A/N this takes place when Paige first moved in with her sisters.

"Paige!" Piper said to the frightened sister as she stood frozen while Piper and Phoebe were fighting off two demons. Piper just blew up the demon on her but was waiting for Phoebe to move away from the demon so she could get a good shot. After sending a roundhouse kick to a not so pleasant spot, Phoebe was able to get away from him. Piper immediately blew him up, sending a green liquid all around the room.

"Great, now I have to clean that up!" Piper yelled at the still frozen sister.

"Piper loosen up. It is not like we don't end up cleaning up the house anyway. I mean with all these demon attacks.." Phoebe tried to mediate but every word that she said came into Piper's left ear and ran out the other.

"Really Paige what was that?"

"I-I I kn.."Paige stuttered

"SO did you just decide that you were going to sit there and watch us die?" Piper said looking as though she were going to hit Paige.
"You're over exaggerating Piper."Phoebe said while picking up some glass that came from a broken vase. Honestly she didn't even know why they bought such fragile things when in the end they always end up being broken. Neither did she understand why her sister was so pissed, even though her almost dying and, demon attacks happen often. More then likely they usually have encounters and they usually have a bit of a mess to clean up. Most off all, she really didn't understand why her sister was being such a hardheaded bitch. Prue wouldn't had excepted this. Piper was the mediator, she was the kind one. Making her stuck to play the part of being the mediator of two strangers one of them being the one she has have known her whole life and the other one literally a stranger. Prue wouldn't had.. was the three words that ran through Phoebe's head as she watched the seen. Then again Prue couldn't, she was dead.


"Yes..But" Paige said finally stepping back into reality.
"But what Miss Hesitate in the face of death?"

"Piper" Phoebe yelled sternly and angrily to get her attention but, she didn't even flinch at her tone of voice.

" I know him he was my friend, he was my Lover."Paige said finally reveling what she had been trying to say the past couple of minutes.

"And?"The clock shattered. Clearly from Piper's anger and maybe, just maybe, Paige's dissapointment.

" I'm leaving." Phoebe said in an for your F-Y-I tone as she stomped upstairs. She was always the baby, The one who fought with the oldest. Now as the middle child she had to be the mediator, and that task, Well kicking demon butt would be easier.

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