Sherlock the Tribble


Data studied the little creature Geordi was holding out. "What is it and why are you presenting to me?"

"I thought you might like it while Spot's away getting treated." Data's cat had contracted an alien disease when Data brought her on shore leave, and had to go to a special pet center for treatment. Since then, Data had seemed to miss her.

"It's a tribble."

Data stepped back. "You are aware of the havoc these creatures caused aboard the original Enterprise?"

Geordi petted it gently. "Don't worry, this one's been neutered. Here," he said, holding it out.

The android took the little ball of fluff in his hand, and looked down it. It trilled.

"Its trilling appears to have a tranquilizing effect on the human nervous system," he commented, remembering its effect on Geordi. "Being an android, I am…immune to its effects."

Almost unknowingly, Data began running his fingers through the custard colored fur. Geordi smiled. Data was always more human than he thought.

"What are you going to name it?" he asked.

"Sherlock ." Data said. "After Holmes, of course. Though I do not think Sherlock Holmes would like his character connected with a small fuzzy creature, it is a way of honoring a person to name something after them." Sherlock began purring, and Data looked down at him, surprised. "Sherlock likes it when I stroke him."

"Tribbles like that. Except from Klingons, of course. I had to work hard to get him past security, since the feeling is mutual."

"I appreciate your effort." Data replied, but his eyes were still on the purring Sherlock. "He likes me. Even though I am an android."

"That's the great thing about pets." Geordi said. "They love you unconditionally."

"Indeed." Data agreed, still petting it.

"I'll leave you two alone." Geordi said, and left.

A/N The first fanfic I wrote, typed, and posted within the same day. Yay me!