this is probably the shittiest ending to a story. ever.

IM SO SO SORRY! but if i continued i swear, i wasnt going to stop. i would have kept going and i couldnt keep dragging it on.

bittersweet moment tbh.



Logan, James, Carlos, and Kendall were standing against their cars. Carlos was still depressed over the fact that he lost his Lambo but soon got over it when Logan let him drive his Aston.

"What do you say, James?" Logan grinned at his best friend. "One last race before we go our separate ways?"

Kendall spoke before James even had the chance. "There's no way in hell I am letting James race!"

James rolled his eyes fondly and wrapped his arms around the blonde's waist, bringing him into his body. He gently kissed the side of his neck and murmured into his ear.

"Aren't they cute?" Carlos gushed.

Logan frowned. "You should be gushing over how cute I am, and how adorable my dimples are, not over them."

The Latino laughed, Logan's heart melting at the sound. He softly pecked Logan's nose and interlocked their fingers together.

"You know you have the most adorable dimples anyone's ever seen." Carlos grinned.

Logan smirked. "I know."

"You're not gonna compliment me?" The Latino pouted.

"We have the rest of our lives for that." Logan whispered, dragging his teeth along Carlos' bottom lip.

"Yo shorties!" James said, interrupting them. "You wanna race or what?"

Logan pulled away from Carlos and grinned. "You're on."

"But Kendall and I don't have cars." Carlos frowned.

"Yes, you do!" A voice shouted.

3 cars came towards them and stopping just in time to not accidentally hit them. Alex, Marc, and Trevor all stepped out.

"Why do you guys always show up when we're having a moment?" James accused.

Alex rolled her eyes. "Shut up, if you want to race you're gonna have to race all of us."

"I'm assuming you have mics attached on us as well because how did you know?"

She just tossed her keys over to Carlos.

"Keep it." She said.

Carlos' mouth dropped. It was a brand new Lamborghini. He hugged her tightly before giving Logan a huge kiss. A motorcycle zoomed in.

"Guess I'm not racing you." Alex said.

She got onto the back of the motorcycle.

"Try not to kill yourselves." Ryan said through his helmet and took off.

"Later homos!" Alex yelled.

The 6 guys rolled their eyes. Marc handed Kendall his keys and got into the car Trevor came in.

"But hey, this race is on the streets, eh." James said, looking at all of them.

Logan snorted. "I'm still gonna beat you."

"Yeah, we'll see about that." James snorted.

They all got into their respective cars but not before Marc mouthed a silent thank you towards James. The brunette smiled slightly and started his engine.

"What do I get when I win?" James shouted.

"What do you want?" Logan asked.

James just grinned, winking at his best friend and taking off. Logan caught up with James, Carlos and Kendall trailing close behind them. Marc and Trevor gave them a nod before driving off and into the freeway.

"Crazy year, huh?" Logan yelled at James.

James looked at him and smirked. "It's only the beginning."

Logan rolled his eyes, accelerated and got in front of James, preventing him from outdriving Logan. He looked to his right and caught Carlos looking right back at him.

The Latino winked at him and mouthed 'I love you'.

Logan smiled widely and returned the gesture.

Yup, it was only the beginning.

im sorry please don't hate me but i love this fic because it kind of shows how much i progressed as a writerrrrrr.

i didn't exactly give a conclusion as to where they ended up but i wanted you guys to imagine it. i know some of you wanted jett dead so if you hated him, he's dead to you. but yes, kames and cargan do go their separate ways but we don't know if they mean literally or of they just move out of the apartment they all shared.

laughing because the title had absolutely nothing to do with the fic.

i hope you guys liked/loved this fic as much as i did!

now i would like to thank each and every single one of you who reviewed, favourited, and alerted. i was very skeptical when i started writing this fic but you guys kept me going so thank you.

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