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Nuala sat on the bed that the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense let her use. Truthfully the bed was a little short for her, but she didn't complain. She sat with one hand on her lap and the other touching her lips.

Then she felt something. Fearfully, she rose and stuck out her hand. Closing her eyes she heard something in her head, through her and her twin's link.


"He's here," she said. Wasting no time she raised out of her borrowed room, pausing only to grab he knife off of the end of bed. She almost runs the whole way to the Library. She looked around to make sure that her brother isn't here, only to find that she wasn't alone.

"Abraham?" Abe was sitting in a chair examining the map once more. He stood when he saw her worried expression.

"What is it?" he asked while walking towards her. She walked past him.

"He's here! Quickly, hid the map!" she said as she removed the crown piece from her golden corset.

Abe grabbed the map and its cylinder and looked around. Spotting the fire he through both of them in. Turning he heard a book being placed back on the bookshelf. Fully turned he saw her worried expression as she brushed her hand against her lips. He moved forward to try and calm her when he swaid and his head swam. Nuala walked to him, holding out her hands slightly in case he fell.

"Are you alright?" she asked softly.

Abe nodded, and then winced. "I am never having alcohol again," he said as he rubbed his head. Nuala smiled slightly. She then noticed the cylinder and the map in the fire.

"You through them in the fire?" she asked softly again.

"Yes, it was the first thing that I thought of. Do you mind?"

"No." she said as she watched the map burn. Abe stared at her for a minute, and then sighed.

"I'm going to grab my gun. Something tells me I'm going to need it." Nuala nodded, and Abe walked up the spiral stairs. He grabbed his gun and loaded it when he heard a loud gasp.

"Very quick of you. The parchment. It was of no importance. The cylinder is very interesting." A male voice came from the library. He quickly walked on to the loft above the library. A male elf not much taller than Nuala was holding the red hot cylinder. Abe could have shot himself. I basically gave him the way to the Golden Army. Stupid!

The prince rolled the cylinder along the professor's table's leather inlay, leaving a burn print of the map into it.

"We will find the Golden Army here," he said as he pointed to the map. Then he turned to his sister. "As for the crown piece, I know it's here," he brushed his hand against her cheek. "I can feel that much from you," he laid his hand on her breast. "Father always tried so hard to shield your heart from mine," his hand slid away and Abe finally started moving closer to the stairs. "But it's in one of the book and I will find it."

Abe was close to the stairs when Nuada grabbed a book without looking back at the case. "Blue," he said as he opened it. "You always look beautiful in blue," he said as he slammed the book down the table, making Nuala jump. Those are the professor's books! Abe thought. Nuada grabbed another book. "Blue," he said. He opened it and started to read. "Poetry. 'Love. Found then lost.'" Nuala saw Abe move closer to the golden stairs. She shook her head, which he ignored. She looked back at her brother when he looks up. Nuada shut the book he was reading and slammed it down too. "Only words. I will find it," he says as he turns to the bookshelf.

Nuala turns back to Abraham to see that he was all the way down the stairs, and aiming his gun at Nuada. Nuada, sensing something is wrong through his and Nualas' link turns. When he sees Abe he rushes forward, and Nuala can't stay quiet any longer.

"Abraham! No don't… he'll kill you."

Nuada drew his dagger and pressed it to Nuala's cheek. "Abraham? You talk to him like that?" he asks. Nuala bights down on her lip, trying not to make a noise.

"No!" Abe yells as he lowered his gun a bit.

"I will kill you, Abraham. And anyone else if that is necessary," Nuada says as he pulls the knife across her cheek. Abe blinked as the cut appeared on both of them. Slowly he lowered his gun.

"NO!" Nuala yelled as her brother sprang forward, grabbed his spear off of his back, knock the gun out of Abe's hand, then knocked him down. Abe was about to get up when he felt the tip of his spear against his neck.

"Will you give me the crown piece?" he asked Nuala. She pressed her hand to her lips, and wrapped the other around her. Her eyes were wide a she shook her head. Nuada pressed harder, making a small rip in his skin, letting blue blood flow.

"The piece?" She shook her head ever so slightly. Tears were striking down her face. Nuada slowly turned his head from his sister to the book she was reading earlier. He turned back to his sister. "Thank you," he said in earnest. He slowly pulled the blade back from Abe's throat. For two second Nuala breathed a little easier; Until Nuada plunged the spear into Abe, breaking the tip just below his breast bone.

"No!" Nuala screamed as she ran to kneel by Abraham. Nuada got the blue book with the flower on its spine and opened it. Out he pulled the crown piece.