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Katniss pov

"What are you talking about? 13 was destroyed a long time ago."

"Listen we don't have much time, We will explain everything later now let's go!" the strange lady replied, I don't know what it was about her but something was just wrong, I didn't trust her one bit. The only thing that made me go was Gale tugging on my arm and dragging me forward. He could tell I was putting up a fight though so he picked me up and carried me. How could he do this just follow some strange lady, that for all we know could be somebody from the capitol taking us to torture us. Thats when everything went black and I could feel the sharp poke of a needle going in my arm.

Cato pov

I had walked back to our home in the Victors Village when I was stopped by a few peacekeepers,

"Son, we need you to come with us Katniss needs you." panic started to rise in my throats and I let them lead me to a hovercraft.

Prim pov

Mother, Haymitch, Matthew and Cato's grandmother were still sitting in the kitchen of Katniss's and Cato's home, all just staring at each other, trying to grasp the fact that the boy that we all grown to know as caring and loving hit Katniss. I had known but I couldn't do anything about it. We heard a knock on the door and I ran to go get it hopping it was someone that could explain to us what was going on. I opened the door to see Madge on our door step,

"Everybody come with me, Katniss needs you guys."

Everyone got up from the kitchen and followed Madge out the door to a hovercraft.

Katniss pov

I woke up in a hospital with my hands and legs restrained on a bed. I start to thrash around when Cato grabbed my hand and I immediately calmed down, I looked up to see his eyes watery and swollen and I saw silent tears run down his cheeks

"Cato…What's going on where are we?" I choked out

"Well uh…We are in district 13, we were taken here to help with the rebellion that has started. Katniss the capitol bombed district 12 about 5 minutes after we left…the people from 13 tried to get everyone they could out of there-"

"Where's Prim?" I interrupted him, panicked at the thought that Prim was gone.

"She's here along with your mother, my family,gale Madge and Gale's family, and-and Peeta…" I noticed the anger in his voice when he brought up Peeta but I was instantly relived that Prim and My mother were okay."

"A few others got out before they bombed too, and they were taken here, but I don't know all their names. They need you to help with the rebellion if you don't do it they threatened to kill our family's."

My relief was cut short at the thought of losing my family, after everything we have been through I was being forced to do things I didn't want to again at the fear of losing the ones I love, this place was no better then the capitol.

I felt the restraints loosen and I sat up and rubbed my wrists, why did they even restrain me? I sat up and noticed that my belly didn't seem so big...

"Katniss…I…I have to tell you something, when you boarded the hovercraft and the electrical current went through your body it killed our little girl…"

"What…" I mumbled as I started to cry Cato took me in his arms and whispered soothing things in my ears, but it didn't help after everything we had been through, after everything thats happened I lost my baby because of this stupid place that I was forced to be in, I would have much rathered been blown to pieces along with district 12.


I woke up in the same hospital bed but Cato was laying next to me I looked up to see his face and his cheeks had tear stains running down them, I still couldn't believe what has happened, I managed to wiggle out of his arms without waking him and I pulled on the robe that was sitting in the chair next to my bed, I pulled it on and walked out the door and started wondering the halls of this unfamiliar place.

I came across a map of the area and I saw room numbers I looked through them and found that next to the numbers where names of the people in the rooms, I managed to find the room that Prim and my mother were in and I tried to walk to their room, when I reached the door and opened it, no one was in there, so I closed the door behind me and went back to the map and found Haymitch's room, People were looking at me funny as I was walking through the halls but I paid no attention. When I reached Haymitch's room I knocked and heard someone grunt so I opened the door and walked in, He just looked at me with sorrow eyes, and I noticed that there weren't any bottles around,

"Hey sweetheart, how have you been holding up?"

"Hey Haymitch not good, not good at all," I burst in to tears and he came over and just hugged me, I don't know why I went to Haymitch, but he was my mentor, and he's been like a father figure to me for that last few months.

"Haymitch dear who was at the door?" I heard a womens voice that sounded strangely familiar, I pulled away and looked at him confused when Effie came strolling down the hall wearing nothing but one of Haymitch's shirts, she wasn't wearing any makeup or anything and I barley recognized her.


"Oh Katniss dear… Uh… I'll be right back!" She scurried down the hall,

I burst out laughing, Haymitch and Effie? I looked at Haymitch when I finally calmed down a bit and he had a huge grin on his face.

Effie came strolling down the hall she had a pair of pajama pants on and was still wearing Haymitch's shirt,

"Well we figured it was only a matter of time till you found out." Haymitch said as we all started to burst out in laughter. and just for a second I felt happy again then I remembered were we were and what has happened and I started to cry again this time though I just ran out of their little apartment muttering a goodbye, and I ran straight into Peeta who pulled me into what I assumed was his apartment.

I was thrashing around and trying to escape but he was too strong, he put me on the couch, and said

"Katniss we need to talk."

"No we don't!" I spat out at him

"Please just listen, I'm not going to hurt you or try to convince you about anything please just hear me out."

"You have 1 minute go." I replied because I knew there was no way I was getting out of here unless I let him talk.

"I don't know what happened to me back in twelve I was just so angry and I'm so sorry, I know you probably will never be able to forgive me but I just want you to know that I have come to terms with you and I, I know you love Cato, and I know that all we could have been was friends, and I have even blown that chance now, I am truly sorry Katniss, I never wanted to hurt you, I just I was so jealous and angry, and I still thought we had a chance, but I realize now that all we can be is friends, and I would like to try but I know that you probably don't want to and I'm not going to force you into anything I just I wanted to try and explain myself, and I know saying sorry isn't going to be enough and hopefully one day you and Cato can forgive me."

I looked into his familiar blue eyes and I knew that he was truly sorry, I knew that now he understands that I'm with Cato not him, I knew that he hated himself now and I hated that I in a way brought that upon him, if it wasn't for me he still would be the gentle caring bakers boy that I knew in the beginning of the games. I knew that I forever changed him and I hated myself for that, and just then I realized that me and him aren't so different. Me and him could be friends again, and I wouldn't mind that now, because I can tell that I've caused him more pain then he ever could cause me.

"Peeta… I forgive you, but theres a lot of mending that has to happened between not only me and you, and you and Cato but between you and everyone else. I'm sorry for the pain I've cause you, and I'm sorry that this happened to you, I do care about you still but just as a friend. and I'm glad you understand that now."

His eyes lit up and I knew that by saying those few words that I just mended all the hurt that I caused him because now at this moment I truly forgive the boy with the bread, and I have a feeling we will be great friends.

"Oh Katniss thank you!" He hugged me and I hugged him back,

"Peeta, I have to go though, I'm sure Cato is freaking out because he doesn't know where I am."

"Okay Katniss, can-can you talk to him for me? Try to help mend us a little?"

"Sure Peeta, I'll try." I smiled at him.

I walked out of Peeta's apartment and back to the hospital wing, I was surprised when I saw that Cato was still sleeping, I was sure he would have woken up by now, but i just climbed back into the bed and into his arms and whispered in his ear

"I love you Cato." And drifted off into a deep sleep



My name is Katniss Everdeen-Ludwig I'm 20 years old, My husband is Cato Ludwig, I have one child with him, her name is Rue Primrose Everdeen-Ludwig, My bestfriend is Peeta, Haymitch and Effie are married, my mother is in district 4 with Annie, FInnick, and little Finn, Gale has a boyfriend named Joe who is Johanna Mason's new friend form district 7. Prim is dating Rory Gales brother. I live in district 12, and I am finally happy.


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