Okay, side note when reading this:

I gave everyone in this story entirely different personalities, including the parents, and the boys. They are not how the real James, Logan, Kendall, or Carlos would act.

And BTR never existed.

Oh and I mixed a few characters from the BTR show into this.

Idk why I started this, I can barely keep up with the other two that I'm currently writing but I like this idea a lot and I have it all planned out. hhehehehehe.

Girls stood around in mini skirts checking out the boy's cars, giggling and acting all girly while the boys stood against their cars smirking and checking the girls out. It was the event of the year. The day everyone had been waiting for. It was drag race season but today was no ordinary day. It was the day James Maslow, the best of drag racing takes on his former friend and second best drag racer, Jett Stetson in a race that will be known for centuries to come.

James Maslow, the lean and very muscular heartthrob was leaning against his car, winking at every girl who passed him by. A tall blond approached him and eyed him up and down. James raised his eyebrows and smiled.

"Like what you see?" he smirked.

"Absolutely, you free tonight." she asked, leaning closer into him and flipping her hair.

"No." a frustrated brunette said, coming out from underneath James' car. "He actually has plans tonight."

James rolled his eyes. "Shut up Logan."

The brunette stood up and wipped his greasy hands on his pants.

"Gross." the girl shuddered in disgust.

"What's the matter sweetheart? You don't like grease?" Logan smirked, leaning in toward her and putting his black hand on her shoulder.

She flinched away and shot James a dirty look. "Keep him on a leash." She huffed and walked off.

James looked at his pale friend who wasn't so pale at the moment. He was covered completely in car oil. His white wife beater turned black, his blue uniform didn't even look blue anymore. His arms were dripping with grease and it had looked like he hadn't showered in weeks.

"Seriously? I was gonna get me some." James snapped. "And why didn't you take a goddamn shower? You look filthy."

"Well someone had to work on your car considering you didn't even show up." Logan rolled his eyes.

The shorter brunette grabbed a towel from the back of the car and wiped the grease off his face.

"I had more important shit to do." the taller brunette shrugged.

"Yeah? Well next time I'm not working on the car." Logan snapped and threw the towel at James' face.

"Calm your tits." James rolled his eyes and looked around.

His hazel eyes stopped on a tall and very slim blond who was walking towards them with a short Latino following in tow.

"Are you James Maslow?" the blond asked.

"The one and only." James smirked, eyeing the blond.

Logan, who was texting looked up from his phone and his eyes caught with the Latino's. Logan's breathing stopped as his phone slipped from his fingers. He has never seen someone as gorgeous as the Latino. He had short hair with big brown eyes and a tiny mole to the left of his chin, right under his lips. Those lips, Logan could see himself kissing for eternity. He was wearing a gray cardigan with a white v-neck underneath and black skinny fit jeans. The Latino looked up and met Logan's gaze. Logan smiled but the Latino looked away.

"Dude you dropped your phone." James told him.

"I'm aware." Logan told him and bent down to pick it up.

"I'm Kendall and I'm going to be racing you because Jett couldn't make it." the blond told James.

Logan turned his attention to Kendall and frowned. "What do you mean he couldn't make it?"

"He's in the hospital."

"For what?" James snorted.

"He got into an accident for racing last week."

"What a pussy." James laughed.

Kendall raised his eyebrows. "A pussy? How does that make him a pussy?"

"Pussies don't get into accidents."

Kendall shot him an incredulous look and said "see you on street."

Kendall and the Latino walked away with Logan checking the Latino out.

Mhm, what an ass. Logan thought to himself.

"He's going to race me?" James laughed.

"Who are they?" Logan asked out loud.

James turned his head to face his friend and he couldn't help but grin.

"Falling for the Mexican already?" he teased the pale boy.

"There's something about him." Logan said, staring at the Latino and trying to figure out what exactly that something is.

He was standing super close to Kendall as if he was afraid someone might attack him. He looked like he would rather be digging his grave then being in this crowd.

"Well he's definitely not from here. Looks like he just found out his mom got shot and the killer is after him." said James.

"He looks scared out of his mind." Logan said.

He did. He looked like he was praying for his life. His innocent face wanted to die right then and there. It was clear he has never been to a drag race before.

"At least he's got a nice ass." James commented.

"It's time." Logan said.

James looked at Kendall and caught him staring. James winked, got into his car and drove to the starting line. Kendall frowned and also drove to the starting line.

