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Chapter 1

Third Person POV/ Hestia's POV

If a goddess takes an oath, she is bond to that oath for as long as she lives. Like Hercules to his mortal point, to Prometheus being chained to a rock.

One day, Artemis, Hera, Athena and Hestia took an oath. The oath was the oath of virginity, which they all vowed to keep for as long as they lived. They vowed to never lose their virginity, to never produce children, to be a maiden for life. This oath had strict punishments if broken; punishments that could make them fade for all of eternity.

Though being the women that they are… they wanted children. So, they found ways to get around the oath. Athena had brain children; Artemis created the hunt, one the most well known, powerful, monster slaying groups in the mythological world. Hera just had her immortal children (she didn't count this as breaking the oath, since she had her children before she took the vow). Even if she didn't show it, she still showed loved all her godly children. So where does that leave Hestia? No children, no chair on the Olympian Counsel, and barely even noticed.

Every day she watched the children of Camp Half-Blood frolic past her, oblivious to it all, and one day she was just filled with a burning fury. Burning fury to actually be seen, to actually have something of her own for once in her life. Hestia though, was still bound to her oath that she made many millennia ago. A thought had crossed her head though, an ancient practice that her mother taught before even Hades was born. It would be painful for her, but she would finally have what she desired for a while now, her own child.

She flashed herself out of camp to her oldest and dearest home, Mount Ida. She pricked herself one time with a sharp needle, and out blossomed a tiny flame of blood. Quickly, she placed her hand above the burning flame of her hearth, and watched as a tiny drip of her golden ichor fall down into the burning hearth below her.

She stirred the hearth waiting for her child to emerge. Yes a child is what she is preparing. All she had to do was sacrifice her blood to her domain, and out would come a child, or that's how Rhea explained it to her many millennia ago. Though there were many consequences, and setbacks to having a blood child. Most of them usually came out deformed or monster like. Sometimes, the children became too powerful, and had to be destroyed before they were even properly formed. Hestia knew though, that her baby would come out fine. Powerful, but fine. She would train her baby to be the best. To always be known. To never have to experience the pain she had to go through. Finally, she felt something stir inside her hearth.

She looked inside the billow of flames, and her face lit up with a beautiful smile. There was the making of her baby. She could to see her beautiful baby… Boy?

" Yes, a boy," she thought to herself, at first confused on her baby's gender, as his… private parts hadn't developed into now.

She'd make him the perfect gentleman; make him grow up handsome, and strong. She saw the making of hair, black as raven, and it looked as silky as satin. She could not only wait to see his eyes, see the manifestation of her reflected into him.

"Hestia, what are you doing," Said the two female voices behind her.

Hestia wiped her head around, eyes fearful that the mystery people would take her baby before he was even fully made. Then she relaxed profoundly, it was her two favorite friends. Odyne, goddess of pain, compulsion, and senses, though not sadistic at all. And Selene, the titan of the moon, hunt and marksmanship. She was the one to always lend a helping hand. Both were like her, unnoticed and unseen, though on the contrary, both were supposed to have faded millennia ago.

"Again, I repeat, Hestia, what in the name of Jay Leno, are ya doing," drawled Odyne.

" I'm making a child from my own blood, what do you think I'm doing, making Sunday brunch," snapped Hestia, to tired and stressed to be nice.

Selene raised her eyebrows in shock, and peered around Hestia to see the rapidly growing baby boy. " Um Tia, correct me if I'm wrong here, I thought baby's came from our… womanhood…. Or Walmart, NOT from your creepy blue flame, witch dance thing," she said, trying to make sense of what she was seeing.

Hestia looked at Selene like she had three heads. " Sel, baby's are made from…never mind. And my baby will be made from my hearth, because its my symbol, and I can't make a real baby because I made the oath," said Hestia very slowly, like she was speaking to a kindergartener.

Odyne then spoke up; " Isn't a baby supposed to take nine months though?" This baby looks like it's in its 5th month stage, not some scrambled egg fetus thing."

Hestia looked outraged, " He does not look like a scrambled egg, he looks like a forming baby boy," as she said this, she almost petted the flames that was making her first child, " and the growing thing… I'm not sure."

