From my written khr tumblr blog.

I decided to post it on here as well~ Enjoy

Crimson eyes watched protectively as they watched over a golden haired boy. Said boy was currently laughing, a soft melody echoing through the confines of Uri's heart. It was a warm laugh. He loved it. However it wasn't him that made him laugh, it was that dog.

The sandy haired inu was telling a joke to his lion friend. Uri tch'd as he felt himself getting frustrated. Natsu must of heard him because he turned his head and looked in his direction. Melted fire met stormy red. Uri's heart thumped as he saw the soft blush marrow the young lion's cheeks and his tail swing slightly. The sky weapon smiled shyly at him and waved.

Oh how Uri wanted to kiss him.

Pushing himself off the wall he was currently leaning against, the neko made his way to his two friends. He was then grabbed into a playful head lock by Jiro which caused Uri to go into a frenzy. Natsu was trying to stop the fight as Jiro laughed as he dodged the neko's claws.

That dog pissed him off.

Then as if God had finally given Uri a miracle, the sandy haired inu's master called for him, leaving just Uri and Natsu. Natsu fidgeted as he was alone with the handsome storm weapon. As he was trying to figure out what to say to the older male, he felt himself pulled to a warm body. His fire like eyes widened and a blush grew on his face as he felt soft lips against his.

It felt good!

Closing his eyes and innocently kissing back, Natsu wrapped his arms around the neko's neck. That's what his master did when Uri's master was kissing him. All too soon Uri pulled away, a teasing smirk on his lips. He felt himself get excited a little as he looked at the panting sight of the lion.

Whispering against the other's furry ear, ''Meet me in my room after lights are out Natsu~,'' said Uri as he gently nipped on the other's ear, earning a sharp gasp from the lion.

As Uri started walked out of the room, Natsu flushed. Tonight? In Uri's room? They..They were probably going to do naughty stuff. Natsu blushed and put his head down, was it too fast? Was Uri just in heat? Was he just in heat? Or was this love?