"See you at the finish line, after I beat your sorry ass that is." James smirked.

Kendall cocked an eyebrow and scoffed.

A girl in a red bikini waved the flag and brought it down. James accelerated and drove.

Logan noticed the Latino standing off near the cars, away from every single human being. Logan licked his lips and walked over to him.

"Hey." Logan smiled.

The Latino nodded and shifted away from him.

"I'm Logan."

"Carlos." the Latino muttered.

"I'm not going to kill you." Logan told him.

"Uh...well I don't know that." he said nervously.

Logan laughed. "You don't have to worry."

They stood in silence, watching everyone around them go crazy with excitement.

"So what are you doing here? This doesn't seem like it's your scene." Logan said, breaking the uncomfortable silence.

"Jett's in the hospital and we knew he had to race so we helped him out I guess." Carlos shrugged.

"You single?" Logan blurted out before he could stop himself.

"No. I have a girlfriend." Carlos replied.

He didn't seem uncomfortable by the question. Logan let out a breath. He didn't want to scare the Latino off before he even got to know him.

James drove the fastest he's ever driven. He looked into the review mirror and smirked when he saw Kendall was far away. He has no chance of catching up to James but as James was driving at normal pace the bright yellow car whizzed past him. James frowned and stepped his foot on the gas. He caught up but the second that he did Kendall just drove faster.

"That's fucking impossible." James said then squinted his eyes. "The fucker is driving a Supra. How the fuck did I miss that? Fuck!"

He put more power on the gas but he wasn't going to beat Kendall tonight that was for sure.

"Stupid Logan. He could have made this stupid car faster." he crused Logan under his breath.

Logan opened his mouth but two cars whizzed passed them.

"Wow that was fast." Logan said.

The yellow car beat the red car to the finish line. Logan rubbed his temple and shook his head.

"James is never going to let this go." Logan sighed.

Kendall got out of the yellow car and walked towards them as people hifived him and girls threw themselves at him.

"Looks like I beat your friend." Kendall smirked at Logan.

James stormed out of the red car and toward them. "I want a fucking rematch."

"Tough luck pretty boy." Kendall said smoothly.

"I'm not-"

"We have to go." Kendall cut James off, took a hold of Carlos' shoulder and walked them out of the area.

"That bitch." James sneered.

"Let it go." Logan told him calmly.

"He's going to get it." James said through gritted teeth.

"Carlos, if mom accuses you, don't even think about taking the bait okay?" Kendall told his friend.

They were standing on the porch of their new house.

"Okay." Carlos nodded.

Kendall put his key into the lock and turned it slowly but of course his parents were awake. They walked into the hall and his parents stared angrily at them, especially at Carlos. Carlos kept his head hung low.

"Where the hell were you?" Mrs. Schmidt yelled.

"We went out." Kendall shrugged.

She turned her steely glare at Carlos. "Was this your idea?" she asked him.

"Yes Mrs. Schmidt." he said quietly, not daring to look her in the eye.

"Carlos!" Kendall said then looked at his mom. "It was all me. He was the one that actually tried talking me into coming home early."

"Well obviously he didn't do a good job did he?" his dad snapped.

"Leave Carlos alone!" Kendall retaliated.

"Go to bed! You have school tomorrow." his mom said flatly.

Kendall rolled his eyes and walked up the stairs with Carlos behind him.

Kendall and Carlos had been friends since pre-k but when his parents died when he was at the tender age of 6 the Schmidts took him in. They didn't want too, they already had enough financial problems with two kids, they didn't need another one under their wing. But Kendall begged and cried and threatened to kill himself unless his parents took his best friend in. They finally gave in but they've resented Carlos ever since.

"So what happened?" Kevin, Kendall's older brother asked.

"He beat James Maslow." Carlos told him, closing their bedroom door.

Kevin's jaw dropped. "You beat James Maslow? The James Maslow?"

"What's so great about him?" Kendall asked, taking his shirt off and climbing into his bed.

"He's the best racer out there and the fact that you beat his ass makes you a legand!" Kevin exclaimed.

Carlos laughed and got into his bed.

"You better watch out." Kevin warned his brother as he walked toward the door.

"Why?" Carlos asked checking his text messages.

"He'll get you back." Kevin said then walked out.

"What does that mean?" Kendall asked.