"It might be his power, powerful demigods tend to form faster in their mothers stomach, or in this case your hearth," exclaimed the titan goddess wisely.

Odyne's head shot up, " Hey Tia, what are you going to do about him. I mean where are you going to put hm. He's obviously enormously powerful, and you know old grumpy pants Zeus will throw a fit," said Odyne sharply.

Blue flames flicked in Hestia's eyes. " I'm going to keep him, and train him. He will become my champion, and my secret. I will release him into the mortal world when he's ready, but for now… he's mine!" said Hestia, with a terrifying look on her face.

Odyne looked apprehensive " Whoa girl, calm down, I'm not going to take him away from you, actually I'm going to help you. With your permission, I'd like to give the boy my blessing when he's finished forming. As being a maiden goddess myself, I'd like to see what kind of powers I pass along to children. Though I do have one rule, I'd like to train him as well," exclaimed Odyne, with that look in her eyes that made you know she was planning something.

Hestia looked grateful, "Thank you Odyne, and yes you can train him."

Selene, quiet until then, suddenly sat up like she was shocked "Oh heck no, if Odyne's going to bless him, so am I! He needs some of my soothing powers compared to Odyne's over there. Tia, I'd like to claim the same rights as Od over there, you know, training rights and such" the titan goddess shouted frantically.

Odyne Growled playfully, "Watch it Moonie, no matter how disgusting my powers are, I'm still the PAIN goddess, emphasis on the pain part."

Hestia looked like she was going to cry, " You have no idea, how much this means to me, thank you guys, and yes Selene, you can train him as well.

Then a wailing, kind of crying sound came from behind Hestia. It was coming from the hearth. In all the chatter, they had forgotten about the baby boy. All three heads whipped around to see a beautiful baby boy almost floating in the air surrounded by flames. His skin was tan, like he sat in the sun for days, which is accurate because he was born in the flame; his hair was long and silky, black as raven. His eyes though were closed. All of a sudden, there was a bright flash of red light, and the three goddesses shielded their eyes immediately. Then in a moment later, there was a distanced wail, and there in Hestia's arms, was her beautiful baby boy.

She immediately started to tear up, but determined not to let her see her friends cry. Selene though wasn't even trying.

Selene bawled out " He's so beautiful, he's going to be a heart breaker when he grows up I'm telling you."

Odyne smiled very faintly, a single tear forming in the corner of her eye, " And he's all ours, wait Hestia, what are you going to name him?

Hestia, who couldn't rip her eyes away from her beautiful boy, said, " I don't know, but I want his name to have meaning, and I want it to be related to Greek mythology of course."

The Titan goddess ran her hand through the baby's hair. " How about Perseus, Percy for short," said Selene softly.

Hestia smiled slightly, " I like it… last name?"

Odyne then spoke up, " How about Jackson, it means gracious, and he's your son Hestia, and you know he's going to be a gentleman."

Hestia smiled, " I like it, Percy Jackson, the demigod born from the flames, the first demigod son of Hestia, blessed by Odyne and Selene, two major goddess," she said softly. She then laughed, " I have a feeling, he's going to have more titles than that, once he grows up."

Odyne then spoke up, " Hey Tia, you know how impatient I am, and I really want to bless him, because I want to see what happens" said Odyne, jumping up and down like a little child in a candy store.

Hestia and Selene both laughed. " Alright I'll let you and Sel bless him now!" exclaimed Hestia, smiling slightly at her excited friend, though never taking her eyes off her Percy.

They both pointed their hands and shot a ball of energy, Selene's silver and white, and Odyne's a pure red.

"Με την ευλογία μας, δίνουμε αυτό το Perseus Τζάκσον, τις δυνάμεις και την ευλογία μας

The boy was enveloped in a vast glow of color that suddenly faded a minute later.

Hestia smiled, " Welcome home, Percy Jackson, welcome home."

And with that, Percy Jackson opened his eyes to reveal beautiful flamed eyes, with beautiful deadly green flames dancing in his pupil.

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With our blessing, we give this Perseus Jackson, our powers and blessing.

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