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CHAPTER ONE: Revelations

Tom Riddle was in the library at Hogwarts just after the Halloween party in search of a good book to read. Of course, he always found his most promising tomes in the restricted section, and as the librarian was nowhere to be seen, it was a small matter for the Slytherin student to enter the area unhindered.

He pushed a stray lock of dark hair up out of his eyes in annoyance. He hated it when his hair was not perfectly neat, and it was always the same piece that seemed to fall every time. If hair could be hexed into submission, this one would have caught his wrath long ago.

High up on a middle shelf in the third row of books, Tom spotted a book with a most unusual spine. It was almost reflective, he noticed as he flicked his wand gracefully in its direction. The book slid out of the shelf and landed neatly in his hand, and he read the title curiously.

"Mirror Spells," he mumbled aloud, and his interest was instantaneous.

He slipped the book neatly into his bag with all his others, of which there were at least thirty at present in their shrunken state, and went straight back to his dorm.

Since Tom was the Head Boy this year, he had a room all to himself, and shared his dorm with only one other person, the Head Girl.

Augusta Pruett was from Gryffindor house, and she was madly in love with him. Of course, so was practically every other girl in the whole bloody school, but he had not found a single one that truly caught his attention.

Tom was a very complex young man, and a very powerful wizard, and he knew that he did not need a weak or weepy sort of girl. What truly attracted him was knowledge and power, and any woman he wanted would have to have both. So far the closest thing he'd gotten to excitement over a girl had been when he'd been flirting with Minerva last year, but of course she had graduated and he had felt little remorse over her departure.

Tom laid casually down on his bed and set an orb of light in the air nearby so he could read. There were quite a few spells in the mirror book he wanted to try, including a duplication spell to make a copy of oneself, a spell to spy on people through any mirror they were near, and most interestingly, a spell to connect a network of mirrors for the purposes of communication. Since he intended to overthrow the Ministry and take over the Wizarding World himself, that could come in handy for contacting his followers once he had it properly in place.

The least complicated spell, as far as he could tell, was the one to spy on people through their mirror, so he sat up straighter and flourished his wand at the full length mirror at the foot of his bed.

"Prospicus specustos!" he said in a loud, eloquent voice, and watched as the mirror began to shimmer. The room he wished to spy on had not been mentioned, so this would, of course, be a random room instead.

Viewing it for a moment, he realized that except for the colours, this room looked very much like his own. But while his colours were Slytherin green and silver, this room appeared to belong to a Gryffindor.

'But which Gryffindor could it possibly belong to?' He wondered in confusion. Augusta was a Gryffindor, of course, but he knew for a fact this was not her room; she did not keep books on her dresser, and the outfit laid out on the bed looked like nothing she would ever wear.

He stepped closer to the mirror to get a better look at the books, reading each of their spines in turn. As he was about to read the last one, the most beautiful girl he had ever seen came out of her bathroom and headed straight over to the dresser to grab it. Bringing it with her, the girl tossed a head full of wet-darkened hair that truly reminded him of a lion's mane, and put the book down onto the bed. My, she was truly the epitome of dirty blonde, and he watched avidly as she began to pull off her robe.

Tom thought for a moment that she had looked right at him, and he immediately cast a disillusionment spell over himself to hide, just in case. He sat down on the edge of his bed and just stared as the girl suddenly looked up at the mirror again with a confused look on her face. She tilted her head to the side as she set the robe back onto her shoulders.

'Damn!' Tom thought; he'd been hoping to see a bit more of that beautiful body.

When she turned back to her mirror, he realized with a delighted start of surprise that he had gotten his wish after all. The robe fell slightly open, revealing a perfectly flat stomach and a little bit of thigh. Delectable.

She retrieved her wand from her desk and muttered a spell Tom had never heard of at the mirror. For a moment everything went fuzzy, and ripples rose up and then melted into the glass before the whole room came back into focus again, looking almost the same except for a slight blur.

His little beauty stared contentedly into her own mirror, and he watched avidly as she stepped up to it and began to model in front of it, looking herself over critically. She smiled into the mirror and placed a hand to the side of her head, bunching her hair up into her fist and slightly pouffing it. Then she did the same to the other side, and sighed contentedly.

