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It never ends.

Every day of every week of every month of every year.

All in complete darkness.

He remembers seeing, and that makes it worse.

If he was born blind, then it wouldn't hurt so much now.

He remembers seeing Max a few crates away from him, trying to bite a whitecoat.

She was everything to him, then.

She still is.

She's what makes his life bearable, all that blackness and nothing.

Her voice makes him feel whole.

He remembers Fang too, just as silent then as he is now.

Why would Max choose him?

Iggy's always been there, the whole time.

The only reason he voted to kick her out of the Flock was so he didn't have to bear her and Fang together anymore.

And he bears all this every day.

All the pain of knowing that Max would never choose him, all the blackness, all the memories of seeing.

And he can't break down.

He wants to.

He just wants to sit down and give up.

He wants to die sometimes.

But he has to stay.

He has to stay for Gazzy, and Nudge, he guesses.

Max and Fang and Dylan are inconstant, but Iggy's always there.

Maybe someday someone will realize that.

Maybe someday he'll see again.

Both of those seem to be equally improbable.

So he grins and takes it, trying to laugh away the pain.

But it's not too long before he's gonna stop functioning.

Maybe by expiration date, maybe by some killing machine.

Any way you wanna go, Iggy Ride has a distinct feeling he won't be living much longer.

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