wordlessly, the pair of them hurried to the edge of the room, ducking through the broken doorframes and spinning around to look up at the roof. It was a storey above them, little more than ten or twelve feet. And echoing down from above…

Thud. The sound of a hefty strike on flesh, followed by a body tumbling to the floor.

"Boost," the drell muttered, simply.

His partner nodded and knelt down, putting her hands together as her arms brimmed with biotic fire. Raziel just paused, glanced up at the ledge above, and then took a run-up, planting one boot in Saffiya's hands and springing up, legs kicking out wildly. A swell of biotics hurled him upwards, and he soared clear of the ledge by a foot or two, landing neatly on the edge.

Working on instinct, he blotted out the situation at hand, dropping onto his back and slinging his free arm over the edge. With the other hand, he brought up his pistol, finally allowing his gaze to flicker across the rest of the rooftop…

It was a curious sight, to put it mildly. The Kodiak was nose-down, having come to rest in the middle of the roof with a trail of scorch marks behind it, all the way to the edge. Four… no, five husks were milling around the shuttle, hands clawing at the hull, dead eyes leering upwards. As for the object of their affections, Wendy Arness was standing on the shuttle's roof, no gun in hand, eyes scanning cautiously for whichever husk was getting nearest. As one on the left lunged up, making a bid to climb the mountain:

Smack! The pilot planted her boot between its eyes, knocking it back down to the rooftop below. The others bayed and hissed, and continued to swarm, but seemed to be keeping their distance…

With a slight tug, Saffiya grabbed the assassin's hand, and it was little effort to haul her up with her biotics assisting the effort. She landed on the rooftop next to him, crouching low, and curiously, sliding her pistol back into her belt. The husks didn't seem to have spotted them yet, focused as they were on their unarmed prey atop the shuttle.

"Take them by surprise?" the asari murmured, quietly.

The drell just nodded, and his thumb strayed to the side of his pistol, engaging the laser sight with the slightest of clicks. A little blue dot appeared across the rooftop, hovering on the back of one husk's head.

"Ready?" he muttered.


Bang. The unfortunate husk pitched forwards, blood showering against the side of the shuttle as it bounced once off the hull and slumped, dead before it hit the ground. The reaction across the rooftop was more or the less the same - Arness looked up in surprise even as the husks whirled around to face the two newcomers.

Whump. Saffiya was off and running before Mac'Tir could fire a second shot, and as the first husk broke at her, she sent it flying away with a burst of biotics. It bounced once off the nose of the shuttle, rose flailing into the air, and then disappeared over the edge of the building.

Three more. Raziel attempted to sight in for another shot, but his asari partner was already in amidst the remaining husks. She crushed the skull of one with a biotic punch, lashed out behind herself with a kick that sent a second staggering…

Bang. Clambering to his feet, Mac'Tir picked that one off as it stumbled out of the melee, and it dropped instantly. One left, and Saffiya was toe-to-toe with it. She dodged a first, flailing lunge, lashed out with a kick, took a few steps back as the hound came circling, and-


The drell blinked in surprise. Luckily, his arms were quicker than his brain - on instinct, his hand was already to his sword hilt, yanking it free of his belt and slinging it through the air. Saffiya caught it with surprising skill, ducked through the husk's outstretched arms-

Shing. There was a splatter of silver blood as she lashed out, cutting into the husk's side. A moment later it whirled around, hissing angrily. The justicar responded with a kick to the gut, doubled it over, and-

Squelch. She up-ended the blade and plunged it through the husk's back, piercing its heart from behind if the assassin had to guess. There was a moment's silence before, with a grisly echo, the corpse succumbed to gravity, sliding off the sword and thudding to the floor. Saffiya just held her pose a moment, taking one deep breath before straightening up, shaking the blood off her… off his blade. Raziel couldn't help but stare a moment, more than a little surprised. That was… hm.

He snapped back to attention as she leant over, setting the blade down and sliding it back towards him with a tap of her heel. The drell stooped and caught it in one hand, as his partner advanced calmly on the fallen shuttle.

"Are you alright?" she called, dusting off her hands.

"Better now," Wendy nodded, pacing over to the edge of the Kodiak and hopping down as neatly as she could. "Although I wish you'd arrived before I ran out of ammunition."

"Looks like you did a good enough job yourself," Saffiya noted, glancing around at the corpses littered across the rooftop - far more than the five they'd just killed.

Arness simply shrugged, and set about tending to her craft, checking the door release for starters. It swung open with a mechanical - if somewhat rusty - hiss, and Raziel couldn't help but notice that the interior was still bathed by crimson warning lights.

"Is she flightworthy?" the drell muttered, pacing up to join the two women.

"That's… relative," Wendy replied, awkwardly. "She was hit pretty badly, and there's only so much I can do with a welder and omni-gel."

"Specifics?" Saffiya frowned.

"She's nowhere near airtight, so we're not rated for ex-atmosphere flight. We're… also missing the front-right thruster, it was mangled in the landing. The rest of the systems are working, though. Mostly."

"Can you take off and land, preferably without a horrible explosion inbetween?" the justicar asked, sardonically.

"I… think I could manage that, yes. I trust the aerial threat's down?"

There was a moment's silence, as the drell and the justicar exchanged a look.

"…seriously?" Wendy sighed. "If I couldn't dodge that Harvester with four engines, what makes you think I could dodge it with three?"

"We'll take care of it," Raziel interjected, quickly. "Take these, and be ready to take off as soon as we're done."

As he spoke, he detached his comlink from the collar of his jacket, and pulled two pistol clips out of his belt, before handing the lot over to Arness. The pilot took it with a nod, and set about reaching for her pistol, still looped through her belt next to what looked like a welding torch.

"And I take it we're hiking back across the city?" Saffiya muttered, dryly.

"As quickly as possible," the drell nodded, cheerfully. "Get on the radio to Ekris. We'll need a few more hands for this."