Before the world became infested with the Unconsecrated, the world was infested with science. Lots of it. Scientists had begun experimenting with human genes, trying to make humans perfect, and then more than perfect. Superman perfect, but they failed at that. So they tried another approach.

They could bend the genes, making them this way or that, however they pleased. Parents had begun to pay for their child's characteristics. If they wanted their child to have blond hair and blue eyes, they could. A decade later, scientist had an urge to eliminate diseases, but they made a mistake. They didn't even bother to experiment on animals. Instead, they went straight to working on humans. And everything went wrong.


"Wake up, Lacuna! You have school today!"

I groaned and rolled over in my bed, smacking my hand over my eyes. I was dreading school that day. Well, I dreaded school every day, but it was going to be slightly worse. We had to take a field trip to the National Scientific Research Facility, and after that we had to take a test on what we had seen and heard. And,even worse, my mom worked there. She could be so embarrassing.

Hopefully I wouldn't run into my mom, but I had other things to worry about, like being on time. I checked the clock on my nightstand; 6:45. Oh shoot! The train that I took would arrive there in less than 10 minutes! And I couldn't be late to school...again. Due to my lack of a car I already had 4 late slips, and one more would be detention. If I got a detention, I would be dead meat, literally.

I sprang up off my bed and quickly changed into jeans and a dark green shirt- I had no time for a shower. I headed to my bathroom and quickly brushed my teeth, pulled my hair up in a ponytail, while grabbing my bookbag (stuffed with books bigger than dictionaires). Then I rushed downstairs, gave my mom a kiss, and scuttled out the door.

My neighborhood wasn't fancy at all and it was very crowded, with so many winding intersections that could make a person get lost in a matter of seconds. To my left, was the road that signaled the end of my neighborhood. I was so thankful we lived close to it. If not, I was likely to get lost which would add to my lateness. I began jogging, setting a good pace to arrive on time.

I ran past people, shops, and buildings, accidently bumping into a few pedestrians, to the subway, which was half a mile away. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me past multiple, busy restaurants, stores, and fast-food places, stopping a few times to wave at old friends. Old as in seniors. But it was a exhausting run- I really needed a car. Unfortuanently, I was poor, so I couldn't even afford to take a shuttle bus to the subway, which made me even more late.

Soon, due to my quick pace, I arrived at the subway entrance leading down into chaos. I slid to a stop when I got down the stairs, slowing to a walk. I panted, sweat trickling down my face, and walked to the turn stile to scan my subway card. I walked to the shortest line that I saw, which was over 15 people long, and waited. And waited...and waited... Come on, come on, come on.

They were taking so long, and I wasn't a patient person. I leaned sideways to see how many people were in front of me and found, to my dislike, that 6 people were. ARGH! I prayed silently to myself, wishing that the train would be late.

After a few more minutes of waiting, it was my turn to scan my card. I roamed my fingers over my neck, searching for the necklace that held my card, but my fingers found nothing. I panicked. Had I lost it somewhere? Did it drop while I was running? I replayed waking up in my bed, running to the bathroom, coming out of the bathroom and setting my toothbrush on the desk that was empty save my...train card. I had left it at my house. I almost fainted, but someone saved me.

"Excuse me?" A male voice called from behind me.

I turned, almost fainting again. There stood a boy, around my age, glaring at me. I took in his gray eyes, dark hair, his strong jaw, and perfect lips. He was beautiful and I couldn't look away.

"Excuse me?" He said again. His voice pulled me out of my trance.

I blinked a couple of times before answering. "Yes?"

"Are you having a little trouble? The line is getting a little long and the train will be here soon." He didn't sound mad at me, but I knew he did not want to miss the train.

"Oh, um..I kind of forgot my card, so I can't get through." I was sure he thought I was a klutz.

He grinned. "That happens to me all the time." What happened next shocked me. He leaned over me and reached his arm out towards the scanner, I almost sniffed him; scanning his card. I gaped at him wondering why he would risk getting a fine just for a stranger. Just for me. He just made an illegal act. Then the light on the turn stile blinked green, stalling my thoughts, and signaling we could go through. Quickly, I walked through so he could pass then I turned back to thank him, but he was already gone.


"So what did he look like?" Eve asked me. I replayed my morning including the guy at the subway but I didn't know that she would become obsessed over him. I wish someone would have warned me of that danger.

"He was tall, muscular, with gray eyes and..." I said.

"Gray!" Eve screamed. Everyone in the front of the bus looked back at us. I elbowed Eve and quieted her. "Oh, sorry."

"Yes, gray."

"That is so cool!"

"Well, yeah." I thought it was unique too since many people had blue, green, or brown eyes. Not gray.

"So he was handsome?" Eve went on and on like that for the rest of the bus ride to NSRF, National Scientific Research Facility, and I was thankful when we finally got there. The bus schreeched to a stop at the front of the building and the teacher at the front stood up.

"So," the teacher began. "The rules are simple. We stay in a single file line, not hand in hand with your best freind. No wandering around." He pointedly glared at Marcus, the boy who was known for randomly getting up in class and going to the bathroom. People snickered. "Anyway. You all will listen to which ever guide you have, and you will stay quiet. If we catch you playing around, you will have Saturday school. We'll have our lunch break, where you'll be able to go the restroom. And at 12:00 we will be heading back to the school. Any questions?" No one raised there hand. "Okay then. Let's file out!"

We got up simultaneously, and headed out of the bus. When we arrived in the building, we seperated into three groups, and luckily I was with Eve. Our guide, a woman in her middle age named Mrs. Peregrine, directed us through a door and into a huge lab. Scattered across the room were what looked like operating tables. I stood there, confused, was this also a hospital? There was also a big Delax screen on a table in the middle of the room, surrounded by tables, the biggest I had ever seen. Delax screens were similar to the TV's they had used in the early 21st century, but instead they were transparent, pencil thin, and had touch screens.

"Okay," Mrs. Peregrine said. "You will be watching a video about what we work on here and how we do it on the Delax. It will take about a half and hour and after that I will allow you too ask questions then lunch time." The thought of food made my stomach rumble. I hadn't had any food since the day before. We filed into the chairs, which took an excessive amount of time, then the video began.


After the video finished and the questions got answered, we went into the big cafeteria. Some of the other students in the two other groups were already eating their food, which encouraged me to rush and get my food. I scurried to the buffet and grabbed a tray.

"Jeez, Lucana. Hungry much?" Eve said, grabbing a tray beside me.

I ignored her and continued gathering my food. I stacked pizza, pasta, pineapples, and milk onto my tray and looked for an empty table. There were none. I felt Eve standing by me.

"Maybe we can sit with him," Eve said, nudging her tray to the left.

I looked where she pointed and saw a guy sitting alone in the far left corner. His back was to us, and I saw an open book on the table in front of him. No food in sight. Maybe he had already eaten.

"Okay." I said, and began to walk to the table. We walked to the other side of the guy and set our trays down. I sat on the bench and finally got to examine the guy across from me. I gasped.

It was him.