Why don't you see me?

A Kyo Kara Maoh story

AN: O.K I had to get this off my chest, because everyone sees my older sister and not me, she is also better at every thing I do, like making friends or school. So that is where it comes from and I hope you don't hate me for complaining.

~~KKM Wolfie nya~! ~~

Wolfram P.O.V

I am sitting on my bed in my room; I look out the window toward the rainy night sky with flashes of light illuminating it and the thunder sounding like a thousand drums in an orchestra. Nights like this were usually the worst; however since I got some alone time to think I did not mind at all.

As I was thinking I heard my brothers talking about me outside my door. They probably thought I was in Yuri's room like usual; I heard them call me things like little lord brat and such, it made me wonder if that is what they really thought of me I mean I only acted like that to get their attention that I desperately needed when I was younger and it just became a habit. They never paid any attention to me when I was a baby. Ever since I was eight I decided that if I changed my attitude I wouldn't be ignored any more; well look where that got me 'ugh'.

How come it is always Yuri, I mean I understand that he is the Maoh and everything, but I am their brother. Why did they always call for him? Am I not good enough? Am I not as special or important-of course not- but why? Would their lives be better without me? Am I just a burden?

I contemplated these questions until I could no longer hear them talking- I believe they left-. I got up and started walking down the hallway where I hear them again; this time they were talking with Gunter and the others all agreeing with what was spoken of outside my bedroom door.

I stop by the door where they can't see me and listen for a while; they were now talking about how troublesome I am and I realized that my questions where right I was a burden and I needed to get out of there.

I took off running down the hall; they must have heard me cause now they are chasing me and yelling for me to stop, but I keep on I know that if I stop now I will just become even more of a burden to them.

As I got close to the exit I could see Yuri and Greta talking and laughing, and I knew that even with our daughter I came last. I ran past them pushing Yuri out of the way. I stop hearing my pursuers -they must have helped Yuri like always- but at least it gave me time to escape to the stables.

I was able to saddle up my horse a beautiful White stallion, and next thing I knew I was riding, as fast as I could toward the forest I had no clue where to go when I got there, just as long as I get out I would be fine –or so I thought- right when I got there the terrain got slippery from the storm. My horse started slipping. I fell off and started rolling down a hill, suddenly I felt a sharp pain on my left temple 'I probably hit my head on a rock' I thought before I stopped rolling the last thing I heard was horses and shouting before every thing went black.

To Be Continued?

AN: SO how was it? Should I keep going? I am sorry if it was weird I just had to get that off my chest and hopefully my sis does not read this well at least not the AN part he he bye nya~!