It's been 5 months since their first night together. 5 months since they officially became lovers. You would think nothing would change in 5 months, sometimes it does, sometimes it does not. However in Natsu's case, it had.

The lion neko found out the hard way that Uri could be an insatiable pervert. Natsu doesn't mind now but he still had no idea about that side of the storm weapon. He was made loved to by his soul mate once or twice every other day. Sometimes more. It felt good and Natsu loved doing it with Uri, but sometimes it was just too much for him to endure. Seems the duo colored hair neko caught on as he had stopped his advancements. That's right. The young lion hasn't been touched in over two weeks.

The first few days were nice as Natsu was able to relax however then Uri disappeared. He later learned from his master that he had gone on a mission with his master and won't be back for another 10 days. Usually Uri would tell him these things but it seemed the neko wanted to give the lion cub a break. this point Natsu almost wanted to cry. He was so use to having his body filled by his lover that he was going through serious withdrawals.

When did he get this perverted?

He refused to touch himself. That was meant for Uri and Uri alone but Natsu still thought about naughty things the fiery neko could do to him. He shivered. He really wanted Uri back by his side.

And soon enough, the day came when it was schedule for Gokudera and Uri to come back home from their mission. They came back around 2pm Natsu supposes because his master came home with a smile on his face as he had finished all the paper work Gokudera gave him from his mission. His master then proceeded to cook dinner. By the looks of it, he assumed the storm guardian was going to come over for the evening meal. Natsu's ears fell a little bit. Why didn't Uri come see him? Or did Uri get hurt? As he stood in the doorway connecting the kitchen and living room, the lion went through all the horrible scenarios inside his head of what could of happened to his lover when he jumped at the sound of the doorbell.

''I'll be right there!'' He heard his master call out then go to the door, opening it.

Natsu peeked around the corner as he saw his owner and the storm guardian hug each other and share a chaste kiss. As Gokudera took off his shoes and moved into the apartment like home, wide fire like eyes met stormy red ones.


Quickly swinging backwards so he hid himself, Natsu's heart speed up. He hadn't seen him in two weeks and Uri didn't even come to visit him when he came home. The lion clenched at his chest in the spot where his heart was.

Why would he worry him like that?

The sound of footsteps didn't reach his golden ears till the source of said steps were right beside him. Turning his head Natsu met the intense gaze of his boyfriend. He didn't know why he was so nervous, but he wanted to get away from Uri. His heart felt like it was going to explode!

''W-Welcome back! I-I hope you enjoy the meal...,'' and with this Natsu tried to book it but he felt his arm grabbed and his body pulled into a warm embrace. His cheeks flushed as he felt Uri hug him from behind.

''I've missed you Natsu.''

Trying to think of a retort on then why he didn't visit him, he heard the quiet voice whisper in his ear.

''I'm sorry I didn't come see you right away. I really wanted to but I wouldn't be able to hold myself back, ruining this dinner the Vongola boss put his heart in to for my master. Also, I was forced to go get checked for any injuries and to replenish my strength. It took the whole day. I'm sorry Natsu.''

''You jerk..''

Uri looked down to see the blush on his adorable lion's face and smiled. The boy had missed him as well. Leaning down, Uri planted a sweet kiss to pouting lips similar to what his master did earlier.

Feeling the soft lips pressing down on his, Natsu spun around grabbing the other's head, tangling his fingers in wild tan and red locks, pressing his lips more to the other's. The kiss got rougher, more exciting as tongues became involved. It was forced to be broken when they heard the sky guardian's voice.

''Natsu! Uri! Dinner time!''

Looking at the annoyed face of Natsu, Uri smiled and ruffled the golden locks.

''We'll continue this later tonight, okay?''

Natsu blushed and nodded at the promise in the neko's words and followed the other male into the kitchen for dinner. Not that he thinks about it, he's quite hungry.

After they ate, Tsuna and Gokudera decided to watch a movie in the living room. As the two guardians were cuddled on the coach, Uri sat on the floor in front of them, with Natsu in his lap. It was a pretty interesting movie for Uri and Natsu kept watching without noticing their masters leaving and entering the bedroom. As the credits rolled down the screen, the lion neko yawned as he snuggled into his mate.

