Why don't you see me?

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Chapter 3

Wolfram P.O.V

I awoke to people yelling, However when I opened my eyes there was no one there. The world was spinning like I was on an endless Merry-Go-Round(1). I tried to stand but I fell down making a few things clatter to the floor, suddenly some weird people come running in. The voices in my head intensify, it was so bad it made me nauseous. I closed my eyes and waited for the nausea to pass, when it did, I opened them to see the strange people in front of me, they were yelling incoherent words but their mouths weren't moving, and what I could make out confused me greatly. Although there was one word that sounded nostalgic 'Wolfram' was that my name? Why did it sound familiar? I look up to them questioningly

"Who is this Wolfram?" I asked

They stared at me as horror and realization set in. Then the beautiful lady with long blonde hair that curled turned to the man with a black ponytail.

"Get Gisela" she said

He nodded then left quickly to get this Gisela person.

"Wolfram, do you remember me honey? I am your Ma-Ma.˝ The blonde lady who I now know is my Ma-Ma said

I shook my head, she suddenly got a sad face and I could hear her say 'My Wolfie dosn't remember me' However her mouth was still not moving which made me especially scared. 'What was going on?' I thought trying to recall any memory of before however none came to mind. I saw the man return with a green haired girl I believe is Gisela. She came over to me and guided me to the bed before checking my pulse through my arm.

"Well his pulse seems fine" Gisela said "Wolfram do you remember anything?" She asked I shook my head

"All I know is I woke up in this place, what happened?"

"Oh" my mother cleared her throat "Well nothing, you just hit your head riding a horse." She finished I looked at her questioningly before accepting it.

"Ok" I said

"May I please have everyone out I need to check on Wolfram." Gisela said

Everyone left, somewhat hesitantly.

"So how are you doing?" She asked smiling

"Fine I guess" I replied

"Well it seems you have amnesia" She replied

"What is amnesima?" I asked struggling with the word

"Amnesia is when you lose your memory's."

I did not quite get it but I did not want to burden her with my confusion.

"Oh, ok thank you" She looked shocked that I said this. " What is wrong? " I asked She seemed to snap back into reality.

"Oh, nothing its just, it was really rare you said thank you." She looked sad and I felt guilt build up inside me

"I'm so sorry" I said with tears springing to my eyes

"No, don't cry its fine" she reassured me I calmed down a bit.

As she did the rest of the check up I sat still and quiet.

"Ok, Wolfram all done" she said happily "Nothing too bad other than the Amnesia, however I'm going to have to ask you to stay in bed and rest for a while."

"Ok" I said a little disappointingly

"Do you want me to bring in your family?"

"Yes please." After she left I was only alone for a small while before my apparent family came rushing in.

"Hey, Wolfie" My mother said

"Hi hahaue" (2) I replied

"Wolfram do you remember me?" Asked a man with brown hair I looked at him for a while trying to remember him, but soon enough I gave up

"I'm sorry, I don't remember" I said looking down

"Its fine I'm Conrad your older brother" he said "This is Gwendall, your Oldest brother" he said motioning to the Man with the black ponytail "then there is Yuri your um best friend," he said pointing to the man with short black hair " and this is Greta, your daughter" he said now pointing to the young girl at Yuri's feet, she looked very sad.

After the introductions, we talked for a while and they tried to help me remember some things, but it didn't really work. I started to get tired and soon Gisela walked in and told every one to leave so I could get rest. They all said good-night and mother kissed me on the forehead, then I slipped into unconsciousness.

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(1) I don't know another way to describe it

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