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Another night of patrolling…Another night of patrolling and avoiding Green Arrow better known as Oliver Queen and even better yet as the ex-partner to Red Arrow. That was a meeting the lone redhead wanted to avoid at all costs as he sat on the edge of a 24 story building…Watching…Waiting. The last time Ollie wanted to actually talk ended in him angrily storming off, the later calling him and regrettable even still, using his old identity Speedy.

Not doing that again, the redhead grumbled in his mind. Sighing to release pent up anger Roy took out one of his arrows twirling it absentmindedly in between his fingers like one would do drum sticks, his eyes scanning the streets bellow for any potential threat.

"This is stupid," he muttered just minutes later before sticking his arrow forcefully back into the quiver. Cracking his neck he stood fully intending to move to the building closest to him before hearing a commotion not too far away in the other direction. "Finally," Roy said as he ran to that side and jumped from one building to the other. It took him three buildings and a fire escape but when he finally got there he crept silently to its edge to scout out what was going on.

Roy, if he were anyone else, would have pulled out his hair at what he stood witness to. "This guy has got to be kidding me," Roy growled out as he watched a lone male fighting at least fifteen people, most of which were already on the ground out cold. The thing that grated on his nerves was that the male was fighting bare fisted against fifteen ARMED men all of which looked like they could break him in two if they managed to grab him…or take him out with their metal bats and crowbars.

A far cry from the tight suit that Red Arrow and the other hero's typically wore this male was wearing the uniform of a chauffeur. Black high collard top with black slacks and shoes. His hat had long since landed on the ground, but what drew Roy's attention were the dark red gloves and domino mask obscuring a good look at his face behind black bangs.

Racking his brain for any hero in the League that would wear such a get-up Red Arrow could only think of one person but he knew they weren't them. He had met the Crimson Avenger once before when he was still working alongside Green Arrow. The male was a pretty good detective in his own right – a fighter he was not. That was all left to his, at the time absent, body guard.

"So this is him," Red Arrow mumbled to himself reaching for an arrow. He was just about as elusive as his partner if not more so, both tending to slip out of a crime scene before anyone, especially the authorities even noticed they were there. Branded as criminals themselves Roy figured he'd watch for a bit and see for himself what the male was about. Oliver had no real problem with Crimson, but that only said so much about one's partner. Especially if the word was coming from his own mentor.

Roy watched as the male brutally, even in his opinion, beat the goons down one by one. Managing to strip one male of his bat he hurled it at another before kicking the previous male in the throat knocking him into another. Ducking a crowbar he punched the attacker in the ribs and spun, hook kicking the male in the back of the head before dropping down to the ground avoiding another crow bar.
Tripping that male up he sent him into a recovering goon, popping back up on his feet, blocked a wild punch and delivered his own blow to the males jaw. When he dropped the black clad male had enough time to look around before once again blocking a, this time, well aimed shot to the ribs. Grabbing a hold of the beefy arm he tripped the male up taking them both to the ground slamming the goons head against the concrete for an instant knock out.

Seeing enough Roy notched the arrow he held and took aim at one of the goons sneaking up on the masked fighter and shot. Right on the money, Roy thought notching another arrow as the goon went down. He noticed the Avengers body guard throw a quick glance over his shoulder taking in the arrow before continuing to fight, just five left.

Not the only one to miss the arrow two of the goons became distracted for all of a few seconds allowing for the black clad male to knock them out quickly. Red Arrow took out the last three easily before dropping down to the ground in front of stranger. Better that then behind, taking someone off their guard after that display he'd rather not fight if he didn't have to.

Now eye to eye Roy was surprised to say the least. Expecting someone older he stood in front of the male who was about the same age and height as he. He was Asian in decent, probably Chinese or Korean with his fighting style, but not one to stereotype…too much…he wasn't going to say. Holding his own for that long Red Arrow wasn't surprised to see the male had a few bruises on his jaw and cheek, blood from a cut running down his temple.

The Asian male was the first to speak after quickly sweeping the area. "Thank you Red Arrow," he added a slight bow to the red head.