''That was a good movie.''

''It was but don't get too comfy. We still have another activity to get to.''

Natsu blushed at the words. How could he forget.


He looked up into crimson eyes as he felt his eyes droop in need. He couldn't wait much longer.

''Now, now. Don't tempt me just yet. I'm feeling thirsty so I'm going to get something to drink. I expect you in the bedroom.''


They both got up and shared a gentle kiss as the neko went into the kitchen and the lion made his way down the hallway.


Natsu froze. That was his master!

Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god.

The young lion knew they had intercourse just like him and Uri but he was never there to actually have to hear it.

His legs started shaking. He was getting turned on by the moans and screams of his master, the storm guardian's grunts, the creaking bed, and the slapping noise of strong hips meeting bare buttocks. Natsu covered his ears with his hands. He couldn't believe this!

As he tried to figure out what exactly to do even though he couldn't move, he felt stealthy arms wrap around him.

Melted flames widened as he felt the nip to his ear. He groaned.

''Wow Natsu. How dirty. Getting turned by our master's having sex. That kinda hurts my feelings.''

That liar, it didn't. Natsu knew this as he felt the other's hand grab his erection through his shorts, feeling Uri's hard on against his backside.

He was just as turned on as he was.

''We should catch up to them.''


Uri had swiftly pinned Natsu to the wall beside the door to his master's room. His nails gently grazed the wall as he felt his ear licked and his hoodie pulled up to expose his pink nipples to the air. He let out a soft moan as strong hands reached up to grope said nipples, playing with them. They were ficked, pulled, pinched, rubbed, and grabbed until they stood straight up, burning red.

Uri's left hand stayed where it was on the young lion's chest. The right hand however moved down his body, rubbing his stomach and then making its way inside his shorts. Natsu clawed his nails in deeper to the wall as he felt his shorts pulled down to his knees and a rough hand stroke his cock.

The lion neko made all kinds of mewls and moans. However his voice was mixed in with his masters as it seemed to get louder in volume. Feeling the hands leave his body and instead be placed at his hips, Natsu felt his legs spread wide as he heard a zipper being pulled down.

''Wa-wait ah..U-Uri! W-Wha-t if- AHHH!''


The screams were simultaneous as Gokudera had slammed into Tsuna's prostate and Uri had entered Natsu in one hard thrust.

Natsu felt tears run down his face as his mouth was forced open in screams as Uri decided it wasn't the night to make love but to fuck. Not that Natsu minded it's been far too long since he was conjoined together with his lover. He wasn't in pain as his hole, which was at the moment being abused by the thick cock of the neko, was able to stretch and lubricate on its own.

Soon Natsu couldn't tell who was moaning, who was groaning, who was screaming, who was making those lewd sounds as the storm's erections slide in and out of the sky's tight heat. He soon collapsed on the wall, not being able to support himself anymore as Uri fucked him the faster, getting his sweet spot hit every time the other thrust inside. The neko's grip on his hips tightened as he leaned his head forward, his bangs tickling Natsu's back.




As sharp feline canines bit into his shoulder, marking him, Natsu sprayed his seed on to the wall in front of him, moaning as he felt familiar liquid heat flow inside him. Uri pulled out of him, making the young lion fall as he could no longer support himself but was caught by his feline lover.


''U-Uri...I missed you too.''

Said male smiled. ''I love you Natsu.''

The two lovers shared a kiss which turned into a heated make out session as the two box weapons wanted another go. However it wasn't going to be out in the hallway anymore so Uri picked Natsu up and took them to the sky lion's room for another round.

As they left, Tsuna's bedroom door opened and Gokudera smirked as Tsuna was blushing as he looked at no doubt Natsu's semen on the wall.

''Ha-Hayato...did you know?''

''Of course. It's been about 5 months. Did you not catch on Tsuna?''

''N-NO! Why didn't you tell me? Jerk!''

''Sorry, sorry. I thought you knew.''

''Well...I didn't.''

Gokudera smiled at the pouting face of his beloved.

''Well how about we follow their example and go for another round as well, eh amore?''