Tom paced back and forth nervously as he waited for someone to come out and announce the birth of his child. It seemed like hours had passed since they'd announced that Hermione was nearly ready to push, and he had chosen to wait outside because he was too nervous and didn't want to make things any harder on her than they already were.

"Don't worry, Tom," said Harry from his seat next to Ginny and the Ron from his own timeline. Tom smiled a bit as the memory of the other, much braver Ron Weasley popped into his mind. Had it really been over three months now since the day he'd defeated Dolores Goyle and saved the Ministry? It was hard to believe, but true nonetheless.

Of course, that was not to say that things had become perfect as a result. There were still many hold-outs who still wanted to stick to the old ways-Ministry officials as well as purebloods. The road ahead was a very long, windy path, but he would lead the way there as long as he was able.

"Mr. Riddle, sir," said a nervous looking young nurse as she stepped out to speak to him.

"Yes, what is it?" he asked with an urgent step or two in her direction.

"Your wife is fine, sir," she was quick to reassure him. "And so are your son and daughter."

"Both?" he exclaimed. "She went and had one of each? Well, you've got to hand it to her, Hermione sure knows how to settle an argument."

His companions shared a hearty laugh with him as they all went to greet the two newest Riddles of the Wizarding World.