"Don't mention it…" Red Arrow waited all of two seconds for the male to introduce himself; growing annoyed when all he did was turn his head and scan the ground for something. "You are?"

Snapping back to attention the male regarded Red Arrow almost in the same fashion the other male had him before answering completely disregarding the bite of annoyance that showed through the redhead's voice. "Rokuro." Bowing again he straightened up before sticking his hand out in the American tradition of greeting someone.

Rokuro? Really? Internally shaking his head Roy sighed before asking the question that sat on the tip of his tongue.

"What is the Crimson Avengers bodyguard doing all the way in Star City?" Roy asked after shaking hands. Be friendly, he told himself trying to keep the bite out of his voice, for the most part at least He had remembered a conversation with his raven haired little brother about how the Avenger would show up unannounced at times in Gotham. Repeat encroacher, Rob had called him, Seems like his partner is good for that too, he thought.

He was interrupted from his thoughts when Rokuro's accented voice sounded in the otherwise silent alley. "Some of these are from the city. They walked off with an unknown item and so I came to collect it."

At this Rokuro went back to searching around not moving from his position. Seeing what it was he was looking for he walked over to one of the goons that Red fell, knelt down and grabbed a medium sized black box out of his jacket pocket.

"Look. I don't know how long you've been on the scene, but you need to warn others when your people and you are in their city," Roy stated. "Things can go a lot smoother than they did. I could have shot you. Especially if you were up to no good…"

"Noted." Pocketing the box, Rokuro once again made a scan of the area before finding what he was looking for when Red Arrow had first introduced himself to him. Underneath one of the goon's legs was a crunched black hat. His…now crunched hat. Shaking his head he walked over and kicked the male's leg before snatching his hat from the ground. Dusting it off he thought about placing it on his head before stuffing it into his uniform instead, not happening.

Walking back to Red Arrow he regarded him for another moment before reaching back into his jacket retrieving the black box. "Here."

"Excuse me?"

"The league will respond better to you if you are the one who gives it to them. Not me."

"If you haven't heard, I'm not with the league anymore." It came out harsher than Roy wanted it to, but why should he care? Rokuro didn't seem fazed by it anyway.

"Last I heard you denied the Young Justice yet still help out the league from time to time. Crimson and I may not be in good standing with you and the others, but word does pass." Rokuro held the box out closer to Red Arrow who stared blankly at him.

"So…I'm an errand boy to you?"

"They will listen to you a lot better."

Not gonna bite are you? Red Arrow thought before settling with a simple "Yea huh." Baiting people was a past time for him, probably why he and Green Arrow always got into it so much in the first place. If G.A wasn't such a tool.

"You are not like the others." Rokuro twisted the box in his hand the whole while looking at Red Arrow. "Most of the league members wouldn't have given me a second thought. Get the situation under control and off to the station I go, yet here we are talking. So it would be in my best interest for you to take it."

That statement made Roy stop and think. It was possible the others would have done just that. Not many of the members had agreed with the way the Crimson Avenger operated bordering on the lines of thievery and manipulation although he wasn't that far from Batman in his methods. They were slightly more illegal, but when was anything they did ever not slightly illegal?

If he smirks I swear I'll punch him in the face…with the box. Roy took the item mumbling obscenities under his breath. If the male standing in front of him heard, once again why should he care? "Keep your name out of it right."

"That would be nice yes."

"Whatever." Turning to head back into the alley Red stepped on one of the goons feeling slightly better before waving the box in the air. "Should just chuck it at Ollie and call it a day," Roy thought out loud the curiosity getting the better of him, however.

If it was important he could at least get a good and interesting job out of it. If not, turn right back around and say adios to the league once again. Not to mention he could check up on the squirts. He hadn't spoken to Robin and Wally in a while all three at fault for not keeping in touch. He would never come out and tell them he missed them anyway. Just wasn't his way. The joys of being his own man.
He'd leave the clean-up to Rokuro. It may have been his city, but he hadn't made the mess…This time.