Egoist Pandamonium

New Arrangements: Act VII

Later, at Hiroki's apartment, Nowaki was mechanically fixing their dinner. Seeing that invoice for Usami had given him a case of the blues he just couldn't shake.

He remembered the last time Hiro-san had given him flowers.

That was more than a year and a half ago, when I passed my placement tests. Nowaki smiled sadly remembering how happy that had made him.

It wasn't as though he expected his boyfriend to lavish him with gifts and Nowaki knew that the giving of presents didn't come easy to Hiroki. That was why he cherished every little gesture offered: because he knew at what a high cost such things came to Hiro-san in terms of his pride.

Still, Nowaki had decided, he had the right to feel just a little bit stung. He was the one who had shown his lover how to put a bouquet together that very day, after all, only to gave Hiro-san go and give such an extraordinary arrangement to Usami.

Of all people.

He was still turning this over in his mind as he set the low table for dinner.

A soft knock at the door pulled Nowaki from his handsome brow furrowed.

I wondered who that could be?

In Nowaki's experience, Hiro-san rarely got visitors. He was considering if he should answer it when the knock occurred again, a bit louder this time.

Straightening himself, Nowaki headed for the door. He cracked it open a bit and called out hesitantly, "Yes, can I help you?"

An equally hesitant and far more muffled voice stammered back, "Uh I have a delivery for Kusama Nowaki."

As he opened the door, Nowaki felt a sense of confusion: he didn't even live at Hiro-san's apartment. He was stunned to find himself confronted with the amazing bouquet Hiroki had made at the shop. He watched with wide eyes as the flowers lowered, revealing a very adorably uncomfortable looking, brilliantly blushing Hiro-san.

"Hiro-san, are those really for me?"

Hiroki thrust the bouquet forward with a scowl. "Of course, Idiot. I'd never do something this stupid for anyone else!"

Nowaki looked at the bouquet with an expression of wonder.

"But then why did you put Usami-san's name on the order?" he asked cautiously.

"Oh... you saw that?"

Hiroki ran a hand through his hair nervously. He felt a bit bad realizing how that might have made Nowaki feel. He realized he could take one of two roads of response here: sheepish or self-righteous and opted for the latter. He looked at Nowaki with fierce hazel eyes.

"Well, you think I want your boss to go through his orders and see you have some guy sending you flowers all the time?" Hiroki snapped.

"Hiro-san, the last time you gave me flowers was over a year and a half ago."

"Exactly!" Hiroki huffed looking at Nowaki with bewilderment when his giant's expression remained slightly perplexed.

Finally, light went on in Nowaki's mind and he understood that Hiro-san's idea of frequency differed a bit from his own. Understanding this he couldn't help but grin at his paranoid lover.

Seeing how big the smile on Nowaki's face was, only made Hiroki blush harder.

Suddenly delighted now by how Hiroki had tricked him, Nowaki immediately glomped him and placed a passionate kiss on Hiroki's lips.

"Mmmph!" Hiroki gave him a hard shove backwards… "Not on the walkway, Dumb ass!

"Sorry Hiro-san," Nowaki said, immediately contrite.

Looking up a bit shyly, Hiroki blushed. "Uh… wait until we get inside."

Then seeing the lecherous look this immediately brought to Nowaki's face Hiroki growled, "Be careful though, you don't crush your flowers."


Some time and a few hickeys later, Hiroki and Nowaki were seated at the low table eating their dinner in companionable silence.

Occasionally, however, Nowaki would glance over at the exquisite arrangement sitting on the end of the low table and beam, which would elicit a reciprocal blush from Hiroki if he noticed.

"So I guess if you stay, you'll have to leave pretty early tomorrow?" Hiroki was trying to sound casual, after thanking Nowaki for making him yet another amazing dinner. He felt very fortunate to have a lover who was such a good cook.

"Mmmm," Nowaki hummed over his chopsticks, acknowledging the truth this statement. "I have to work at the pet shop tomorrow Hiro-san," Nowaki sighed rather regretfully. "Hakura-san's grandmother died so he's put me in charge of the store so that that he can go to the funeral."

Hiroki watched as across the low table from him, Nowaki suddenly cocked his head. "But if you're free, Hiro-san, maybe you'd want to come help me again? I'm sure Hakura-san wouldn't mind.

Hiroki considered this, but only for a moment. He really wasn't a big fan of animals. And somehow, no matter how much he tried to make that clear, for some reason creatures of all kinds seemed to be magnetically drawn to him.

Nowaki had commented on it one time, saying it was just that the animals could see a soft heart more clearly than people. Expressing this out loud (what Hiroki had thought was a highly distressing idea) had earned Nowaki a light smack to the back of the head at the time (He was seated when he said it so Hiroki could easily reach him).

"No way!" Hiroki snorted after a pause. "I go help you at Flower Art and end up bringing home a bouquet. If I spent a whole day with you at the pet store, who knows what in the hell I'd end up bringing home!"

Nowaki remained silent at this outburst, but he smiled at the possibilities of Hiroki's assertion and the fact he now had all night to convince his boyfriend to reconsider.

The End

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