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I was the D.U.F.F and now I'm someone else

Normal POV

N.E.J.H (New Emerald Junior High) Bathroom

There was the eighth grader Amy Rose. The ugly, fat, and useless piece of flesh and fur pink hedgehog. Amy had 'friends', if you can call them that. They treat her like crap, they post her year book picture from the year before, they talk about her and made they're personal slave just because they were prettier that her. Amy know they had done all of those thing, she over heard them one day when they use to have sleep over. Amy never wanted to leave because she felt if she leave she would have no where to go.

Amy was in the bathroom look down at her wrist that was bleeding with tears in her eyes, "Mom always said to find away to smile."

Amy's mother had gone away three years ago. Ever since then Amy let herself go.

Amy washed off the blood that was on her wrist, grabbed her things and left the bathroom. As soon as her left the tardy bell rang. Amy started to run down the empty hallways.

When she reached her math class her, she went out to grabs the door knob, "I going to skip Math and English today." She said to herself.

She took her hand off the knob and went out the school's back exit. She went through the double door to the football filed. She stopped her favorite place to skip her classes. Her cherry blossom tree, which was now in bloom. She sat her things on the side of the tree. She sat down and pushed her knees up to her chest and crossed her arms over her leg, then puts her head in her legs. She starts to sing.

"Look me in my eyes and try to feel my pain
Do you know how it feels to be left out in the rain?
Each and everyday there's someone judging me
Worried bout my life and how I live in these streets?

Everyday I wake up got a hundred different hatas
Trying to keep this paper stacks look like elevators (elevators)
But no one really wants to hear my story (my story)
That's why I'm all alone, there's no one here for me

look me in my eye's and try to feel my pain
do you know how it feels to be left out in the rain
each and everyday theres someone judgin
me i worry bout y life and how I live in these streets

look me in my eyes and try to feel my pain
do you know how it feels to be left out in the rain
each and everyday theres someone judgin me
worry bout my life and how i live in these streets

I got no place to go I'm livin on a hope
And no one really knows
What the hell is goin on
How I feel inside, feelings I try to h-"

Amy was cut off by foot steps and voices.

"Hey Sonic, did you see Amy today?" Asked the voice.

"Yeah Knuckles I saw her. She was so wrong for that dress and them shoes." Sonic said.

It was Sonic and his friend Knuckles.

Sonic was a blue hedgehog, which was well build, and fast on his feet so that means his is a track star. His friend Knuckles is a red echidna, who is build better than Sonic, his is kind of fast on his feet and he is on the New Emerald Jr High school's football team.

Sonic was Amy crush and hearing this made her heart hurt . . . A lot.

There voices got more distant, "Yeah she was wrong for that." Knuckles exclaims.

"I know right, she is a total D.U.F.F." Sonic laughs and Amy heart hurt even more that before.

"You know I think she likes you Sonic."Knuckles tell him.

Their foot steps stop and laughter feels the air, "Hahaha!" The laughter clams down, "Eww Amy liking me! That is gross. And besides, I like her friend or if you can call her a friend Sally. I and she been meeting up for her passed few months."

The foots steps resume and Amy heart is now broken. The school's back doors are open and then shut and the bell of the next period which she was skipping rang.

Amy sat there and cried her eyes out.

"I can't believe I thought he was different from the others." Amy cries.

Her eyeliner starts to run down her face. Amy puts her hands in her hair and pulls.

Some of the flower petals start to fall down, with the light wind which also blows her hair. Amy looks up at her slightly clouded sky.

Some of the tourist the roam around the city saw the crying Amy and thought it was a beautiful sight and started to take pictures of her. Also some of the reporters came to.

Amy had noticed this, "When i get up that well just move and say she is one ugly girl." She told herself.

Amy rest her head on her knees and more tears start to pour out. Some of the tourist starts to come closer to her and took more pictures.

Amy looks at them and more tears and the cherry blossom leaves came down.

"This is so going in my photo album."One over the tourist said.

Minutes Later

The tourist and reporters had left and a was alone. The last our bell rang and Amy got her things ready and left.

Gym Locker Room

Amy was just about done changing when her 'friends' came up to her.

A brown squirrel/chipmunk came up to Amy chewing on gum, she blow a bubble and popped it to get Amy's attention which it did. Amy turned slowly and looked at the chipmunk squirrel thing with no emotion.

"We didn't see you in Math or English. Where were you?" The girl asked.

"Sally it no-" Amy began.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah." Sally tossed her hand off to the side, "We need you to do our homework."

Amy just stared at her still with no emotion, "No." She tells her.

With that Amy walks away.

Sally stood there dumbstruck

A brown fox with a tan tipped tail and red hair. She came up to her friend Sally, "Did she just tell us no." She said.

Gym Floor

A female bear black came up on the court, dressed in a white track suit and a grey whistle around her neck, "All right ladies! We're playing dodge ball! So pick your team!" Said the gym teacher.

The girls started to pick their teams if that's what you can call it. All the girls against Amy. The coach blows the whistle, not even caring that the game is not even.

The girls on the other team ran to the balls, while Amy stood there with no emotion waiting to get pounded with dodge balls.

The other girls stopped running when they noticed that she isn't running to.

"AMY! ARE YOU BROKEN?" Asked one of the dimwit girls asked.

Amy walked off the gym court and went into the locker room.

Amy went to her locker and pulled out a purse and got out a tube of red lip stick, she then went to the girls locker room bathroom.

Amy looks at herself in the mirror and screams, "I HATE YOU!"

Amy then punched the large, long mirror. She pulled back her fist and stared at her bloody knuckles. Amy opens the tube of lip stick and put it against the wall and wrote in big letters, ' I HATE YOU !' in big, bold letters. Amy went in the stalls and dumped the tissues in the water.

After Amy did that she ran out if the school screaming.

Gym Locker Room

"OMG!" Yelled one of the girls.

The other girls came running in. They all started gasping.

Sally and her friends were by Sally's locker.

A tan bunny was leaning on a locker, "What has gotten into Amy?"

Sally looks at her friend, "Bunnie, Amy is acting like total bitch." Sally answered.

A brown dog named Sissy looked at Sally.

Sally felt like she was being watched and saw Sissy staring at her, "Sorry Sissy." sally said.

Sissy turned back around nodding her head slowly.

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