Carlos shrugged and started texting.

"Are you texting her?" Kendall asked.

"Yes." Carlos answered.


"Let's get some sleep. We don't want to be late on the first day of school." Carlos inturruptted.

Kendall sighed and shut his eyes.

The next morning Kendall drove them to their new school. Their new all boys private school. Kendall had no idea where his parents were getting this kind of money to be able to afford to send them to a private school. And quite frankly Kendall would have been happy with a public school. He didn't want to meet stuck up snobs who thought they were better than everyone else. Kendall was mindlessly driving into the school's parking lot when a car honked at them. Kendall looked up. It was James and his pale friend.

"Watch it bitch! Can't drive in a normal parking lot can you?" James snapped.

Kendall rolled his eyes in irritation and was about to park when a bunch of guys stood in front of his car.

"What are you doing?" Kendall asked them.

They pointed to the rock that was placed neatly in front of the parking spot. James Maslow and Logan Henderson it read. It took up exactly 3 parking spots.

"Are you kidding?" Kendall snapped.

"No. Now get outta the way." James told him.

Kendall exhaled through his nose and tried finding a new spot.

"I can't believe they can afford this place." Carlos commented.

"I can't believet they have their own goddamn parking spot." Kendall yelled, putting the car in the parking spot and turning the engine off.

He grabbed his bag from the back of the car and got out. They were about to walk toward the school when James and his brunette friend cut them off and walked in front of them.

James had a smug smile on his face as he winked at every boy that he looked at. Some shied away, some winked right back.

"Looks like they're popular." said Carlos.

"Great." Kendall said rolling his eyes.

"Hey look. It's the guy that beat James!" one boy exclaimed.

"No!" shouted another. "Him? He beat James Maslow? Impossible."

"That's what I heard."

"Kevin was right." Carlos said as they walked into their new school.

"He comes to this school." James stated once they walked into homeroom and sat in their regular seats which were in the back, where the teacher couldn't see them doing anything.

"They both come to this school." Logan said, using the same flat tone as his friend.

Logan took his water bottle out and started drinking while the bell rang and everyone hurried into the class. Logan saw a tall blond walk in and burst out laughing.

"It's your boyfriend." he smirked at James.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me." James said then noticed the Latino walk in behind Kendall.

"So is yours." James mocked.

Logan's eyes widened as he chocked on his laughter, immediately starting to cough.

Carlos even made their atrocious navy blue uniforms look good. The way the beige pants perfectly hugged his ass and legs. The navy vans, the navy tie, the navy coat all seemed to look good on Carlos. Logan just stared at him in awe, still coughing.

"Mr. Henderson, are you alright?" Mr. Peterson asked.

"Fine. Thanks." Logan nodded, his voice high pitched.

"We have two new students joining us this semester." he announced then looked at Kendall and Carlos.

"How is that possible. No one can get in in the middle of the semester." Logan said.

"Then they're fucking rich." James nodded, not letting his eyes avert from the blond.

"Go ahead and introduce yourself boys." Mr. Peterson told them.

"I'm Carlos." the Latino shyly said, keeping his eyes on the tiled floor.

"I'm Kendall." the blond said nodding at everyone in the room.

"You think they're fucking each other?" Logan asked.

"Naw," James shook his head. "the Mexican looks like he'd rather die than get a dick shoved up his ass and the caterpillar eyebrows has had one stuck up his ass for too long to let someone else there."

"Okay, well since this is bio, you're going to need partners." he looked at the class. "Who would like to be their partners?"

No one said a word.

"I don't mind being Carlos' partner." Logan said before he could stop himself.

"Alright, Carlos go sit next to Logan."

Carlos' head twitched slightly at the mention of Logan's name but he made his way over to Logan and sat next to him.

"What about Kendall?"

No one answered.

"Alright, thanks James for volunteering." Mr. Peterson smiled, showing off a dazzling set of teeth.

"What?" James yelled.

"Please sit next to James Maslow." the teacher told Kendall.

Kendall nodded stiffly and made his way over to the hazel eyed brunette. He grabbed a stool and sat next to him but James scooted away from him and closer to Logan.

"This is going to be a long ass fucking semester." James grunted.

"You got that right." Logan nodded in agreement.

as for their age, it's still undecided. i'm probably going to make them seniors because logan and james need to be old enough to know how cars work and operate.

hope you liked it! :)