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I was the D.U.F.F now I'm someone else

Last time, "Sucking your thump while your sleep and in class when your wide awake."

"Erase them." He demanded.


"Amy, look I'm sorry that things happened this way. You was the only o-"

"No I wasn't, you had every body and world to call but you call me. Don't come you to me with this Rebel."

"I want him in your family. Your baby, your boyfriend, and you plus one more."

"-I told to stop selling because this is where you was going to end up just like it is now. You're so luck you have me as your best friend and that i like kids so much."

"Thank you so much. You got some girl right there you know that. So don't hurt her."


Normal POV

Court Room

"May I speak your honor?" Rebel ask, the judge nods.

"Well, your honor, I know that this isn't my first time being in here, but I'm begging you, don't send me to jail." Rebel points to Amy, Shadow and the sleeping Demi."You see that girl right there, she's already helped me so mush in the past and now she has a baby. I don't want her to struggle with two kids because I didn't listen to her when she told me there is always a consequence to every wrong a person do."

Rebel smiles at Amy and she smiles back. "So I'm begging you to please, not to send me to jail."

The judge clears his throat, "Mr. Sampson will have seven months of probation, and if you slip up during those seven months Mr. Sampson you will go straight to jail."

Outside the Court House

Rebel and Amy was just finishing their conversation by the car, while Shadow was putting Demi in his car seat.

"Rebel you need to know that those to are just my neighbors." Amy told him getting in the car.

The tiger gave her a wink and a mischievous smirk, "I know I just needed a reason to keep me by my son." He gave her a small wave and shut the door, before running off into the building to get his son.

Amy watched them go as Shadow reverse out of the parking lot. With a sigh she turns her head towards Shadow, "Today was a long day. " Shadow agrees by nodding his head, "I need to listen to so music." She reaches out and pushes a button on stereo of the car.

"I love the way you make me feel
I love it, I love it
I love the way you make me feel
I love it, I love it"

A big smile makes its way on Amy's face, "I love this song." She states as she turns up the sound.

"I say
I'm thinkin' 'bout her every second, every hour
Do my singin' in the shower
Pickin' petals off of flowers like
"Do she love me, do she love me not?"(love me not)
I ain't a player, I just crush alot (crush alot)

You give me that kind of something
'Want it all the time, need it everyday
On a scale of one to ten I'm at a hundred
Never get enough, I can't stay away

If you want it, I got it, I got it everyday
You can get whatever you need from me
Stay by your side, I'll never leave you
And I ain't going nowhere 'cause yo-"

Shadow turns off the music,"No way is my baby brother is going to listen to this."

Amy sticks her tongue out at him, "Your just a party pooper, " She looks back at the toddler, "ain't that right Demi?"

The young, black and red striped hedgehog claps his hand excitedly. "Shadow party pooper! Shadow party pooper!" Demi chants.

Amy laughs at the baby, "Shadow your baby bro just called you a party pooper."

Shadow rolls his eyes, "Whateva, where did you need me to take you?"

Amy looks out the window at the darkening sky, "Never mind."

With Sally

The half squirrel half chipmunk creature was walking down the street from Sonic home. She had her head cast down thinking, thinking about the days with her father. With a shaky sigh, the girl places her hand on the door knob of her house. A gasp came from her mouth as the door was pulled open. Sally took a step back and her looked inside the dark house and saw those eyes at had hunted her dream since she was little.

"Hey Sally." A rough voice said, "My, my, look at how much you have gone." The figure took a step outside the door.

The street light a mere three feet away from her house, made an outline of the man face. You could seen the dirty white tank top her had on, the orange fur on the man arms and face, you could too see the eyes that hunt her to this day along with the nasty grim smirk on his face.

Sally took another step backwards and the orange figure to two steps towards her, the frighten teen took another step and fell backwards off the steps. Sally's mother came from out of the house, "Sally it's nice to seen that you're home. Please come inside, Phil won't hurt you."

Sally stood up and took of running as the man Phil cased after her. She ran three blocks and was half way across the street when a car came to a squeaky stop in front of her. Sally ran to her passenger side of the car and bangs on the window, "Let me in!" She pleads. She looks to her left and there was Phil running. She bangs harder, "Please help me!"

The diver unlocks the door and Sally rushes in and shuts the door and the driver took off speeding in the opposite direction of Phil, With a sigh Sally leans back into the seat, "Thank you so much." She starts tp cry.

"It's ok-" The person in the passenger seat turns around, "Sally?"

Sally opens her eyes and looks at the woman, "Mrs. Amanda?"

It was the Rose family who had saved her from her nightmare.

Okay I'm thinking about writing two new stories some time this year. The second part of WhY dIDn'T yOU sAVE mE?and the new story Lose to When. So, I was going to give you a sneak peek of Lose to When, but I want that to be a surprise.