Tom stood and approached the mirror cautiously, and her big, brown doe eyes made him gasp. They were intriguing—he could tell just by looking at them how very intelligent and confident she was. He was just remarking upon how soft and silky her darkish curls looked, and wanting desperately to touch, when he could have sworn she looked right into his eyes.

He froze on the spot, his breathing heavy, as the girl tilted her head slightly, grinned, and stuck her tongue out between her teeth once before she turned and jumped onto her bed. She flopped so that she was on her stomach, chin in her hands, with one elbow to either side of the book she had placed there earlier.

He was finally able to read the title: Hogwarts: A History – New Edition 1998.

Tom tilted his head. 1998?

Of course—that was why he did not know her, she was not even in the same time. His spell obviously had contacted a future Head Girl of Hogwarts instead of the one in his own time.

This turn of events could do nothing but please him, as this particular girl was much more preferable than the one he'd been saddled with in his own time. Bossy, uninventive Augusta was hardly worth notice. She hadn't even passed her charms O.W.L.s, of all things!

Tom realized with a start of surprise that standing there watching the girl was doing interesting things to his anatomy. The tightness in his pants was unmistakable in nature, and one hand absently came down to stroke the long shaft of his erection through the fabric.

Her robe had fallen slightly open at the top, revealing cleavage that almost made him weak in the knees. With a deft movement he undid the buckle to his belt and unzipped his fly, stroking his boxers instead. Maddeningly, it still wasn't enough. He removed his pants on the way over to his bed, and then lay down upon it with a little groan.

His hand was inside his boxers now, and he imagined the beautiful girl's sensuous lips upon his eager member. This made it harder than ever, and he knew he would get no rest tonight if he didn't do something about it.

He glanced at the mirror and saw that his angel had rearranged herself on her bed, lying on her back with the book held up by a levitation spell so she did not have to use her hands. The distant look in her eyes made it clear the book was not her actual focus, and the soft sound she made in her throat made him wonder just exactly what she was doing instead.

Tom craned his neck, trying to see more of her, and realized with excitement that her robe was now spread open, revealing her slim, beautiful body for his viewing pleasure. 'And what a pleasure it is,' he thought as he scooted up so that his back was against the headboard. Eagerly, he continued to stroke himself, finally pulling his hard cock free; it had grown too large to fit comfortably inside the boxers anymore.

He heard the girl sob softly as he did so, and he glanced suspiciously at her face. He almost thought he'd seen her watching him, but just as their eyes met she dropped hers back into that far-away look. Her hand was now inside her own underwear, and he decided with a delicious wickedness that he didn't care if she saw him, since she seemed to be of the same mind as himself as to what to do about it.

Now that he had his suspicions, he set to his task with much greater purpose, intent not just on his own orgasm, but on possibly causing hers as well. It was the single most erotic thing he'd ever done, thinking of someone else's release instead of just his own. His stroking switched to an eager grasp about the middle of his rigid manhood, and he moved his fist up and down, slowly at first, and then faster as her hand quickened, meeting her tempo as her soft sighs became shivering moans instead.

Could she see him? He wondered. Did she know what she was doing to him?

Suddenly, Tom's whole body shuddered as he reached an earth-shattering climax. He tried to hold in his moan of delight as his wet cum spilled all over his hand, but it was too much, If she was truly watching, she had just seen something he'd never allowed anyone else to see, in spite of the fact he'd had girls in his bed before. Never had he allowed himself such an unguarded, open response to his release before this.

He began to hope that she had not seen after all, and was mortified at the redness in his cheeks as he watched her finish as well.

Her eyes shot to her mirror for the briefest of seconds, but he was as certain as he could possibly be without her blatantly staring that she had been looking at him as she came, and the very thought made him feel so many emotions that were alien to him that he tried to end the mirror spell.

For some reason, his attempts did not work. He watched as the girl settled down into her bed and closed her eyes, and decided to do the same.

Perhaps if he went to sleep, the spell would wear off by morning, Tom thought, though somehow he found himself hoping it would not, because he wanted to see his mystery girl's sweet doe eyes again.