My first time writing Hetalia! Just so you know, I try to keep the amount of nations here down, so that no one gets confused (including me!). So far, only the Axis and Allied forces will appear, plus Finland for Christmas (If I ever write one) and Sealand. I don't know most of the countries' human names, and I can't remember most of their last names, so I'll refer to them as their country names, except for England. His name is Arthur Kirkland, for those of you who don't know.

You see, this idea came in my head a little while ago, when England revealed that he used to be a pirate, and… it just happened. Originally, the last person to see him was an OC named Michael, but then I realized how much I hated OCs, so I changed it to Robin. Oh, yeah, I hate to do this, but England's old crew have got to be OCs. Don't worry, they only appear in flashbacks, you don't have to remember them.

Disclaimer- If I owned Hetalia or One piece, then why would I spend my time writing fanfics for free when I could be selling them?

Arthur Kirkland, Pirate

"Cap'n!" A young girl no older than ten grasped the pant leg of a man with huge eyebrows. "Don't go!" she begged, all the desperation showing on her face. Cap'n was the only person to show me kindness after that admiral guy! Why was he leaving? Who needed him so much? "I need you too!"

The man faced her, grim determination set on his face. "I have to go," he said in his odd accent. His body was scarred with cuts and burns, and he couldn't last a minute in another battle.


"The Jack Pirates have another victory! Now let's drink some rum!" The first mate, Rubby, held his glass high and swung it down his throat. "Ey, why don't you have a drink too, Cap'n?"

The captain, still sober but never one to say no to a drink, scowled and downed his first tankard. His front lasted all of five seconds, until he began to babble nonsense. "Henry… you didn't have to kill her… You… I hate you, John! ... Taxes will be up by… Dumbledora the Explora… I can't believe John's dead, either, Paul… Sniff. Little brother!" [1]. Most pirates followed the man who could hold his own the most with liquor, but not the Jacks. Their captain always suffered a hangover for hours after drinking, when he woke up.

And I had to pick him up. I was the cabin boy, picked up by the captain when I tried to find anyone who could take me in. Well, cabin girl, if you want to be picky. The crew members were… rough, but kindly, except for one man who bullied some of the others, and kissed up to the Cap'n. The next time we hit land, the Cap'n tied him up and hung him by the ankles in the pub, and stuck a note that said that he was fired.

But the Cap'n… he trusted me as much as any of his mates, despite me being from Ohara. I remember that once I got the nerve to tell him, he had said, "Well if they think that you're a demon's child, wait til they get a look at my basement," I went in there once, and I left immediately. He had chalked a glowing pentangle on the floor, and candles surrounded it. I thought that I saw a man's head in there. I had a bad feeling about it, so I left. But whenever he had passed out from drinking, I had to carry him back to his cabin. From what I saw of it, it was as simple as the crew's quarters, with the inclusion of a desk with an old album and a journal on it. I looked at the album once when Cap'n was unconscious, and the one thing at I could say was that it was interesting. I found one where he was glaring at a black-haired man. I never asked about it.

But today, it was too dark to read, and Cap'n was heavy tonight. He muttered something about tea, and I set him down on the hammock. I didn't think much of it, and I began to walk away.

He grabbed my collar. "R-Robin…" He lost all traces of being drunk. Instead, his sleepy expression was replaced by a haunted gaze. Blood dripped from his arms. I gasped. He wasn't hurt at all during the raid! Sure, he was nicked by a few sabers, but nothing that would cause this much blood! "I have to go back… th-they need me!" I had no idea what he was talking about, but I lay him down, and let him rest. It was then that I noticed the burns. But we never went near fire! The next day, Cap'n gave us all a shocking announcement

He was leaving. We were to sail back to the last island we visited that we did not pillage, and he was going to do something.


"Cap'n!" He was stepping into a circle that he chalked himself, the stopped.

"Robin," he said simply, but with great emotion. He was crying. He stooped down to hug me. "I'll be back someday. Just please, don't follow me!" Those were the last words he spoke to me. I obeyed, and went back to the ship.


From that day onward, the crew lost all heart. Nothing was the same without the Cap'n. We pillaged, we looted, we even drank that tea that he left behind. Life was bleak without him. Eventually, the crew disbanded. I went with Helen, the only other woman on the ship, but she died of an unknown illness. I was sent to the orphanage, but the woman there sent for the Marines to catch me. I was a drifter. When Crocodile took me in, I thought that he would be the center of my life, like Cap'n. I was wrong.

Luffy accepting me as a member of his crew was the best day of my life since Cap'n found me. But I never forgot him. "Captain Arthur Kirkland," I whispered out loud.


Like it? I'll write more, just wait!

[1] All those things that drunken England said happened, except for the Dumbledora part. Henry- Henry the VIII, who killed his second and fifth wives, he could mean either one. John- the bad king of England. If you want to know what he did, look it up. Taxes- references Britain taxing America, all those taxes… John and Paul- John Lennon and Paul McCartney, John was shot by a crazy fan. Little brother- America!