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She was bent down tying her son's shoes when she felt the burning heat in her back pocket that signaled a message had arrived on her copy of the psychic paper. Her son was perfectly capable of tying his own shoelaces, of course, but she still insisted on doing it, trying to nurse from him some semblance of needing his mother for anything but love. Even at the tender age of four, he was cleverer than any child she had ever met, or ever would meet. After all, he was their son. She didn't say anything, or show the extreme happiness that had overtaken her from the moment that paper had started to grow warm, instead choosing to smile up at her little boy and reach up to muss up his messy brown locks. He looked so much like his father.

She sent him off to play, then, and moved to sit once again on the park bench near the playground before allowing herself to read the words enclosed in a small black leather folder, excitement causing her usually steady hands to shake a bit. It had been too long, and he had been so young. She loved him anyway, of course, but he wasn't the same, he wasn't hers yet. And she was afraid he never would be again.

She opened the message with caution, savoring the seconds before and the heat that still radiated from it, telling her it was important and not to be ignored. Not that she would, not now. The message was short, but cryptic and teasing, just the way she liked them. Just the way she liked him.

They were coordinates; not a big surprise, actually, but this meant he was still younger than she wanted him. If he had sent her coordinates without instruction, it meant trouble. And trouble meant she couldn't bring their son. And he had stopped giving her trouble when he had learned of the baby. So he was still too young. River moved swiftly from her seat, still fit and ready for action, and trouble, even after a baby, even after settling down. If you could call it that.

She called her son over, he mind whirring, and told him it was time to go. He whined for a moment, but quickly moved to follow his mother as she left the park where they had spent the early afternoon. She would have to call someone to take care of him while she was gone. It would only be a few moments for them, but she couldn't leave her little boy alone for even that long. He was a miracle, the only one of his kind, just like each of his parents, and she wouldn't let anything happen to him, ever.

She wondered if she could call Jack.

Other mothers in her area would call their fellow stay - at - home mums to babysit for a bit if they had to go somewhere spur of the moment. Of course, for them, 'running somewhere' was just a trip to the market. For River, it actually meant running, and saving the world, and kissing her husband repeatedly if he was old enough or responding cryptically to his questions if he wasn't. Unfortunately, though, she hadn't made many friends here. She didn't have much in common with them, and to be frank, she was sure she scared most of the young mothers who lived near them. She was a single mum who carried a gun (not that any of them had actually seen it, but there were rumors. They were true, but only River had to know that.), lived in a beautiful house but didn't actually work or have a husband to provide for her (not a traditional husband, anyway), and disappeared randomly for varying stretches of time. She was strange, and the other families kept away.

River didn't mind though, usually. She couldn't exactly relate to their problems, and quite frankly had no interest in playing cards and listening to small talk. She stayed there though, mostly because the Doctor, her Doctor, always knew to find her there if he needed to, but also because she really did love it. Their house was relatively small, but quaint, and decorated with the many spoils she had taken from her adventures across the universe, both with her husband and without. Her son had plenty of room to play and invent and explore, and the park was just a few blocks from their home. The schools were lovely, for Earth, anyway, and when he started there she would be able to pick him up and take him to the library, already one of his favourite places.

She didn't have time to think about this now, though.

Now, she had to decide who she could entrust her son to while she went off to rescue her husband again.

Oh, the things she did for that man.

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